• MeowMeowPrincess

    So far so good :)

    September 2, 2015 by MeowMeowPrincess

    I have been playing Fairy doll for almost a year now...XD (omg my progress is worse than slow!)

    I am level 21!! hahah for one year thats pretty sad. I find that my phone has been helping me play this weird game however, when i play the events and i have arround 3 quarters stamina left my phone screen flashes ON OFF ON OFF etc. and i close the game! 

    when i re-open the game it has automatically used up all the stamina and even went through the stages!! its a great shortcut and really takes away the boring clicking for 5 minutes straight. I WISH!! this would work with the consecutive talks sometimes. When im bored i often just hit the screen for a few,gives me some singular Exp points!.... (i know my life is sad!!!!)

    My lovely Ellen has gone we…

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