Battle Uniform Series
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5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
BUS Sword Master
BUS Sword Master preview
Sword Master Clothes
BUS Dancing Swords
BUS Dancing Swords preview
Dancing Swords Back Acc
BUS Soul Crystal
BUS Soul Crystal preview
Soul Crystal Other Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Tonfa Buckle Suit
BUS Tonfa Buckle Suit blue
BUS Tonfa Buckle Suit black
color blue black
Electric Gauntlet Girl
BUS Electric Gauntlet Girl blue
BUS Electric Gauntlet Girl red
color blue red
Crown of Chains
BUS Crown of Chains purple
BUS Crown of Chains red
color purple red
BUS Thunderbolt royal blue
BUS Thunderbolt gold
color royal blue gold
Broken World
BUS Broken World Morning
BUS Broken World Evening
BUS Broken World Night
color Morning Evening Night

3★ OutfitsEdit

Butler Mask
BUS Butler Mask black
BUS Butler Mask brown
BUS Azure Flame Summon Dragon
BUS Azure Flame Summon Dragon preview
color black brown (synthesis)
Butler School Coat
BUS Butler School Coat black
BUS Butler School Coat brown
BUS School Summoner
BUS School Summoner preview
color black brown (synthesis)
Source of Light
BUS Source of Light royal blue
BUS Source of Light red
BUS Dragon Fire and Hellfire
BUS Dragon Fire and Hellfire preview
color royal blue red (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Half-Rimmed Sunglasses
BUS Half-Rimmed Sunglasses black
BUS Half-Rimmed Sunglasses red
BUS Half-Rimmed Sunglasses blue
BUS Half-Rimmed Sunglasses pink
BUS Half-Rimmed Sunglasses white
color black red blue pink white
Bad Student Uniform
BUS Bad Student Uniform black
BUS Bad Student Uniform red
BUS Bad Student Uniform blue
BUS Bad Student Uniform pink
BUS Bad Student Uniform white
color black red blue pink white
Uniform Dress
BUS Uniform Dress black
BUS Uniform Dress yellow
BUS Uniform Dress blue
BUS Uniform Dress red
BUS Uniform Dress white
color black yellow blue red white
Book Tower
BUS Book Tower type1
BUS Book Tower type2
BUS Book Tower type3
BUS Book Tower type4
BUS Book Tower type5
color Black Red Blue Green White

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