These are the limited outfit sets available from buying the premium app packs in April 2016.

Melodious Beauty bannerLily Maiden banner
Image Name Pack Image Name Pack
APRIL 2016 Path To The Skies
APRIL 2016 Path To The Skies preview
Path To The SkiesChief's 2000 - - -
APRIL 2016 Melodious beauty
APRIL 2016 Melodious beauty preview
Melodious beautyJulia's 1400
APRIL 2016 Lily Maiden
APRIL 2016 Lily Maiden preview
Lily MaidenMika's 1400
APRIL 2016 Musical Cats
APRIL 2016 Musical Cats preview
Musical CatsKarume's 700
APRIL 2016 Inviting Sheep
APRIL 2016 Inviting Sheep preview
Inviting SheepSilia's 700
APRIL 2016 Musical Hat
APRIL 2016 Musical Hat preview
Musical HatRobin's 400
APRIL 2016 Crown of Purity
APRIL 2016 Crown of Purity preview
Crown of PurityAnko's 400

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