Boutique Series
Boutique Series banner

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
BSG Indecisive Cutie
BSG Indecisive Cutie preview
Indecisive Cutie Clothes
BSG Rose-Framed Mirror
BSG Rose-Framed Mirror preview
Rose-Framed Mirror Back Acc
BSG So Many Shopping Bags
BSG So Many Shopping Bags preview
So Many Shopping Bags Other Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Natural Knitted Poncho
BSG Natural Knitted Poncho Type 1
BSG Natural Knitted Poncho Type 2
color Type 1 Type 2
Dotted-Stripe Dress
BSG Dotted-Stripe Dress Purple
BSG Dotted-Stripe Dress Green
color Purple Green
Personal Bunny Shopper
BSG Personal Bunny Shopper White
BSG Personal Bunny Shopper Black
color White Black
Cute Changing Curtains
BSG Cute Changing Curtains Purple
BSG Cute Changing Curtains Green
color Purple Green
Fairy Boutique
BSG Fairy Boutique Type 1
BSG Fairy Boutique Type 2
BSG Fairy Boutique Type 3
color Type 1 Type 2 Type 3

3★ OutfitsEdit

Brooch Fedora
BSG Brooch Fedora Black
BSG Brooch Fedora Purple
BSG Red Ribbon Beanie
BSG Red Ribbon Beanie preview
color Black Purple (synthesis)
Masculine Stripes
BSG Masculine Stripes Blue & Orange
BSG Masculine Stripes Black & Purple
BSG Fluffy Nordic Dress
BSG Fluffy Nordic Dress preview
color Blue & Orange Black & Purple (synthesis)
Fairy Torso
BSG Fairy Torso White
BSG Fairy Torso Black
BSG Antique Wireframe Torso
BSG Antique Wireframe Torso preview
color White Black (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Lacy Hairband
BSG Lacy Hairband Beige
BSG Lacy Hairband Pink
BSG Lacy Hairband Brown
BSG Lacy Hairband Purple
BSG Lacy Hairband Blue
color Beige Pink Brown Purple Blue
Fluffy Brooch Hat
BSG Fluffy Brooch Hat Black
BSG Fluffy Brooch Hat Green
BSG Fluffy Brooch Hat White
BSG Fluffy Brooch Hat Blue
BSG Fluffy Brooch Hat Brown
color Black Green White Blue Brown
Off-The-Shoulder Knit
BSG Off-The-Shoulder Knit White
BSG Off-The-Shoulder Knit Pink
BSG Off-The-Shoulder Knit Brown
BSG Off-The-Shoulder Knit Purple
BSG Off-The-Shoulder Knit Blue
color White Pink Brown Purple Blue
A Little See-Through
BSG A Little See-Through Neon Pink
BSG A Little See-Through Neon Green
BSG A Little See-Through Neon Yellow
BSG A Little See-Through Neon Blue
BSG A Little See-Through Neon Lemon
color Neon Pink Neon Green Neon Yellow Neon Blue Neon Lemon

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