JobReader Model
Job Time3hr 20min
Dialogue Preview
{Line: 1}Mornin'
{Line: 2} There's nothin' to do!
{Line: 3} I'm a bit hungry...
{Line: 4} We can go do somethin'...
{Line: 5} Huh? What?
Naughtiness 30
Flamboyance 450
Toughness 380

Hope Change OutfitEdit

Item Position Hope Change
HC Bullet Barrette
HC Bullet Barrette preview
Head ★★ Hope Change
HC Cynical Kinematic Car
HC Cynical Kinematic Car preview
Back ★★★ Hope Change
HC Cynical Punk Outfit
HC Cynical Punk Outfit preview
Clothes ★★★★ Hope Change

Dialogue Edit


  • Mornin'! It's great out!
  • Can we get somethin' goin'?
  • I'm bored! Can we joke around for a bit??
  • Eh? [Owner], why are you staring at me all the time?
  • Just to kill some time, I'll play with you for a bit, [Owner].
  • Yup, it's gotten cool out. It just about fall huh...Don't get lazy! Get ready for it, [Owner]!
  • It seems there have been so many roasted sweet potato stands lately, huh? And late-night ramen. It's all making me hungry!
  • Why are you wearing a swimsuit? You gonna swim in the river!?... Think about it, nobody is swimming in the river now. They are all swimming in indoor pools! Everyone!

Condition/Mood Boosting Options Edit

  • [Fairy] is reading a book.
    • [Go to the library!] You decided to go to the library.
      [Fairy]: "I don't really want to, but I'll go along with you."
      • [Research about the fairy world] You research about the fairy world.
        [Fairy]: "Huh? What's wrong [Owner]? You're obsessed with studying!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better.
      • [Sleep] ??
    • [Ask Mr. D!] Ask Mr. D!
      [Fairy]: "Huh? Who's that? What are you talkin' about?"
      [No Condition/Mood Change]
  • [Fairy] said that she wants to go to the zoo.
    • [It's so nice out today! Let's go to the zoo] Let's go to the zoo since it's so nice out today!
      [Fairy]: "I wonder if that have any pandas?"
      • [Hippos really are big] Hippos really are big!
        [Fairy]: ""Wow! The real thing really is big! Seeing them excited me!"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [Yeah, the zoo is a little hot] The zoo is a little hot.
        [Fairy]: "Then go get us some ice cream!"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
    • [Hand over a stuffed animal] You hand over a stuffed animal.
      [Fairy]: "Huh? A stuffed panda would be cute, but..."
      [Fairy started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • [Fairy] handed over the second player controller.
    • [Play nice together] You play nice together.
      [Fairy]: "I'm beggin' you. Don't pull my leg. I won't forgive you if you do! OK?"
      • [I cleared the whole stage] You cleared all the stages.
        [Fairy]: "Nice!! Great job! You were able to clear that thanks to me."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got better
      • [Almost did it...] ??
    • [Have a closely heated battle] ??
  • [Fairy] exchanged the remote for the mic and is singing.
    • [It's a perfect time for karaoke!] You declared that it's a perfect time for karaoke!
      [Fairy]: "I need some good reviews from you, [Owner]. I'm going to show how good I've gotten from practicing alone all the time!"
      • [Jump in] You jump in.
        [Fairy]: "OK! In this situation, Let's go to the Mocross melody!! Listen to me singing!!"
      • [Join during the chorus] You joined during the chorus.
        [Fairy]: "...I'm happy with your enthusiasm, but... your sound is off, so just stop..."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
    • [I'm tired. Lets just stay home and relax.] ??
  • [Fairy] said that she wants to go to an amusement park.
    • [Let's go as crazy as we can at the amusement park] Let's go as crazy as you can at the amusement park.
      [Fairy]: "I'm on board if it's Fairy Land! There should be lots of fairies there! Do you think we can get a picture with them?"
      • [Let's ride the Ferris wheel] Let's ride the Ferris wheel.
        [Fairy]: "That's the perfect ride for you, [Owner]! If it suddenly stops, can I blame it on you? If it stops, I'll be stuck on it."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
      • [The waiting time was so long] ??
    • [Let's spend the day sightseeing] Let's spend the day sightseeing.
      [Fairy]: "I wanna go to the amusement park more! If I go somewhere fun, I wanna spread out on a grassy field and fall asleep!"
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • You decided to go see [Fairy]'s favorite movie.
    • [Buy some popcorn and watch the movie] You decided to buy some snacks and juice for her.
      [Fairy]: "Make sure that it's caramel popcorn! [Owner] is ordering it. If you mess up, I'll never forgive you!"
      • [I couldn't stop eating snacks throughout the whole movie] You couldn't stop eating snacks throughout the whole movie.
        [Fairy]: "Like, the orange juice and potato chips were the best! And I guess, watching it with someone was pretty good too."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [That movie was kind of boring] ??
    • [Buy some juice and watch the movie] ??
  • [Fairy] said that she wants to go shopping.
    • [Shopping at the Fairy Shop] You go shopping at the shopping center.
      [Fairy]: "I want a Nelcha bag and accessories!"
      • [These clothes look like they would suit you] You tell her that these suit her.
        [Fairy]: "Well if you say that, you have to buy them for me!"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
      • [Ah! I forgot my wallet] You forgot your wallet!
        [Fairy]: "What!? I can't believe you! Even though it's just like you, [Owner]!"
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...?[Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
    • [Watch the Fairy Collection show] You watch the Fairy Collection show.
      [Fairy]: "Even if you watch others being fashionable...right?"
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • [Fairy] is looking around the fridge.
    • [Let's splurge a little and eat out today] Let's splurge a little and eat out today.
      [Fairy]: "Then it's settled. We are going for high-end sushi!"
      • [Go for a luxurious French lunch (Pay 150 jewels)] You go for a luxurious French lunch.
        [Fairy]: "I was just joking, but seriously, would you ever take me to such a nice place?"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse. 150 jewels decreased.
      • [Settle for a family restaurant] You settle for a family restaurant.
        [Fairy]: "Then I'll have the special friend shrimp tartar special please!"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
    • [It's a waste of money, so let's get something at the convenience store] You think it's a waste of money, so let's get something at the convenience store.
      [Fairy]: "Convenience store bentos have no taste."
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • [Fairy] said that she wants o go to the aquarium.
    • [Don't you want to go to the aquarium?] You ask her if she wants to go to the aquarium.
      [Fairy]: "What a great idea! Great! Let's go to the aquarium!"
      • [Schools of fish are so mysterious] Schools of fish are so mysterious.
        [Fairy]: "If I think of how a bunch of little fish can team up and take down a big one... Amazing!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]s] Mood got better.
      • [That person is so beautiful] That person is so beautiful.
        [Fairy]: "Huh? even with such a beauty right next to you, you say such things!?"
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
    • [Show her an ammonite reference book] You show her an ammonite reference book.
      [Fairy]: "Huh? What? Ammonittes?"
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.

Hope Change Scenario 2★Edit

Hope Change Scenario 3★Edit

Hope Change Scenario 4★Edit


  • [Fairy], how are you?
  • It's so warm... that I'm sleepy... all the time... I can still... Go on... Zzz...
  • It's a so-so room.
  • These are good clothes, but not as nice as [Fairy's].
  • I came to play.
  • I'll come again to play.
  • Sniff, sniff* ...something smells good... Is it the smell of flowers?
  • Guess what! I heard that a long time ago, humans had tails!
  • Hah! I made some azuki mochi. I'll give you some if there are any left ♪
  • You clothes are frayed! Really, [Fairy], you can be such a blockhead.
  • [Fairy], how are you?
  • Humans are unique, huh?
  • Of course I can prepare Spring food! ...if you want to eat with me, you can help me out.
  • You haven't seen this year's cherry blossoms yet? Let's go before they fall!
  • Hmm, [Fairy's] owner is very good looking, right?


  • Hah, I was right to buy sweets for a day like this. The wind outside is strong, let's relax at home.
  • There's lots of similarity here.
  • Who said I'm praising you? Hah.
  • You're pretty on the ball. I'm surprised.
  • Next time, at least bring a gift.
  • What's that all about? That, over there.
  • Ah, [Fairy'. I was thinking about making dango, could you help me?
  • On days like this I just want to stay at home and watch moves~ [Fairy], you'll watch them with me, right?
  • [Fairy], I decorated my room with the flowers I got from you. What do you think?


  • I'd give it an 80 out of 100.
  • Hmm, pretty stylish.


  • What do you need?



  • I appreciate your help.
  • I'm kind of glad.


  • Well, I don't really need any help, but...
  • Well, I'll put in some extra effort for you.



  • [Sleeping]
    • I'm going to sleep now, so keep it down, OK?
    • I got it, I'm gong to bed already.
  • [Waking up]
    • Don't wake me up so rudely.

After Work/Study/ErrandEdit


  • Well, that's a wrap.


  • Done~ I didn't even break a sweat!
  • Phew. Somehow I finished.


Nickname Change Edit

  • So, how are you changing it? > Ok, I got it. Is this alright? > Yes, Yes. Well, look forward to working with ya.

My Fairy Talk Edit

Socializing Edit
  • Oh hey, that's a new one that I haven't read yet.
  • [Fairy], what do you and [Owner] talk about anyway?
  • [Owner] fell down in the corridor the other day.
  • Morning. Did you just wake up? Bit late, isn't it?
  • [Fairy], your room is really well designed.
  • Oh, [Fairy], we're wearing the same thing... that's cool I guess.
  • Hey!! I made some scones. Do you want one, [Fairy]?
  • What do you think of this outfit? Doesn't it just scream?
Condition/Mood/Intimacy Boosting Edit
  • "I guess I can make something for [Owner] every now and then, huh?"
    • [Pretend not to notice.]
      "Spread out some flour...get the eggs and milk ready."
      • [Look at her.]
        "All right, they came out pretty good."
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!</span>
      • [Something smells good!]
    • [What are you making?]
  • "Heyyy! [Owner]? What's with you space cadet?
    • [Right, let's go get something to eat]
      "Okay here we go! Maybe I'll just go ahead and order the biggest steak in the house?"
      [Fairy]'s impression became a bit better!
      • [Soak in the hot springs.]
      • [Look at souvenirs.]
        "Why don't we buy souvenirs? Maybe matching key chains?"
        [Fairy]'s impression became a bit better! [Fairy]'s mood became a bit better!
    • [Right, let's go on a trip]
  • "La la la♪ Lala lala♪ Hmm hmm, I'll sing the rest once we're at karaoke ♪"
    • [Let's sing karaoke.]
      "[Owner], [Fairy], you guys sing too, okay?"
      • [Sing a duet.]
        "All right, [Owner], you're the audience so listen properly, okay?"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
      • [Hog the microphone.]
    • [Try to harmonize.]
  • "[Fairy], what are you looking at?"
    • [We can even go shopping.]
      "Sweet! Yeah, let's go!"
      • [Recommend the matching dress.]
        "We're matching? yeah, that's fine. Whatever."
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate! [Fairy]'s impression became better!
      • [Recommend a jersey.]
    • [That's cute , but a bit expensive...]
      "That, yeah, I'm not sure about this one."
      [Fairy] and [Fairy] became antagonistic... [Fairy]'s mood became a bit worse... [Fairy]'s mood became a bit worse...
  • "Wow, I am so bored. Isn't there anything fun to do?"
    • [We could even go on a picnic.]
      "Picnic? ...Well okay. Should we pack bentos?"
      • [Go to the nearby planetarium.]
        "....Ah, sorry. Fell asleep. Dark places always make me doze off.
        [No affect/mood change]
      • [Go to the nearby museum.]
    • [Let's go out.]
Socialized Edit
  • So? I'm allowed every one in a whi-*Yawn* So sleepy...
  • You're probably just being overwhelmed by my sense of fashion, yeah?
  • I want to talk some more. Can we go to your room, [Fairy]?
  • Yeah, you style is pretty nice, [Fairy].
  • Yeah, some of this stuff I made myself by looking at magazines.
  • The usual. Anyway, you're talking with ME now, so don't worry about it.
  • Huh? [Owner] fell down in the corridor again?
  • Okay, I'll make some tea then.
  • Yeah, if you bore me I'll just tell you to stop.
  • Oh yeah? Wanna read it?

Hope Change Edit

Talk Edit

Letters Edit

Event DialogueEdit

Picturebook KingdomEdit


  • You can tag a long to get me out of this maze... But don't slow me down, okay?
  • What is this place, you ask? I have no idea. I guess we're inside a book or something?
  • [Fairy], you're here too... Too bad, it's no longer a secret garden.
  • A tree shaped like an elephant with wings? There is something like that here? I'll go check it out if I have the time.
  • The Flying City doesn't move at all, it's just there. I wonder how it's floating...

Stage 1: Agency Library

  • You've already decided? [Owner], you're surprisingly good at making decisions! Anyway, wait for me.
  • Why do I have to go to the library just because it's the reading day? ... I'm not good with books without pictures.
  • Whoa, so many difficult books here that I feel like going home already... Can I ?
  • Hm, someone left a picture book on the table. If it's there does it mean that someone is still reading it? Let's check what's inside.
  • " H..m? I suddenly feel very sleepy... [Owner]... Good night.. "

Stage 2: Where are we...?

  • That was some quality sleep. I hope I didn't sleep too long... Huh? What is this place?
  • [Owner], I told you to wake me up... Huh, I'm alone?
  • I was told not to go anywhere without permission. I guess it's searching time.
  • Argh, I think I came through here a moment ago... Am I lost? Someone should move these rose walls!
  • This place is so beautiful, full of roses. And yet because there's no other flowers, it looks a bit boring.

Stage 3: Rose Mansion?

  • That's it for a maze. A bit too easy, but whatever. Okay, where is [Owner]... Oh?
  • What a big mansion. I'll ask that maid if [Owner] is here.Hey, hi!
  • Did an airhead called [Owner] come here? What? Together with the owner of the mansion? Why?
  • An invitation? Who in their right mind would invite [Owner]?
  • Huh? I was invited too? ...hmm. Be my guide then~ I always wanted to go inside a mansion like this.

Stage 4: The Rose Mistress

  • Huh? I was invited too? ...hmm. Be my guide then~ I always wanted to go inside a mansion like this.
  • Okay, I found you, but now I want to go home... Does Mistress know how to do that?
  • You were playing chess? You can play chess? Never mind, I'm going home.
  • We won't be able to go back if we don't solve a riddle? Sounds more like she won't let us go.. Oh well, let's solve that riddle so we can go home.
  • Okay, now that we know how to go back, let's get solving the riddle. [Owner], use that head of yours too?

Stage 5: A mystery

  • This place is so big that it's hard to decide where to start searching... Let's look in the hall!
  • This entrance hall is really big... Hm? There's something written under this painting of the mistress.
  • [A rose is show-off moody and selfish mistress]... Do you think this could be a hint?
  • This looks like the only worthwhile thing in this hall... Where should we search next? [Owner], don't just stand there like that, help me!
  • I'm tired! [Owner], can you do the rest? I'll hold your hand if you do that.

Stage 6: Wonders of the world?

  • We've been searching for so long, that I don't even want to look at these roses an brambles anymore...
  • I went through a maze-like place surrounded by roses so I've had my share of them. Huh? What's wrong with the maze?
  • There, you can see it from this window... Huh? Brambles are gathering in the middle.
  • I didn't notice it before, but maybe it's a hint too?
  • We won't get anywhere if we stay here, let's check that thing! Come with me, but don't slow me down!

Stage 7: The maze of Thorns

  • Since I've been here before you can leave this to me. Okay, let's go♪
  • Uhm, turn right here...? W-hat? I'm not lost! Don't complain, just follow me!
  • Sob... Sorry, I got lost... I have no idea why, this should be easy... But we're walking in circles...
  • You know a way to solve this problem? I guess we have to depend on you know. Don't let me down.
  • Wow, we didn't run into any dead ends... [Owner] this is amazing. I think I've changed my opinion of you. A bit.

Stage 8: The spirit of Thorns

  • We're finally here... I can't move... It would be great if you'd carry me~
  • Someone is in the brambles. I haven't noticed it before, but... I wonder who it is. It's no one we know, right?
  • Hm, so you're the spirit of Brambles? There might be a deeper meaning to meeting you here. Do you know something about mistress's riddle?
  • [It looks wonderful, but touching it hurts. What flower is a show-off, moody and selfish, but still the most beautiful in the world?] ? Easy.
  • Rose is the answer. With this may around it's not really hard. Maybe i should become a real detective.

Stage 9: All mysteries solved!

  • Something weird happening again? ...Ah, the cluster of brambles is disappearing... Mistress? Why are you here?
  • Oh, you were the Spirit of Brambles? I see... I guess now I understand the connection between roses and brambles.
  • Hey, hey why did you bring us here? I thought that I'm falling asleep and I was here. I was really surprised.. Seriously.
  • To kill time? You called us here to kill some time? ...aren't you a bit too selfish?
  • Anyway, we might come here again. It was fun, but next time prepare something harder♪

Stage 10: Evening library

  • Oh, looks like we returned. Sigh I'm tired. I hope I'll be able to read in peace next time.
  • Whoa it's evening already... It was noon for the whole time inside the book, so this feels a bit weird.
  • Okay, so I'm returning this boo-... What? The cover looks different. Brambles disappeared and the mistress is smiling...
  • Well isn't that a one good smile. If it made her that happy, I guess we can play with her again sometime.
  • What? You're thanking me for searching for you..? ... well it's boring when you're not around. Okay lets hurry up home, I'm hungry.

Mechanical AdventureEdit


  • The lemonade they're selling at that stand is pretty good. [Fairy], how about you try it?
  • Huh, [Fairy], you're here too? What. Weird world, right? Science had progressed in some really strange ways here.
  • Ah, [Fairy]... We were chased by sky pirates and now I'm really tired... I'll rest for a bit.
  • Did you ride the airship already? It seems that's how the vehicles that fly through the sky are called here. Look, there's a bicycle-type airship over there.

Stage 1: Silia's Laboratory

  • Why do I have to clean Silia's laboratory...? Sigh... Silia, can I throw these away? No? Then put it on the shelf... Here.
  • This bottle... It says [Air] on the label... I'll just leave it here. I don't even know if there's anything inside.
  • Okay, this part is clean. [Owner], what's wrong? ...What's that gear? Where did you find it?
  • Show it to me... A gold gear. Why is such a thing here? What? head is...
  • My head is spinning.. I can't stand straight...

Stage 2:The Town of Steam

  • Where are we? How should I know...
  • H-hey... [Owner], wake up!! Don't sleep in the middle of a road... It was really hard to pull you from there!
  • Hey, hey. Was there a tower like that near the Agency? It's super tall... That said, there's a ton of tall towers like this around. Look, they have some weird metal stuff on them.
  • Weird. I've never seen a place with so many machines. Did you see that shop there? Using machines so huge just to break an egg...
  • An informant...? It feels really fishy, but if they have information maybe they'll tell us how to get home [Owner], let's go.

Stage 3:Sky Pirates!?

  • Hello. Hey, do you know how we can get back to the Fairy Doll Agency? don't know? ...weird, it's supposed to be a well known place.
  • Hey, old man. What's the name of this town? ...Town of Steam? I've never heard about it. You don't say... We came to a different world?!
  • When we touched this gear, we ended yo in this place. So the gear is thereason we're here...? Hey, old man, do you know anything about... What, [Owner]?
  • What is this smoke... Whoa, [Owner] don't pull me so suddenly... Huh? Who are you?
  • Hm, what do you want? You're a sky pirate? What do you want from us, sky pirate? want this gear? No. No way I'm giving it to someone I don't even know. It belongs to Silia.

Stage 4:Steam Town Princess☆

  • Phew... W-who are you? Are you with those sky pirates from before? [Owner] are you saying that it doesn't matter because she saved us. You sure are an optimist.
  • You're the princess of this country? Why are you in a place like this...? Let me guess... You don't like studying? Fu, fu, looks like I was right.
  • Princess, have you seen this gear?'ve seen a picture of it in a book...? Uhm, what kind of a story was it?
  • A gear that opens door to different worlds? That sounds like a fairy-tail... Flying City? A city that flies in the sky? How can you even get there...?
  • You have a vehicle that can fly through the sky? Take us there then... We'll figure out the rest as we go... What? Don't look so excited... I-I don't hate it, but.

Stage 5:Boarding the Airship!

  • Huh... Not a bad choice for you. There's something written on the wing... Silver Bullet? Cool ♪
  • So we're trying to rent an airship and get to the Flying City. [Owner], what are you looking at?
  • [Owner], what's wrong? Why are you looking outsi... sky pirates...
  • Princess, let's run! Sky pirates from before are here!! Argh. [Owner] you board this thing too!!
  • Princess, take care of the steering! ...[Owner], this is not the time for thinking about switching to a cooler airship...

Stage 6: Adventure in the sky!!

  • They are still chasing us... [Owner] What should we do? Shoot them down...? How...? You've been watching too many movies!
  • We can shoot paint bullets if we press a button? There are quite a few buttons here, but... [Owner] Don't press them all at once!
  • Whoa!! [Owner], you pressed all the buttons and now the front of the airship is opening! How can we fix it...? This one maybe?
  • Fu, fu, now I know how to do it... First you press this button... Than pull this lever...! Okay, we've dealt with all 3 of them.
  • Looks like the sky pirate's ships safely landed on that flying island. I guess they won't be able to chase us for a while.

Stage 7: Flying City

  •, look at this. The upper part of the city is covered in glass. But the glass itself is clean... I wonder why.
  • This Flying City has a lot of buildings looking like gears and clocks. The Town of Steam was full of pipes... I wonder why they're so different.
  • That bird went into a cage... Ah it's a mechanical bird. I was really surprised.
  • Gear crepe? ...that sounds iron-ish. If it's not tasty, I will... Ugh!! ...don't put it in my mouth while I'm talking!
  • Do you know where the door is to our world? ...I remember something about a palace. Let's check there.

Stage 8: Flying City Palace

*What a huge palace... That said, we don't even know where exactly the door is... Can we even go inside?
  • But how can we get inside.. Ah, someone from the palace is coming this way. Hello. Who are you? ...oh, you're the queen of the Flying City. Hey, could we go inside the palace? Just for a bit?
  • She'll guide us through the palace. One would think that being with a queen herself would be stressful, but since it's you, [Owner]...
  • Come on, those sky pirates again? persistent... This isn't the key you're looking for! It's the key that will allow us to return to our world!
  • They don't believe me.. What should we do, sigh... Ah, right. Come with us! We'll know who was right when we open the door!.

Stage 9: The Gear Door

  • This door is huge... This door is the door to another world? Ah, look. There's a gear-shaped hole in the middle of the door.
  • This door is really big. Will it really open? It should open by itself once we put in the gear? Well then... Let's do it.
  • Hana, put in the gear. You want to practice first? What are you talking about?! Just do it ♪
  • The mechanisms started moving by themselves... The symbols on the door are spreading. What are they supposed to be?
  • No one knows when this door was built and who made it, but it's been here for a really long time... I bet it was constructed by someone like Silia.

Stage 10: Back Home

  • It says that [Those who visit this Gear Door are guests of the queen] on this door. Sounds mysterious.
  • Queen, why did you guide us all the way here? ...that's what had to be done? What do you mean?
  • Okay, we'll come again when we're free. It's really a good place... Of course we'll come only if we feel like it! See you ♪
  • Okay, we're going back. Princess thanks for everything. Come to our world next time. We'll throw you a welcome party!
  • This door is open... Yeah, I can see Silia's lab. If we don't hurry with the cleaning, the mess will get even worse.

Fairy ZooEdit


  • Yawn... For some reason I get really sleepy in weather like this... I know, I know, I'm going, no need to pull my hand.
  • Hey, red pandas aren't really pandas. They don't become pandas when they grow up.
  • There are so many zones here, but where are you going to start?
  • Playing catch with a felt ball? I guess I could play with you.
  • Hey, you've seen it too, right? Tanuki here can change into humans. I saw it myself.

Stage 1: Let's go to the zoo!

  • A Zoo... Isn't it the same as the places we visit all the time?
  • Don't get so excited over karaoke. If you get excited when we get to the Zoo I'll just leave you there if i get tired.
  • If it's boring I'll just take a nap over there... What, got anything to say?
  • ...Hey, I want to sit by the window. Why? Because!! Change seats with me, hurry up!! ...Geez, it's because I'm not feeling well..
  • Uh, I think I got a bit carsick... You're rubbing my my back? ...thanks.

Stage 2: Arrived at the Zoo!

  • Uhm... We're finally here... We were sitting for so long that my bottom hurts...
  • Okay, let's head to the entrance... Yeah, yeah, don't get so excited, sigh.
  • That panda statue... Shouldn't it be a tanuki? Why is the panda chewing on a bamboo and holding a bottle.
  • Uhm... Looks like this zoo is quite big. W-wait, don't just walk away, you'll get lost!
  • [Owner], you hold the map of the zoo. Because it's you who'll get lost, not me.

Stage 3: Let's check the Small Animal Zone!

  • So many squirrels... Hey, aren't they looking at us? ...being overwhelmed by small animals would really be humiliating.
  • Hedgehogs in the Human World are much smaller than the ones in the Fairy World. Maybe it's true for all animals in this world.
  • Do I like tanuki or foxes more? Come on, It doesn't matter. If I like something I just do.
  • ...?! Hey, [Owner]! That tanuki changed into me just now... I'm not lying!!
  • Looks like they have a small bird corner here... But it seems to be really loud so I'll pass.

Stage 4: Walking through the Savannah Zone!

  • There's a hole here... What's inside? Look, there are even more over there.
  • Ah, something came out of the hole. Ah, a prairie dog. So cute... W-what? Is it so weird that I'm expressing my feelings?
  • Giraffes eat little birds...? I-I'm not scared at all.
  • Seeing a giraffe with a star pattern brings happiness? You want to look for one? Sigh... Okay.
  • Look, that ostrich is running as fast as it can... Did something happen?

Stage 5: Resting Area

  • We must hurry up or all the eats in the restaurants will be taken. Let's go!
  • Hah, see? Just like I said! This time of the day is when places like this are the most busy!
  • Hm, what should I eat~ ♪ ... hey, they have ostrich egg icecream here. I wonder if they're good.
  • Chew chew* ... it's not bad. What, you want a bite? Yeah, yeah give me your plate.
  • What? You want me to feed you?'s not cheap, you know?! You sure?

Stage 6: Petting Zoo

  • Oh, you can clip sheeps fleece here. How about you go? I'll stay here and play with the rabbits.
  • A felt ball? You made it from the clipped sheep's fleece? ...huh. You're surprisingly good at this.
  • Ferrets are so long a thin... Don't you think that they look a bit like rabbits?
  • Shh! Be quiet. I'm in a glaring contest with this goat... Who blinks loses...!
  • This ice cream is made from the milk of the cows here. You know what I mean, right?♪

Stage 7: Let's check the Fierce Animal Zone!

  • Black panthers have a lot of elegance Look at that one, lying on the branch, looking at us... You can feel it's pride~
  • Bears sometimes eat humans, right? ...are you listening to me? Don't get so close to the cage!
  • Ah, a wolf... They look a bit different in the Fairy World... What is different? The atmosphere, I guess...
  • ...You know, lions on the other side of these bars. That's why even if I'm roared at, I don't have to hide... B-but thank you.
  • You want to become a beast measter? Do it if you can. But i think being bitten up hurts, so i suggest giving up that dream.

Stage 8: Let's check the Monkey Zone!

  • They have different monkeys here, but these mandrills look much flashier than the other ones.
  • This monkey is so small... It's called a pygmy marmoset. We can't take one home!!
  • There are gorillas who know how to use sign language. Silia told me that among other things.
  • This monkey is so small... It's called a pygmy marmoset. We can't take one home!!
  • That monkey... It's smacking it's own behind... Is it supposed to be a taunt? If someone want to fight me, I'm all for it.

Stage 9: Let's buy sovenirs!

  • If we want to buy souvenirs we should do it now and be done with it. I bet this place will be full of people right before the closing time.
  • You will buy something for me, right? ...okay, correct answer! Choose what you think is best[musicnote]
  • So, did you decide what will you buy me? ...a rabbit parka? ...I-I don't mind, but why matching ones...?
  • Look, animal icecream. Hmph, you'll buy it for me? I won't say no♪
  • What did you buy? Zoo stamps? ...Hey, don't stick them on my forehead!!

Stage 10: Let's go home!

  • Phew, we're finally going home. It was quite fun, I guess.
  • They're going to show us a movie on the way back, but I got so tired today that I think I'm going to sleep...
  • What? I-I was just dreaming about something... Why do you care what the dream was about...? Argh! I was chasing a rabbit down a hole!!
  • Zzz...zzz... Uh...rabbit, wait... Ah?! was just a dream...?
  • I was half-asleep, that's it! Was it really that funny? Hmph... I remembered it later...

Hanami FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Stage events sound interesting, want to go together? ...well then, I guess we'll have to go together!
  • I was on a ship and I have to tell you, cherry blossom trees seen from the river look great.
  • Ah, [Fairy]. Did you come to watch the cherry blossoms too?
  • Silias's stand? I think it's best to not go there... The color of that juice looks really suspicious.
  • I was on a ship and I have to tell you, cherry blossom trees seen from the river look great.

Stage 1: Before going out

  • Yawn... I'm kinda sleepy. The wind is warm and the sun feels really good...
  • Hanami Festival~? I guess I can go. I hope it's not too far.
  • I have bento, picnic sheet and the thermos. I put fruits with cooling packs... What? This is all normal when going to Hanami.
  • Okay, let's hurry up and go. I wonder what's waiting for us at the festival grounds♪ If it's boring, I'm expecting you to do something interesting.
  • Flower petals are dancing in the wind... but it's not cheery blossom. I wonder what petals are these.

Stage 2: At the park

  • Wow... The cherry blossoms are in full bloom... Ah, we can't just stand here. Let's go inside.
  • Oh, there's quite a lot of stands here... Oh, people from the Agency also have theirs. Not bad.
  • Stage events, stands... I'm a bit relieved, this should be fun alright♪ I was planning to go straight home if the festival didn't meet my expectations.
  • Well then, To enjoy watching cherry blossoms we need a good spot. Hey, focus, let's go!
  • I wanted to make you search for a spot, but knowing you... You'd probably get lost. I'm going with you, so be grateful.

Stage 3: At the shopping district

  • Stands... I guess I must check out what do they have in store ♪
  • Hey, they're selling rolled eggs here. You can buy me some~ What are you waiting for~
  • Chew chew*... Hm? What? This okonomiyaki? I got it from the man at the stand. Jealous, eh? Fu, fu.</nowiki>
  • String raffle... Hey, can you really get first prize in this? You aren't lying? ..hey, [Owner], why are you stopping me?
  • What is this pinball-like machine? I have to pull here... Ah! What? I won? ...fu, fu, that was to be expected!

Stage 4: Looking after a store?!

  • Taking care of the traditional sweets stand... Huh?! What's that supposed to mean?! Hey, wait!! ...he's gone... What should we do?
  • Sigh. Leaving a stand to amateurs... Just how serious was that thing he had to take care of... Oh, whatever. Anyway, we must help with the stand!
  • Put the cherry blossom petals on top... Spring dango finished ♪ Hah, as expected of a pro like me!
  • Welcome! How about dango shaped like cherry blossoms?! Perfect for hanami!!
  • Our sales are great ♪ Since we're doing this good I'm sure we'll get something, right? Anyway, I think you should give me that dango.

Stage 5: Hanami time

  • First we must put something on the four corners of the sheet! Ah! Argh, that's why I said that we need to put something on the corners!
  • Well then, time for hanami... Y-you're not one of the food over flowers type person, right?
  • Yakisoba, takoyaki and- Hm? I got it from the stand owner for the help. It's because I was nice ♪
  • What are you doing, closing your eyes and opening your mouth... I guess I'll put something super hot in there.
  • ...ah, right. [Owner], say aah!! ...ha ha, takoyaki was hot, right?

Stage 6: Let's check Agency food stands

  • The Fairy Agency's stand is this way. Huh. Wonder what is it they're doing.
  • Chief Cocoa's selling apple candy? And she has something unusual too ...peach candies. Oh. you'll buy some for me? How thoughtful! ♪
  • I don't even have to look at Silia's stand. I can feel something's odd. What on earth is she selling...
  • Robin's doing... oh, Grab the Yoyo? Fine. Let's see which of us can grab the most then! ♪
  • And Julia... What is this? Magic Amulet? Kakuro's Grimoire? I don't think I'll be needing these.

Stage 7: Stage event time

  • Manzai huh. Recently, there's not been any good acts but... wait, is that Karume and Julia? What are they doing there?!
  • Hahaha~! Karume and Julia's manzai is just like their everyday conversations! Hahahaha~
  • A Spring Beauty Pageant...? Really? Let's check the flyer... it says they're choosing the most beautiful spring beauty... so just as the name says, then.
  • A prize for the winner huh... well, count me in then! ♪ You sit there and watch me show this audience what a real spring beauty looks like!
  • ... ... ... Spring Beauty Pageant. Lost to Chief Cocoa. Not that I'm upset about it!

Stage 8: Riverside sunset

  • Oh, looks like we ran out of stands. Should we turn back? ...Hm? Boats? Where?
  • Ah, yeah, I forgot this park had a river running through it. Is that the guy? Hey, can we ride a boat?
  • Yay!♪ He said we could take one. He's steering, so let's jump on quick!
  • Huhu~♪ What's that? Did you get lost in my eyes reflecting the evening sun? Sure sounds like me!
  • Watching cherry blossoms from a boat like this, it was pretty great. I really enjoyed it, let's come back again some time!

Stage 9: Watching evening sakura

  • Night time already. Oh, the night time cherry blossom viewing is starting. Look, the lanterns are lighting up.
  • The stands are bringing out food to match some real drinking, huhuhu.
  • W-wow! The wind is blowing petals! Floating around like snow... it's kinda beautiful, in a way.
  • It's strange. The petals feel like snow, but the wind is not cold at all.
  • I think I like cherry blossoms in night time best. It's peaceful, and feels like a snowy adventure.

Stage 10: Relaxed walk home

  • T he stands are closing! Aww, and I wanted you to buy me more things...
  • You really seemed to be having fun though. Me? I mean, sure, a little.
  • Hey, take this marble. Its no hobby of mine, I just bought it earlier. Thought you might like it.
  • This marble contains all of spring inside it. At least, that's what they told me. Yeah,yeah, you can thank me later.
  • Saw the cherry blossoms. Enjoyed the stands. I think it was a great day♪

Jewelry EventEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Exactly what kind of movie projector sends you to another world... Whatever, I don't care anyway.
  • There's other people exploring this world too. Looks kinda fun, don't you think?
  • All these sparkling gemstones are starting to hurt my eyes.
  • Ah, [Fairy]. Did you find a Keystone Gem? Not yet? Well, I guess I could help, if you want?
  • That gemstone dress over there was made for a princess, apparently. Amazing.

Stage 1: Silia's strange movie projector!

  • Well, you called me, so here I am. A movie screening? ... It better be good.
  • A new projector? What exactly was wrong with the old one?
  • Fine, whatever. But if the movie sucks, I'm going home.
  • Sit a little closer [Owner], make some room for others.

Stage 2: Lost in a strange new world?!

  • Something's not right here... W-what?! Are we being sucked in?! Hya~!
  • Hmm. So the projector broke and sent us flying into, where? The Gem World? Well it is appropriately named, at least.
  • I see you smiling over there, Silia, what do you have to say for yourself? What do you mean it's no big deal?!
  • So we need Keystone Gems if we want to get back home? Well I suppose we'd better go treasure hunting then.
  • This'll be easy [Owner], let's just grab the gems and get ourselves home.

Stage 3: Sapphire Town

  • Silia's radar has brought us to this... this... Where is this? Gimme the map... Sapphire Town!
  • There's a whole waterfall coming from that giant sapphire there! Silia's written all about it in this guidebook she gave-- Guidebook?!
  • Somewhere in this town there should be a Keystone Gem... and I really hope it's not that gigantic, floating sapphire...
  • I think we're getting closer... to a shop? Uh-oh. What do they do for money here?
  • Hey shopkeeper, about this gemstone... Hm? Cute? Me? Gemstone? Free? You smooth-talker, you♪

Stage 4: Ruby Cave

  • Ah... what's this? The Ruby Cave? There's a Keystone Gem inside, you say? So we have to go in...
  • I mean it seemed pretty hot but this is just too much... Ah! We could try using the water-breathing sapphires from before!
  • Be careful, [Owner]! Don't be making a river to flush us to heavens-knows-where.
  • That's too much! Too much~! Ahhh~~!
  • Ahh... Ahh... Finally, it stopped...... Oh? Surely not--- It is! The ruby, I found it! That was almost too easy!

Stage 5: Lapis Lazuli Road

  • The whole road is sparkling so bright... It must be all the lapis lazulis. The radar doesn't seem to know where to point.
  • You say only one of them is the Keystone? You didn't say? Then who did? ... an owl?!
  • What do you want, owl? ...You'll give us the Keystone?! If we solve a riddle, you say? Hm, try me.
  • What travels around the world, while staying in a corner? Hmm... I know I know this one... Ah!!
  • I got it! It's a stamp!! Am I right?! Yeah~, of course I am!♪

Stage 6: Garnet Tunnel

  • So the radar's given up on us. Whatever, I'm pretty sure I can spot a Keystone myself now.
  • Can you hear that knocking sound? I think it's coming from those rocks over there... let's get a closer look.
  • The knocking's stopped, but--- Ah!! The Keystone garnet! Give me a pickaxe! From where? From the pack Silia gave us!
  • How is anyone supposed to find the Keystone in a place like that? I mean, we did, but... what was that knocking sound?
  • I can see some light... finally, it must be the exit.

Stage 7: Emerald Valley

  • The valley is shining green... There's a mist below us... D-did something just move there?
  • There's something big and green here... Don't tell me it's a real... Dragon?! So huge... What can you eat to get this big?
  • ...[Owner] isn't tasty at all. I'm the tastier one!
  • Huh? You won't eat us? ...but you have the emerald Keystone Gem, right? Give it to us.'ll do it if we scratch your back?
  • [Owner], do it. Hurry up!!

Stage 8: Diamond City of Ancients

  • The dragon took us this far, but this town seems strange. I don't see anyone, but I feel that someone is here...
  • Wow, everything here is made from diamonds, but I don't feel the urge to touch anything...
  • According to this radar, we should head for that castle. Okay, let's go.
  • ...we somehow got to the basement... What's with these statues...? T-they look as if they're alive, it's creepy...
  • In the end the Keystone Gem was on the throne. Weird. Oh well, at least we found it.

Stage 9: Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!

  • Phew, we worked hard, so how about a reward or something? ...Silia, I don't want your picture.
  • What should we do with these gemstones? Put them inside the projector?
  • The movie projector is making some weird sounds and it started moving. It reminds me of a washing machine... Ah, it's nothing.
  • We can finally go back home... I'll watch a DVD~♪ [Owner], of course you're watching it with me.
  • You wanted to stay and play there some more? ...Silia has the movie projector, so you can go there anytime. Well, I guess I can go with you when I have nothing better to do.

Stage 10: Back to the Human World!!

  • Phew... We're finally back in our world. I think I'm a bit tired.
  • That said, we did so many things today, but the time hasn't passed at all. What a weird feeling~
  • I want to eat some sweets and relax...
  • Okay, let's go back and eat some sweets♪ ...I'll prepare the dinner today, but only this once!
  • We're eating a cake today? Hmph, you know me well♪ Okay, [Owner], let's go home!

Strange StrengthEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Hm? Oh, [Fairy], you're here too. Being able to use special powers, this feels like a movie.
  • Have you seen those two people doing tricks? They're using their special powers to create flaming flowers and freeze them!
  • What does SJK abbreviation mean... S...J....K... I have no idea.
  • The Central Cities... It's easy to remember, but someone should've spent more time thinking on that name... I don't mind, but!
  • They said to expect other events in the world of Strange Strength. Me, [Owner] and...

Stage 1: At Home

  • Hey!... Are you listening? We got some kind of invitation. Who from? Erm, Fairysoft it says...
  • Looks like it's an invitation to try their new game, S... str... Strange Strength? You wanna go? Better get changed, then.
  • Hey, look, that Strange Strength game is on TV. Looks like you play as a spy with super powers...
  • Apparently it's set in some kind of modern metropolis... It looks like it's pretty popular already.
  • Some commercial's not enough to go by though really. I suppose we'd better try it ourselves. If you ever actually get changed!!

Stage 2: To the Event Hall

  • Wow, there really are a lot of people here. I think I see a guide over there, though.
  • Use special powers to defeat the evil doings of the secret organization, SJK? Easy-peasy♪
  • My special ability is... Pyro-mancy? What on earth is that?... Fireballs? I knew that!
  • So I can shoot a fireball about the size of a basketball... I wonder if the various powers actually have anything in common.
  • You got the same power as me? Just don't get in my way, okay? Come on, let's hop onto the podium.

Stage 3: The Central Cities

  • So this is the Kami Agency. Is that a training room over there? No better place to test our new powers, I guess.
  • Oh look, it's Mika. You're not Mika? Commander Kami? Ahh... I got it...
  • You have a quest for us? Sprinklers in the library... dry out the books...? What?! Boring~
  • It's a quest best suited to our powers, you say? Well... I mean I suppose that is true, but still... Whatever, we'll do it.
  • Wow, there are a lot of books here... Stand back, [Owner]. Here we go... Hya~!! Perfect! Completely dry♪

Stage 4: A Secret Deal

  • All that book-drying has tired me out... Let's get back to HQ.
  • I think Mika-- Commander Kami said this bridge is a shortcut back. Sounds perfect♪
  • Hmm? Voices, from under the bridge... Let's get closer, hear what they're saying. Come on, get a move on! And keep hidden!
  • Potatoes... everywhere... fill the world...? Are they planning to destroy the world with potatoes?! What kind of organization is this SJK?!
  • SJK sounds like quite the dangerous group. We should get back and tell commander Kami ASAP!

Stage 5: Intelligence Gathering

  • Commander Kami, do you have any information on SJK? Umm, an underground black-magic potato-selling organization, you say... I see.
  • So our mission is to find the headquarters and learn more about this plot to destroy the world... Good luck out there! Wait, I'm going too!
  • SJK's HQ is supposed to be below a casino in the city... huhuhu, let's check it out♪
  • According to the map, the SJK HQ is in here. See? Through the casino entrance, down the stairs, and then there should be some way inside...
  • Those SJK voices under the bridge must have been out doing some recon then... Let's do some of our own♪

Stage 6: Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!

  • I can see one, two, three, four, five... too many lookouts. What to do... hmm? What are you pointing at? Ahh, the sprinklers!!
  • First, we break the sprinklers. Ready? One, two and... three!! Haha! There go the guards...
  • So they said there's a spare key under the flower pot here, but surely--- Well look at that. A key. What kind of secret organization is this?!
  • Well, we seem to have infiltrated, but where do we go now... Let's start with this room--- A bathroom. what are you laughing at?!
  • Research and Development...? Woah! I've never seen so many potatoes... This must be the work of that black magic we heard about.

Stage 7: Find the Evidence!

  • Get out of the way, I'm gonna listen for noise... Hmm... Seems clear. Were you listening too? It doesn't take two of us...
  • An archive room...? There must be all kinds of--- What are you doing, just opening the door?! Check if someone's on there first!!
  • And the evidence we need is... right on top of that desk there. What exactly is secret about this secret organization?!
  • Well we're taking this for sure. Those files on the shelf there, too. Anything that looks suspicious.
  • Right, that's the evidence gathered. Let's get back to HQ. You have that backpack I gave you, right? Here are the files~♪

Stage 8: Escape!!

  • poke poke* I'm trying to think here. *poke poke poke* Did you not hear me or something?! I said---!! Security...robot...? Run away~!!
  • Why didn't you tell me there were security robots?! You were planning our escape?! I think there are more pressing matters right now!
  • I think they know we're here... There are guards and agents everywhere. What do we do?
  • These stairs are so long~!... Is what I would say if I had time to complain but they're right behind us!!
  • They're firing! They're firing some sort of special ability at us! Let's get around behind them... then once we do...

Stage 9: Mission Complete

  • So the bosses are Silia, Julia and Karume... I see. I guess there's no choice but to fight.
  • Our power? Fire. Wanna taste? Hya~!!
  • See? Fireball meets water tower, large pool of water meets enemies. Smart, right?♪
  • Using abilities is tiring, huh? Well, unlike you guys, we didn't burn ourselves out getting here.
  • Hmm? Is that a helicopter? It's Commander Kami! Here to save us, are you?

Stage 10: Logout!

  • Phew... I'm a bit tired. But I enjoyed it. It was a really well made game.
  • Special powers were a bit different than our charms. I guess playing with things like that is good from time to time.
  • My title is... Evil Schemer! Hey, what's the meaning of that?!
  • Uhm... I'm sleepy. Carry me home. You can do that, right? You're bigger than me.
  • Yawn... I'm sleepy... Wake me up... when we get ho... zzz...

Green Leaf CarnivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • I never expected we'd be having the Green Leaf Carnival in the Human World this time.
  • Of course, my cooking is more delicious here.
  • Hmm. Yeah, that outfit looks pretty good, [Fairy].
  • Have you finished getting flowers yet, [Fairy]? No? You'd better hurry up then.
  • You're pretty good at decorating.

Stage 1: What is the Green Leaf Carnival?

  • We got an invitation to the Green Leaf Carnival... You have this in the Human World too?
  • You've never heard of it before? It happens every year in the Fairy World, it's like a big traditional festival. How can you not know it?
  • I guess this would be your first ever Green Leaf Carnival then, [Owner]. If you wanna go that is.
  • What do we do there? It says right here on the invitation, what do I have to read it to you?
  • It's all about celebrating the spring season, and giving thanks and such.

Stage 2: Let's go!

  • It's being held... oh, pretty close by actually. I think we can walk there. Come on, let's go then.
  • Well I'm ready to go, but you don't seem ready at all, honestly. Do you want to be late?
  • I suppose they'll have needle and thread for the outfits there... I'll leave them here then. Tidy them up? I know, I know, you don't have to tell me.
  • Oh, we need a basket too... but we don't have one. Whatever, this pot will do. You grab one too, [Owner]
  • We really should be using baskets for picking flowers, but pots should work just as well. I'm sure you'll carry them for me if they get too heavy.

Stage 3: Arriving at the carnival

  • We're here. Not bad, this place. For the Human World, at least.
  • There's no time for idling, we've got work to do.
  • What work? We have to decorate the place, make the food... there's a lot of preparations.
  • It does feel great to be out in nature like this. It's almost... how can I put it... invigorating.
  • Fairies really thrive in nature, y'know. It wasn't such a bad idea to do this here after all.

Stage 4: Picking flowers and leaves

  • Right. We need to gather up some flowers to use in the dance outfits. You'll help too, right [Owner]?
  • Did I just see a mushroom-person...? No surely not. What? I'm just talking to myself. Come on, flowers flowers!
  • Edible, inedible, inedible... Hmm? Traditional Fairy World foods use flowers in the recipes, so I'm separating out ones we can use for that too.
  • What's my best dish? Hmm... that's a secret! If you wanna find out, get gathering those flowers!
  • Well, my pot's all full of flowers. Time to go back. Here you go, [Owner]. Back to the stage with it!

Stage 5: Decorating the forest

  • It looks like the stage is taken care of already, so we'll decorate all around the forest here. Take this.
  • What are you daydreaming about? Come on, there's work to do! Look, I'll make the decorations, so you just hang them up, okay?
  • Yes, that's it, like that. Hold that there and--- I said hold it!! Argh, back to square one...
  • Hey which do you prefer, chamomile or lemongrass? Well you seem to be working hard, so I though I'd make some tea.
  • Huhu, how is it? Delicious, of course. Fairies know these things, y'see♪

Stage 6: Making carnival outfits

  • This part's a pain in the... Ngh, that's not the spirit of the carnival, is it... Hmm? Oh, we have to make outfits from those flowers we picked now.

Hmm... Ah! I know, [Owner] can make them! Wow, good thinking, me!

  • You better make it look great, okay? I'm the one who has to wear it... I mean I can help with any difficult parts, I guess.
  • You're not so bad at this actually. Surprisingly. Don't let it get to your head though, and keep watching the needle!
  • The centerpiece flower? Hmm... this orange one. Wow, that actually looks pretty good, [Owner].

Stage 7: Making traditional fairy foods

  • Hmm... I dunno what to make. There's so many people cooking at once, I don't wanna double up on anything.
  • I wonder what others are making... Go take a look, [Owner]!
  • What? Walnuts? Ah! Yeah, we could make honey and walnut bread! You'll help too, right [Owner]?
  • Huhu~♪ Now just pour the honey over and... There! Let's leave it for a little while and come back later.
  • What? You made herb tea, for me? *sip* Not bad... T-thanks.

Stage 8: Green Leaf Ceremony

  • Time for the carnival already, huh. This is the Dance of the Fairies. It's all about giving thanks.
  • Not that we actually shout Thank you! as we dance, it's more about the way you move. What, are you disappointed?
  • Can I dance? Me? Who do you think you're taking to? I could dance circles around you. Literally.
  • I'm gonna go dance then, so just sit here and watch, okay? Make sure you do watch! I'll know if you fall asleep!
  • ...and turn... and clap... and two turns... ♪... another clap...♪ ... Huhu, perfect!

Stage 9: Let's eat!

  • How was my dancing? Amazing? Of course it was♪
  • I guess everyone really tried hard for the carnival. Still, I'm pretty sure my food is the--- Are you even listening to me?!
  • I'm sure you won't mind bringing food to the all-danced-out here, right?
  • How is the bread I made, [Owner]? Delicious? Huhu~♪ Naturally.
  • Hmm... this mushroom omelette isn't bad--- Hm? Open wide? Hmph, fine. Aaahh...

Stage 10: Singing, dancing and having fun

  • Hmm. When Robin starts to sing, you know the event is nearly over.
  • This song is all about looking forward to another beautiful spring next year, and... some other things... I can't remember exactly.
  • All the best dancers gather in the middle... Me? I'm out here because of you!
  • Come on, get up. What do you mean, why? You're dancing too. You expect me to go out there alone?
  • Step like this, then move your hands Ike that... Yeah, that's it. Not bad at all. I guess I'm a great teacher after all♪

Harvest FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • This farm is so big, you'd probably be better off not walking too far.
  • I could have sworn I just heard someone talking about sugared-onigiri...
  • All that moving around has tired me out... Maybe [Owner] will buy me some sweets on the way home ♪
  • Oh, you're here too, [Fairy]. How's the farm work?
  • You found a weird one? Wow, yeah. That carrot looks almost human...

Stage 1: To the farm!

  • Hey... hey, wake up. We're helping out on the farm today, remember?... Wake up!!!
  • Tch, didn't you set your alarm?... It didn't go off?,,, Whatever, get ready and let's go.
  • I suppose I'll need rubber boots? Long ones, too... I haven't woken up this early in a while.
  • I think we're ready. Here... What's this? My bags. You overslept, you carry the bags.
  • You're the one who wanted a packed lunch anyway. Come on, the idle get no bread and all that jazz. get a move on.

Stage 2: Listen to the Chief!

  • yawn*... What? Of course I'm yawning, do you remember how early we woke up?
  • The Chief and the farm owner really are good friends, huh.
  • Overalls on, gloves on, perfect. Sports drink, for me? I can't believe you actually prepared... Yes, it's a compliment, I suppose.
  • The greenhouse, the fields... there really is a lot of work to do. Don't slack off, [Owner].
  • This place really is big though. The farm owner and her husband must--- No, forget it. Ignore me.

Stage 3: To the greenhouse!

  • The greenhouse, huh... I don't want to go in, it looks way too hot in here.
  • It's an okay farm, I suppose. It's not doing too badly. For a human-made farm, at least.
  • I'm pretty sure it's better to grow vegetables naturally, outside in--- Alright alright, stop looking at me like that.
  • I'll tell you which ones are ready, you put them in the basket. No, yes, yes, yes, no... There's a lot of yesses here.
  • Finally, finished. Let's get back outside, I can barely breathe in here.

Stage 4: Let's harvest onions!

  • sniff sniff* It seems like the earth around here is perfect. Smells like it has all the moisture and nutrients these vegetables need.
  • Onions, onions, leeks, more onions... Make sure your gloves are on properly [Owner], this could get stinky.
  • Look at them playing swords with those leeks... Don't go copying them [Owner], okay--- Already?! Take a picture?! Don't be crazy!
  • Your mouth says you're joking, but your leek sword stance says you are deadly serious. Knock it off!
  • I think that's the onion harvesting done then. See? Stick with me, [Owner], and I'll have it all done in no time.

Stage 5: Time for lunch!

  • Finally, lunch. Apparently the Agency folks prepared something. Go wash your hands already, don't keep me waiting here.
  • Onigiri and miso soup...? Could be worse I suppose. Hungry is hungry, anyway.
  • nom nom nom* Hmm? Check my cheeks? What on earth does--- Oh, a piece of rice. What an odd way to point that out.
  • Stop that, I can get it myself, it's just a piece of rice... There. No? Hmm... There. No?! Ngh... Fine, get it then.
  • A little thing like that really makes you happy, doesn't it. I don't care either way, really.

Stage 6: Let's harvest cabbages!

  • Of course I can spot the difference between cabbages and lettuce. The ones with the crinkly ends are lettuce.
  • This one's been half-eaten by bugs... Probably means it was the most delicious... That's a shame really.
  • These cabbages are heavy. In that case... What? I was gonna say we should split the work! Yeesh...
  • We should carry these cabbages around in small groups, and be careful not to spill--- Ack!! What was I just saying? Be careful!!
  • Here, take this sports drink, you have to keep hydrated. I'm not worried about you or anything, I just don't want to have to carry you home.

Stage 7: Let's try farm machinery!

  • There's a rice husker in this barn too, right?... The whole barn is kinda shaking, is it okay?
  • Tractors, too. I suppose it would be impossible to do all this work without machines. For humans at least. We just use our magic in the Fairy World.
  • It's quite cool in here... Because you use it to store some of the harvest? I see... Oh yeah, look, a whole mountain of potatoes...
  • Stay back, remember what happened with the cabba--- Ahh... What did I just say? Enjoy your potato bath.
  • Come on, get your act together. All the other Owners are... well, certainly not perfect, that's for sure... I guess you are who you are, [Owner].

Stage 8: Let's harvest carrots!

  • I thought we were nearly done, but it looks like this is only about a fifth of the field... It's quite amazing, really.
  • See who can harvest the most carrots? That kind of race is quite childish, [Owner], you kno--- Hey, that was a false start!!
  • pop* *pop* *pop* Huhu, this is very easy ♪ I do plenty of farm work back in the Fairy World too, so I'm used to this kind of thing~.
  • hngg* *pop*... Pulling up carrots us pretty fun. Especially finding ones with weird shapes.
  • Looks like I won~ ♪ That means you have to be my assistant for the rest of the day, [Owner].

Stage 9: Make a scarecrow!

  • We finished all the harvesting? All that's left is to... make a scarecrow?! You really need one that bad?... I suppose we've come this far...
  • What happens to them in the rain though? Do you dry them out after?... Well anyway, let's get to making it.
  • Just the head left, I think. But... we've almost run out of cloth... Hmm...? What's that, [Owner]? A bucket...?
  • Use the bucket for a head? You know what, [Owner]? That is... not a bad idea. Pass it to me.
  • A scarecrow huh... I'd never even seen one before today. I think I get it though, like a droopy sack of straw, right?

Stage 10: Time to go home!

  • The Chief isn't coming with us?... She still has things to do here? Her and the farm owner really are close, huh.
  • I think they were talking about tonkatsu... or was I just hearing things?
  • Huhu. We got a box of vegetables as thanks. Thanks for all my hard work, or course.
  • I can't believe the farm owner grew all these herself though. I suppose she just loves vegetables.
  • Night time already. We got quite a lot done today.

Summer GetawayEdit


Stage 1:It's so hot...

Stage 2:We've arrived!

Stage 3:Check out the rooms!

Stage 4:A walk in the woods!

Stage 5:Let's go to the lake!

Stage 6:Let's explore the town!

Stage 7:Glass-blowing Studio

Stage 8:A traditional street

Stage 9:Fireflies!

Stage 10:Time to sleep...

Summer FestivalEdit


  • Your yukata? I suppose it suits you, yeah. What is it that say? Fine feathers make fine birds.
  • The goldfish scooping? I manages to catch three... Y-you saw?!... Fine, WE managed to catch three... between us...
  • Hello... Woah woah, take a step back with that sauce-covered face of yours! Here, take a tissue...

Stage 1: Let's go to the festival!

  • Here, we got a letter. Read it to me.
  • Hmm... A festival at the Leo Shrine? Sounds fun ♪ I guess we could go.
  • What do you think, [Owner]? You've got nothing better to do, right?
  • We need to dress properly though... I guess that means a yukata.
  • How are you taking longer than me? I had to put on a yukata. Come on, hurry up.

Stage 2: Leo Shrine!

  • So this is the Leo Shrine~... Oh, I see some friends are here. I don't think I want to join them though... there's too many people over there.
  • Is that man stacking chairs? Is it some sort of performance? It is pretty impressive, I'll give him that.
  • Hmm? [Owner]...? oh, there you are. Keep up, will you?!
  • So, where do we start? There's the ring-toss, the goldfish scooping... Huhu, there's just so much to do~ ♪
  • You're tiring me out, [Owner]. I wonder what I'll have you buy to say sorry... ♪

Stage 3: Food stands!

  • [Owner]! I'm hungry, let's grab a snack.
  • What is that? Apricot candy? I suppose I'll have one, sure.
  • Wow, this is sweeter than it looks ♪ It's pretty good!... What? You want a bite too?
  • Make sure you don't go getting yourself lost, okay? I don't wanna waste time searching for--- What? You want to try another stand?
  • That's enough eating for now I think. How about we try out some of the games. I wanna have a go at the goldfish scooping ♪

Stage 4: Goldfish scooping!

  • I guess we're doing some goldfish scooping next? Wow, there are so many of them in there... Is that a koi fish?
  • Apparently that's not a koi fish, just a giant goldfish... Not that there's any way we can just scoop it up anyway.
  • Goldfish scooping is all about patience... You just have to wait... and wait... and... I got it! Huhu, what do you think, [Owner]?
  • How many do you have, [Owner]? Two? Huhu, don't go thinking you can beat me. I'm only just getting started.
  • Hmph... I only got the one after all... Next time I'm not gonna lose!

Stage 5: Shooting Gallery!

  • A shooting gallery... with plenty of prizes to be won. Pick a gun, [Owner]. It's competition time.
  • Whoever gets the most prizes, wins. Ready? I'm not gonna lose y'know!
  • pow!*... *pow!* I just can't seem to hit anything... It's not over yet, though!
  • pow!* I'm missing every shot... How about you, [Owner[? You're probably missing everything too, right...?
  • You got the teddy bear?! Well, congratulations... F-for me? Hmm... I suppose... think you.

Stage 6: Dinner time!

  • rumble* What? That wasn't me! You must be hungry or something
  • You should really get some food if you're feeling hungry. I suppose I could eat some takoyaki, too... Well? You are going to buy some, aren't you?
  • Excuse me~, some takoyaki please~. Hmm... they have fried squid too...
  • Ow! Hot! Tho hot...! Ahh... but deliciouth ♪ What? Why are you laughing?
  • nom nom* This isn't bad, huh? You must be feeling generous today, buying me the fried squid too... Ha ha, sorry... You're always very generous, I know...

Stage 7: Watch the omikoshi!

  • Something's drawing a crowd over there... Let's go and check it out.
  • Ah, they're carrying the omikoshi... How about joining them, [Owner]?
  • Watching the omikoshi like this really makes the festival atmosphere complete.
  • What's that over there...? Oh, some traditional dancing. Wow, they're really pretty good.
  • I'm sure I can dance just as well as that ♪ ... I just choose not to.

Stage 8: Katanuki!

  • Hey, what is that [Owner]? Katanuki...? It looks pretty interesting. Let's take a look.
  • I'm not really good at this kinda work... I'm not really good at concentrating, to be honest...
  • Hmm... this is... pretty difficult... Ack!! I broke mine... One more! One more try!
  • I can do it... this time I can do it... Hmm? You finished already [Owner]...? It's split right down the middle...
  • Argh, I give up already! You do it, [Owner]. I'll stand here and watch.

Stage 9: Raffle time!

  • Oh, it's the Fairy Agency girls. They're running a raffle, are they? Let's go and play ♪
  • Whoever gets the better prize wins, [Owner]! There's no way I'm gonna lose!
  • I'll start... This one! I'm not gonna open it yet, we'll do it together.
  • Here we go... Ready...! I got a kappa plushie. Wow, this is really big. I could use it as a pillow ♪
  • What did you get? Three scrubbing brushes...? I... see... how very... haha... hahaha! Scrubbing brushes! You looked so excited, too!

Stage 10: Fireworks show!

  • Ah, it's almost time for the fireworks show. Didn't you hear the announcement?
  • Woah, that was a big one... I mean, I guess it was okay. Nothing special.
  • Well. that's the fireworks show over. Let's go home. You're bringing me again next year, right?
  • Did you enjoy the festival, [Owner]? Me? I had more fun than I expected to, I guess.

Fairies in WonderlandEdit


Stage 1: A Golden Afternoon

Stage 2: Hastily Heading into the Deep Darkness

Stage 3: Shrinking and the Sea of Tears

Stage 4: Growing Big and Small

Stage 5: What the Brown Caterpillar Said

Stage 6: The Duchess and the Grinning Cat

Stage 7: A Strange Tea Party

Stage 8: Croquet with the Heart Soldiers

Stage 9: The Tart Trial

Stage 10: The Dream's End

Festival in FallEdit


  • When I think festival I think yakisoba! The smell of the sauce is just irresistible♪
  • I did some target practice earlier and I won a bag of candy, Let's eat it together later.
  • Over there you can try shooting a bow and arrow. It's pretty interesting. Wanna go?
  • Is your Owner lost? No, I'm just asking because mine is missing...
  • What are you doing here, [Fairy]? Huh? You're lost? Oh well, looks like I'll help you look for your Owner.

Stage 1: An Autumn Day

  • What? An early morning... walk? Go yourself. Why do I have to go with you...
  • This is pure autumn weather. There are so many falling leaves. Look... Huhu, look at my head. A leaf is stuck to it. Huhuhu!
  • I never really come here so that's why it must feel so new... What, are you feeling a bit restless too, [Owner]?
  • What about that sign? ... There's a Fall Festival going on at the shrine ahead? Hm... Well, I'm not too busy so I guess I can go.
  • Well, since we're going to a festival, we may as well eat something, right? .. Huhu, I do have some good ideas sometimes♪

Stage 2: The Fall Festival

  • Wow... What a big shrine. Those trees are really well taken care of... Hurry, let's go look.
  • Apparently this shrine has a maple tree as its sacred tree. It's planted out in the back.
  • I wonder why is this shrine's staircase so big... Also, the steps are so close together that I keep missing my step!
  • There are so many kinds of stands. Well then, why don't we stroll around until the festival starts?
  • There are a lot of lanterns. So it must be all lit up at night, right? I don't like that. If we stayed until late night it would just be so cold.

Stage 3: Pray First

  • All the kids have some sort of bag... Chitoseame? Ah, Shichi-Go-San. I heard about it on TV.
  • There aren't many people... Must mostly be people setting up stands, I guess? And the kids for Shich-Go-San. I wonder when the festival starts.
  • The charms are on sale over there. Hm, you're going to go buy some? Hold on, I think we have to pray first.
  • Whew, finally made it. Okay, let's hurry up and finish praying. If you take too long the day will already be over.
  • Wash our hands first and... Hey, don't splash the water! Hey, give me your handkerchief. ... Ugh...

Stage 4: The Festival Begins

  • Hm? I hear a flute... Ah, some people are dancing on the stage. Let's go check it out.
  • So Julia and Anko are dancing. Is this some part time job? I thought the Fairy Agency job was okay.
  • So this is called a Kagura dance. I feel like I've read about this in a book before. Hmm, of course I know this stuff ♪
  • Ah, a deer came out of the papier-mache boar... What a great job. I wonder how they did that.
  • Hmm... Both Julia and ANko are doing a pretty good job. Kind of stylish too, eh? Don't you think that look suits them?

Stage 5: Visiting the Shrine Stands

  • O kay, let's start our tour of the stands ♪ Hey, if you dawdle I'm going to leave you behind.
  • A papier-mache boar. If I pull this string... Ooh, a papier-mache deer came out. This toy is a reproduction of the Kagura dance.
  • ... Shouldn't the mask stand have more masks that are for kids? What's with all these old man masks? Isn't this a bit too weird?
  • Mmm, that smells so good. I want to try that skewered beef...
  • What are you doing, [Owner]? Goldfish scooping is easy. Why are you holding on to a ripped scoop with your knees shaking? Are you cold?

Stage 6: Yabusame

  • Do you hear a horse? No, I'm not just imagining things... Listen, there it is again! It's coming from over there.
  • Whoa, doesn't shooting a bow and arrow while riding a horse look hard? ... You can do it, [Owner]? That's really interesting. Is that some new kind of joke?
  • We can try shooting a bow over there. Are you going to show me how good you are, [Owner]?
  • Hey, [Owner], it doesn't flight straight and falls flat at my feet... No, the trial is... No, well, whatever you want.
  • The arrow didn't fly straight but... Well, you've got your own good points, [Owner]. No reason to get upset.

Stage 7: Huh, What is This...

  • Do you hear something coming from the stage? It's like some kind of music, but... Should we go check it out?
  • We've come to some real strange place... What is this? Isn't it weird? Why did all of the other people disappear?
  • ... Who are you? It's a secret? Hm. Why are you dancing in this place? ... That's also a secret? And that papier-mache boar... Ah, you'll probably say that's a secret too.
  • A branch of autumn leaves? What, you're giving it to me? I guess I'll take it if you're giving it to me, but what would I have to do with it? Yeah, yeah, sorry for all the questions. ... Don't laugh at me.
  • I wonder what would I use a branch of autumn leaves for. Decoration? ... Eh, whatever. You hold it, [Owner].

Stage 8: Autumn Leaf Messenger?

  • Ah, it looks like we're back to where we started from. Listen, we can hear things. Previously it was deathly quiet where we were. That's what was so strange.
  • Huh? ... Um, who is... Ah, it's the Shinto priest of this shrine. Can I help you? What about this branch?
  • I was given this branch by a papier-mache boar and a woman who was dancing on the stage. Do you want it?
  • So that woman was a messenger of this shrine's god. I should have prayed directly to the god when I had the chance.

Stage 9: Let's Make Ema!

  • What are these boards? Ema? ... So if you write your wishes on these the gods will make them come true? Hm... Help me, [Owner]. I've got a lot of wishes to write!
  • Okay then, first... I wish that [Owner] does a little better at everything. Okay, done. Now the next one. Don't dilly dally.
  • I wish [Owner] becomes a bit more better at cooking, and by that I mean skilled. Also that [Owner] stops sleeping in late. Okay, that's good.
  • These are all about you? ... Not at all. If you don't start improving, I'm the one who's going to be bothered by it.
  • Now just because I made wishes to the gods doesn't mean you get to take it easy. If you don't shape up, [Owner], I'm going to be the one who suffers.

Stage 10: The Road Home

  • Whew, I'm beat. Walking all day has me totally exhausted.
  • Ah, the Fall Festival. Once this is over, winter is going to be coming. Time to get ready...
  • Ooh... It's so cold... My fingers are ice. Let me put them in your pockets... Ah, that's nice and warm.
  • We bought a lot of food at the festival stands, and today's dinner is going to be extravagant... Well, it's not like we are normally eating poorly or anything.
  • What are we going to eat tonight? Oden? Hm, I guess that's fine. Did you make sure to get some konnyaku?

School FestivalEdit


  • Hm, if it isn't [Fairy]. You having fun?
  • There's a lot of people now... Don't go getting lost. Searching is a hassle.
  • This... UIm, a ... Haniwa hairpin? ... Ah, sorry. I forgot my impressions.
  • Ikayaki and takoyaki... I get that at least the takoyaki isn't your normal everyday takoyaki.
  • The haunted house is really well done. If you've got some time later, why not go?

Stage 1: An Invitation to Fairy High

  • [Owner], [Owner]! Get up, I said! Your alarm is ringing!
  • Hurry up and get ready... Wait. Seriously, [Owner]? Are you going to tell me you forgot what today is?
  • Today is the school festival at Fairy High! I told you this yesterday! Get it together, ugh... Anyway, are you finally up?
  • Now at a school festival there's going to be a variety of events that... Looking forward to it? I think you're definitely looking forward to this more than I am.
  • There are so many sweet smells. *sniff sniff* ,,, Do i smell crepes? Those are key at a school festival.

Stage 2: Where to Go First?

  • First let's just take a brief walk around. We'll make a note of what looks the most interesting and then take nice, leisurely stops at those places.
  • Hey, hold on, you're going too fast! It's so easy to get lost when there are lots of people... I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about you, [Owner]!
  • Preparations are still being done in the Home Ec Room, but... What are they doing? Well, normally they'd be selling sweets or making something, but...
  • They're selling little candies over there! Of course you're going to buy me some, right, [Owner]?
  • There's a display in the Fine Arts Club. They have oil paintings hanging up? Doesn't that feel a bit serious?

Stage 3: Welcome to the Maid Cafe!

  • Um... what? I entered the wrong place? That can't be right?
  • Why is everyone from the Fairy Agency here? ... Helping student council? Hm... Well, I don't guess that's much of a problem.
  • That maid costume really seems to suit chief. She looks exactly like a maid you'd see in a movie or something.
  • Hm. So all the sweets here were made by chief and everyone. Well then, I suppose I can expect good things.
  • Hm, the tea isn't bad either. This seems to be the best place to take a break.

Stage 4: Romeo and Juliet?

  • Romeo and Juliet, huh... is this really a staple of school festivals?
  • Love at first sight... what, [Owner]? Are you going to go and say something weird?
  • Hm... Romeo and Juliet as a comedy. I wonder if this kind of student theater can be any good.
  • Mercutio... He kind of reminds me of you, [Owner]. That good ol' boy sensation.
  • Well, wasn't that all appropriate? The acting, the scenario, the costumes were all pretty good... What? You got a problem?

Stage 5: Munch, Munch, Munch...

  • Okay, it's almost break time. I'd love to eat.
  • This udon stand seems really passionate... I wonder if the people working there love udon.
  • This is less like eating lunch and more like walking around having snacks. Oh well, this is what you do at a school festival, right?
  • Mm, this daifuku is really good ♪ Ah, the Japanese Sweets Club is really the best.
  • So what did you buy, [Owner]? ... Ice cream tempura? I wonder if that's good.

Stage 6: The Haunted House's Scary Trap?

  • A haunted house? Hm, that sounds fun. Let's go in, [Owner].
  • ... You know, it's kind of hard to walk if you hold on to me that tightly.
  • [Owner], is this... scaring you? Your legs are trembling. No? ... Your hand is trembling too.
  • This is all made-up stuff. There's no reason to be that scared... Ah, okay, okay, I got it! You can let go of my hand, you know. Sheesh...

Stage 7: The Fairy High Mini Contest

  • There's a mini contest going on in the hall over there. The Clothing Club and Home Economic Club or something like that are working together to run it.
  • Um, it's kind of strange that you're suddenly in front of me and begging... Who are you? ... Your model got sick and you want me to fill in? ... huh, Well, I can't just work for free, you know?
  • ... What's with that stupid look? This suits me? ... Oh. Well, I'm wearing it, so of course it does.
  • Rotate once over there... And, smile! Huhu, perfect ♪
  • Phew, helping is tiring... But, I got a ticket for something free from a stand, so that's nice.

Stage 8: Fairy High Newspaper Hallway Interviews!

  • There's some sort of crown forming over there... I wonder what it is. Go see what it is, [Owner].
  • Wow, coverage of the mini contest... Wait, is that group coming this way?
  • The other groups? Well, they were fine, I suppose... But they have a long way to go to compare to me ♪
  • How do I feel about winning the mini contest? Well, normal, I guess? The clothes and the wearer were both good, so it's only natural ♪
  • ... I complimented the clothes? ... You mus have misheard me.

Stage 9: Live at Fairy High ✰

  • Ah, this group. My friends are in it. Well, since we've got some time, I guess we can go listen for a bit.
  • Whoa, there's glow sticks and stuff all around... This is pretty all out for a school festival concert, isn't it?
  • Hey, they've got pretty good rhythm. Is this song an original? I've never heard it before.
  • Hm, for a concert at a school festival. this feels pretty authentic. The audio equipment seems to be pretty good.

Stage 10: Late Night Festival!

  • I heard there's a dance party at the late Night Festival. Want to make an appearance?
  • Oh hey, it's the Light Music Club again. Their songs are a bit more relaxed now.
  • Hm, you're going to dance, [Owner]?
  • Ow! [Owner]! You stepped on my foot! I should pay that back, ugh!
  • Well, I think this kind of School Festival is worth coming to again, probably.

Happy ChristmasEdit


  • I'm so tired of riding this sleigh. Hey, does that one fly faster? Can you let me ride that?
  • I'm delivering presents because Santa can't~. Isn't that great? Well, you do your best too.
  • Are you sti~ll not done delivering presents? Oh well, I guess I'll help you. [Owner] will help carry the stuff.
  • There were some cute cookies over there and they were pretty good too. Why don't you go try some?
  • You got a present? I already got one, but... What's inside is a secret.

Stage 1: Merry--- What's That Sound?

  • A Christmas party. That's a bit childish, but, oh well, I might as well enjoy myself.
  • Everyone is wearing such nice clothes. Well, they're no match for me, but I must admit that they're trying.
  • Hey, [Owner], shouldn't a party be a bit more stylish?
  • Well, the food looks quite good. [Owner], could you go get me some of that cake... Huh? Did you just hear something?
  • What is this? The roof is broken. All the decorations are a mess... Ah, what a way to spoil a party.

Stage 2: Santa's In Trouble...

  • Why did this even happen? [Owner], be sure to clean this up, okay? I guess we have to help that person first, though.
  • Huh? That person is a new Santa? Hm... Without the beard I couldn't tell it was supposed to be Santa.
  • D-did that reindeer just speak!? ... Wow, it's name is Rudolph. It's pretty cute. I wonder if I can keep it as a pet.
  • You want us to deliver the presents instead? I guess that's fine, but Rudolph is coming with us, right?
  • I'd be fine on my own, but you come with me too, [Owner]. You'll carry the stuff.

Stage 3: New Santa On The Scene ✰

  • These clothes are exactly like Santa's. Huhu, how about taking a picture of me as Santa?
  • These are so warm and fluffy♪ The size is perfect too. What do you think? Does it look good on me? Do I even have to bother asking?
  • Are you going to change too, [Owner]? ... A costume that looks just like Rudolph. That's pretty funny and it suits you.
  • Is this the bag of presents? It's so big, I'll never be able to hold it... Huh? It's so light.
  • Well then let's start delivering. [Owner], if you don't hurry I'm going to leave you behind, okay?

Stage 4: Let's Go Fairy Santa!

  • Wow. This sleigh is pretty fast. The Agency is already a ways away.
  • Going this fast gives us no time to check out the scenery. I thought we might have a chance since we were flying in the sky and all.
  • I've got to keep the snow out of my eyes... [Owner], your face is covered with snow. Are you okay?
  • Wow, that's such a big tree... We already passed it. [Owner], next time let's buy a tree that big.
  • You should be able to deliver presents on your own without Rudolph's encouragement, [Owner].

Stage 5: Sneaking on the Rooftop...

  • Phew, we've finally arrived... Wait. This is a roof. Don't fall and cause trouble for me, okay, [Owner]?
  • We go in through this chimney? I don't really want to get dirty, but... You go first, [Owner].
  • If the fire is still going, people must still be awake. What should we do...
  • There's fire-extinguishing powder and a trumpet that puts people to sleep? Tell me this stuff sooner... Anyway, I guess it's time to try them out.
  • Okay then... *cough* There's so much smoke since the fire just went out. [Owner], do something.

Stage 6: Hello! In The Fireplace

  • That was close, but we've finally reached the room... All we have to do is deliver the present... I'm strangely nervous.
  • Don't do anything that will wake someone up, okay? That'll only cause problems for me...
  • ... [Owner], can't you walk quieter? I can hear your feet scraping the floor.
  • Just put the present here and... Hey, what's rolling around!? You're going to wake the kid! Th-that's right! The trumpet! Hurry with the trumpet!
  • Ugh. A mistake at the most important moment... Thanks to you, I thought we were done for. Be careful next time!

Stage 7: Keep On Delivering!

  • This house is next. This is a pretty magnificent home, I think they might be rich. ...I wonder if they have a big tree.
  • What do we do? There's no chimney. Rudolph, tell us how we can get in this time.
  • Huh? How did you open the door? ... A trade secret? So the trumpet and powder aren't secrets...
  • The parents are asleep but not the children. Okay, [Owner], you're on trumpet duty~♪
  • Huh? There's milk and cookies on that table... Aha, a present for Santa. Thank you very much!

Stage 8: The Agency Girls...?

  • It shouldn't be a problem to put everyone's presents under the tree. First is... What is this? Goggles and a toolbox? ... Who wanted this...
  • This one is a kimono and a sash band. Hm... This is a pretty good style. Doesn't top out me, though.
  • Next is this one. A foreign book... It has all sorts of trending designs... This... this is kind of interesting.
  • Regional potato candies and a candy assortment... Well, this one is obvious. Delivering all of these is a good laugh.
  • Well, it seems all the deliveries are done... Huh? There are presents for everyone at the agency? Don't wait to tell me that.

Stage 9: Deliveries Complete...

  • Apparently we delivered the last presents. Finally we can start the party again.
  • Well, we saw Christmas in a lot of different countries, and also saw lots of stuff like huge Christmas trees... It wasn't the worst job♪
  • And now we're done~. Time to go back and report to that scatterbrained Santa. You'll do that for me, right?
  • I wonder if this Santa is going to be working again next year... I'm a bit worried, so maybe I should explain how I did the job.
  • Santa's finally awake. Since we finished all of the work, Santa better be grateful to us.

Stage 10: Merry Christmas

  • So, when [Owner] fell, I started giving orders and... Where did that Santa go?
  • You got a present for me? Wow, you've got good sense♪ Oh well, Merry Christmas them.
  • Oh yeah, I got you a present too... I put a lot of thought into it, so you'd better be grateful.
  • I was just thinking how cold it is and look, there's snow coming in from the ceiling. Huh? Is that Santa flying over there?
  • Merry Christmas! Huh. Hm? Guess Santa is going to go finish working. What's this present? There's one for you too, [Owner]...

New Year's SunriseEdit


  • Cleaning is such a pain... Oh well, complaining won't help. Might as well get to work.
  • What do you think of these clothes, [Fairy]? ... You're right, the bottom could use some fixing with some lace or...
  • That's right, Robin held a bazaar at the plaza over there. She said she'd take any unneeded furniture.
  • I made some osechi for New Year's. Would you taste it for me, [Fairy]?
  • Wow, you made December Strawberry jam. ... I can have this? Thank you ♪

Stage 1: New Year's in the Fairy World

  • Okay, now the dusting is done. Now I just have to wipe things down... Ah, that's right. The bed's leg is broken... That needs to be fixed.
  • ... It's quiet without [Owner] here... What am I even saying... Ah, ugh! I have to hurry and finish...
  • Trash goes here... Hey, Karume, what are you doing? ... Growing golden potatoes? Huh, well, good luck...
  • ... What are you doing, [Owner]? ... Checking out the plants? ... Ah, I see. I guess you are an Agency helper.
  • Make sure to properly check all the trees and flowers. Because if you miss something, especially the tree roots... Say something if you understand me!

Stage 2: Kimono Fashion Show ✰

  • Huh? It's you, Anko. So you came too. Why? ... Kimonos? There's a whole bunch of them. How did you even bring them?
  • Ah, so you're going to spend New Year's here too. Hm? What... Huh? You want me to put this on?
  • Don't be dumb, I'm going to wear one too. And you're going to help me put it on.
  • Hey, Anko, is this obi okay? ... I see, this obi clip... Yeah, you're right, of course, Anko. Ah, you've got a wonderful hobby ♪
  • Chief looks proper in a kimono. She just looks like the perfect definition of an adult.

Stage 3: Who Are You?

  • Hm? Robin, what are you looking... Who is that? Ah. That's not a fairy or a human... Ah! Hey, [Owner]!
  • A goddess in training~? You know, you don't look like a goddess at all... Ah, no, it's nothing.
  • So you came to go on your trial to become a real goddess. Hm... There are trials even for goddesses. That seems hard.
  • Mt. Vela is over there but... Are you going to be okay with the forests? From what I see it looks like it could be a problem...
  • Oh well... [Owner], since we're going to the mountains I'll lend you some warm clothes. We don't really need that much heavy equipment... Come on, hurry up!

Stage 4: Preparing to Mountain Climb

  • So we need to make it to the top of Mt. Vela before sunrise? I know this place so we won't get lost. What? You don't think you can trust me?
  • It's not that big of a mountain and it's not really dangerous, but it is really cold so we need to wear layers.
  • Tea and, let's see... Um, I know I have an easy-setup tent here somewhere...
  • Okay, you carry the backpack, [Owner] ♪
  • Hey, where's your scarf, [Owner]? ... Sigh. You forgot it. Ugh, I'll use a charm to make mine big so you can wear it, okay?

Stage 5: To the Akiha Grove

  • That's right, going for a walk here during the summer is really nice ♪
  • Ah. Chief, if you walk under that tree...
  • The sound from the hole in that tree? ... A bear is probably sleeping. Look, it's winter. Everyone is hibernating.
  • Of course this area is completely frozen. Look at the lake. You could really skate there... Hey, wait, [Owner]!
  • Ah, ugh, don't do stuff like that... What would I do if you hit your head? Don't go being a pain, okay?

Stage 6: Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest

  • There are some places where the snow is deep, so don't stray off the path or... Huh? Where's the trainee goddess?
  • Hey, Trainee Goddess, why are you stuck in the snow... Ugh, fine. Here, take my hand.
  • There are a lot of strange plants around here... No, they're not really dangerous. I think you'll be fine, just don't start eating things, okay?
  • What?! Karume, why are you crying... Ah. Oh, I see. It's because you ate that strawberry. That's a December Strawberry and if you eat it raw, you'll start crying.
  • [Owner], if you eat the strawberries around here you'll begin to cry... Ah, too late. Here's a handkerchief.

Stage 7: Mount Vela

  • Ah, ugh. Don't just stay near me because it's cold. That makes it hard to walk.
  • Ooh, it's cold... What? ... Ah, a pocket heater. You really are prepared, [Owner] ♪
  • There's got to be some around here somewhere... There it is! Hey, go ahead and eat this. This is called a fire fruit and... Huh? No, it's not spicy at all. It's totally fine. It's not spicy.
  • It's good, right? It's got a heavy cream taste to it so it's used for making sweets.
  • The summit is... Hm, after a little bit. Okay. Let's just go and make it through this last bit.

Stage 8: Finally at the Top!

  • We've arrived. Ah, I'm beat. Anyway, first, the tent... [Owner], stop lazing around and help.
  • The trainee goddess is beat too. Guess she's not one for exercise... Huh, so normally you get around by flying, you say?
  • Phew... My freezing body loves this tea♪ Why don't you have some, [Owner]?
  • Robin, your nose is bright red. Did you forget your scarf? Hm... Well, we've got some hot chocolate. Do you want some? Or no, because it's not cherry pie?
  • Julia, you're out of breath. You okay? ... Ah, makes sense since all you do is read books at home... I'm joking. No need for that look.

Stage 9: First Sunrise!

  • Ooh... [Owner], I'm beat so carry me. I can't move, I'm so sleepy.
  • The cold's stopping Mika from moving much, but... Huh? Are you sleeping or something? Come on, get it together! Here, I'll give you some canned chicken.
  • Is she sparkling? Whoa, that's bright... Huh? Trainee Goddess, did your clothes change?
  • You passed your trial. Congratula... Wha?! Hey, don't just go hugging me all of a sudden. This is all because of us? Huhu, well, yeah?
  • Well then, the trial is over so let's go back home. ... You're going to take us back? You know how to treat people ♪

Stage 10: Happy New Year!

  • Finally, we can have a relaxing New Years.
  • Everyone from the Agency made osechi. Hey, let's go eat... [Owner]?
  • Ugh, don't lay here without a blanket, you'll catch a cold... I said get up, [Owner]!
  • Not getting up, eh... Oh well... It's a good thing this blanket and futon were hanging outside. Put this on...
  • Phew, the sun is hot. I'm sleepy... *grumble* ... Well, I'm not that hungry so I'll just go to the Agency later. ... Happy New Year, [Owner].

Chocolate KingdomEdit


  • If there is a Chocolate Kingdom, I wonder if there are others like a Cake Kingdom or a Pie Kingdom.
  • All this chocolate smell throughout the city is making me hungry... Although they do say you work harder when hungry. But I'm not really that hot-blooded.
  • What are you making [Fairy]? ... Wow, your test run looks really good. I can't wait for the competition. Because I can't lose, of course.
  • Hey, listen to this, [Fairy]! That Marone is... Wait, what are you laughing at?!
  • [Owner] is really getting into this... Is this because they got so wrapped up in that candy making game before?

Stage 1: What Should Today's Snack Be?

  • We don't need to go all the way to the Agency library to work... We have computers... Fine, fine, I'll go and look!
  • This is... Ah, chocolate recipes. Hm. There are a few good ones in here.
  • Well, what do you want to eat? ... Huh, that's a good choice.
  • Huh? You're going to make this? ... That's impossible...
  • Whoa?! The book is sparkling... I can't see anything...!

Stage 2: Waking up to Find...

  • Ouch... Huh? Where are... Hey, wake up. This is no time to sleep!
  • Ouch, ouch, ouch... Hey...! Who are you that you think you can just pull my cheek...! [Owner], you're useless!
  • The Chocolate Kingdom... Who are you... Marone? Do you know why we're here?
  • ... So, basically you were trying to summon a helper fairy, but you made a mistake and ended up calling us... Are you an idiot?
  • So, what? ... You want us to help you make amazing chocolate? I'm not helping and you're going to send us back home! Who do you even think... Hey, don't you go pulling me along with you! [Owner]!

Stage 3: The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire?

  • So you're a chocolatier who uses magic. But if you're making it with magic, you don't need someone to help you, right? ... So it's not that easy, huh? You're pretty bossy for someone who is getting help, you know?
  • Hm, look at this flier... This competition promises immense fame and fortune to the winner... And you're going to participate in this? You? You think you can win?!
  • You say the best chocolate, but what makes the best chocolate? I'm asking you, Marone! You say something too, [Owner]!
  • [Owner], you're really into this... No, it's nothing.
  • Well, with me helping you, you'll definitely have the best chocolate in the kingdom. I might even be more skilled than you, Marone~

Stage 4: Chocolate Spy ✰

  • Okay, first we'll need ingredients for... What? We're going to go investigate other stores?
  • Well, we should preview the other stores so we don't end up making the same thing as someone else. What's with that smug look...
  • There are as many chocolate stores as you'd expect in the Chocolate Kingdom. Wait, is there anything other than chocolate stores?
  • That store over there is your rival? Huh... That store is so much bigger than yours... What's that sad look for? A store's size has nothing to do with how good its wares taste... Well, I'm not trying to make you feel better or anything.
  • All this chocolate talk reminded me that Valentine's Day is coming up. Chocolate for [Owner]? ... Well?

Stage 5: What to Make?

  • Okay, let's make something. Rum orange chocolate? What's that?
  • Ah, I see. Orange peel chocolate. But Marone, this isn't chocolate... So you're going to make chocolate-covering magic, so we need to make the actual chocolate? ... Oh, I see.
  • Since it's orange peel chocolate, we need to make sure to do the preliminary preparations right. Ah, and also the right type of chocolate...
  • Inspections are complete. Time to hurry and make a sample.
  • Design? Orange peel doesn't really have a way to be designed... You cut out the peel with a cookie cutter? Ah... That's pretty clever for you, [Owner].

Stage 6: Get the Ingredients!

  • Ah, they're selling some mysterious things here. Look, that gingerbread man over there is moving... Wait, no! We have to shop first!
  • I wonder which oranges would be good. What do you think, [Owner]?
  • Baking soda and, hm, hard water is good for boiling oranges? Or soft water? ... Well, I suppose we'll just try later.
  • Marone seems to be arguing with someone in front of the fruit shop... Marone's rival? ... That roll-curl wearing smug looking thing? A chocolatier? Really?
  • This is more fun than I expected... What? Me? No. I'm just doing this so we can get back to our world.

Stage 7: The Grand Competition Begins!

  • Three hour time limit, eh... [Owner], don't screw up, okay?
  • ... Hey, give me that knife. Your hands are shaking too much. You're nervous? Let me handle the peeling.
  • Hey, Marone, watch it! You bumped me and I put in too much rum!
  • She said she's going to use magic, but what kind... Ah, look. Stop daydreaming and mix the chocolate!
  • Magic that brings back fond memories... Huh, I didn't even know you could make that...

Stage 8: The Kingdom's Best Is...

  • Since the chocolate wasn't difficult to make, we had plenty of time. And if it wasn't screwed up midway we'd have even more time left... No, no, it's nothing.
  • That cake is really shining, but, wait, is that what Marone's rival made? Ah... That's not surprising.
  • ... It's okay. Our amazing chocolate has no change of losing to anyone. I mean, your magic, Marone... It's the best magic, right?
  • Next is the first place announcement... What? [Owner], I'm not nervous at all. ... Um, say that to me after wiping your own sweat. It's pouring off of you.
  • The king of the Chocolate Kingdom is really old. He seems to almost be bouncing... Is he okay?

Stage 9: To the Original World

  • Ah... It's finally over. That was a pretty easy competition. I wouldn't mind doing something like this again.
  • That orange-peel chocolate was pretty popular. Maybe you should sell it in your store?
  • Well then, I guess we'll be leaving. Try not to make a mistake next time, okay?
  • You'll come visit us next time? You'll probably make a mistake and end up in some entirely different world altogether...
  • ... Next time we come, I'll bring some chocolate from our world. Don't be surprised by it, okay?

Stage 10: This is Today's Snack!

  • Oh, we're back home... Sad? Who's sad?
  • Not me. I'm not sad at all. She did say she'd come visit us next time.
  • Hey, let's go back and make today's snack. What should we make? Shouldn't you be looking forward to finding out?
  • After making something once, I can remember it and do it again. Go and buy some nice oranges, [Owner].
  • I'll make it today. ... What's that surprised look for, [Owner]?

Fairy ParadeEdit


Stage 1: Let's Go! Amusement Park!

Stage 2: Sad Amusement Park

Stage 3: The Reason Is...

Stage 4: Parade Planning ✰

Stage 5: Preparation Is Important

Stage 6: Out to the Street!

Stage 7: Fantastic Parade

Stage 8: Illuminated Attraction

Stage 9: Great Success!

Stage 10: Congratulations All!

Museum of WondersEdit


  • Don't touch the exhibits... she says, as [Fairy] reaches out for one! What did I just say?!
  • This museum is famous for the Goddess Statue and the Goddess Tear gemstone, apparently.
  • A letter from Phantom Thief Alice?... Are phantom thieves even still a thing any more?
  • ... You're lost too, [Fairy]? I suppose you can come with me... Too? I said too, did I...?
  • Silia? She's in the gift shop, I think. Why?

Stage 1: We've arrived

  • The Museum of Wonder... There must be something amazing to see, for you to bring me all the way here.
  • I suppose this is pretty big for a local museum. It might be fun.
  • Where are the guide pamphlets... Hmm? I'm not excited, I just want to see what's in here.
  • No touching the exhibits... I mean it goes without saying, really.
  • I see some friends over there, and some fairies from the Agency. I'm just gonna go and say hi, okay?

Stage 2: Looking at the exhibitions

  • This is a T-Rex? It's even bigger than it looks on TV.
  • ... Hmm? Hey, did you see the T-Rex move just now? ... Was it just me?
  • This Goddess Statue... I mean, it is amazing, but there's something missing... No, literally, there's a hole under that eye there.
  • That? That must be the Goddess Tear gemstone. It really is teardrop-shaped, huh.
  • Silia's walking around over there with some kind of weird potion-looking thing. What on earth is she doing?

Stage 3: Phantom Thief Alice...?!

  • Hmm? Look at all those people over there. Must be something interesting going on ♪
  • A letter?... I can't read what it says from here! [Owner], let me climb on your shoulders. Come on, hurry up!
  • Tonight. 8 pm. Goddess Tear is mine. Phantom Thief Alice... a warning letter from a thief... Hey, watch out down there! Try to stay balanced, will you?
  • She has us right in the palm of her hand, gathering us all together like this. The perfect opportunity...!
  • I don't know why everyone is so panicked. Stealing is a crime, and criminals get arrested.

Stage 4: Strategy meeting

  • ... Why are we being roped into all this mess? You just want to help people? *sigh* I guess that is like you, [Owner].
  • I'm sure with this many people around, there's no way she'll actually steal anything, right?
  • Just a few moments left until she's here... Don't go getting in a flap, [Owner].
  • This Goddess Tear must be incredibly expensive, to warrant all this commotion.
  • Security inside, police outside... I'm not sure this phantom thief will even make it in the building.

Stage 5: Power cut...?!

  • ... The lights went out. This must be the work of the phantom thief.
  • Nobody can see a thing like this though. A perfect chance for a thief.
  • [Owner]? Don't get lost in the dark... You want to hold my hand? You're scared? Aren't I supposed to be the one... Actually, never mind.
  • Hey, do you hear that?... Like a scraping noise?... I'm not trying to scare you! Listen closely...
  • Strange noises in the dark... I cannot say this is fun...

Stage 6: The exhibits...?!

  • Finally, the power is back. It was scary? Yes yes, we can all tell stories later. We have a job to do right now.
  • The Goddess Tear... it's gone. Alice couldn't have gotten far though, not with all those guards outside. She must still be in the museum...
  • Hmm? Wasn't there a dinosaur here before? An entire T-Rex reconstruction...? Surely she didn't...?!
  • How on earth did she move such a giant exhibit in pitch-black darkness... with not a scratch left behind, too.
  • What do you think, [Owner]?... Me? I think... she erm... must have... Y-you answer first, [Owner].

Stage 7: Discussion Time

  • I'll ask some friends for information. We should try to get as much as we can from everyone.
  • Hello. Did you hear anything odd when the lights went out? A kind of scraping sound? Sort of like giant, heavy footsteps...?
  • You don't think... the T-Rex could have just walked away by itself... do you?
  • We should really be trying to find out exactly who this Alice really is...
  • Be quiet, I need to think. Actually, be quiet and get me some sweets. What do you mean why?! Sugar helps me think!!

Stage 8: The Phantom Thief appears!

  • Phantom Thief Alice... it was Silia all along. O-of course, I knew that from the start.
  • Is that the T-Rex Silia is riding? I told you it could move!
  • A lifebreathing potion? Another crazy experiment... You are about to get into some serious trouble Silia, if you don't tell us where the Goddess Tear is.
  • It's somewhere in the museum? You gave it the lifebreathing potion and it just wandered off? Fantastic.
  • Well this is a very big museum. We'll have to split up and search for it.

Stage 9: Find the Goddess Tear!

  • If everyone works together, staff, security and patrons alike, we'll find it in no time. Huhu, what a great plan ♪
  • Goddess Tear, Goddess Tear... Hmm, I think I have an idea. Follow me, [Owner].
  • The Goddess Statue. They certainly sound related, so many they have something in common... Right? It was great thinking, I know ♪
  • Huh?! Who are you well doneing?! Stop patting me on the head like that, too.
  • It looks like Silia's getting a taste of karma at least. Julia's seeing to that.

Stage 10: Got the Goddess Tear!

  • Ah, here it is. The gemstone is back inside the hole in the Goddess Statue. Just as I suspected ♪
  • I guess it just wanted to go back home. They must have always been one exhibit together.
  • The museum owner says he's going to keep the new statue as it is.
  • So, [Owner]. What is my reward for all this brilliant deducing I've done?
  • Cake? Yay ♪ You know me too well, [Owner].