CNQ outfit

Bonus SetEdit

CNQ bonus

Image Item Type # Plays
CNQ Chess Frame
CNQ Chess Frame preview
Chess FrameFront Acc30
CNQ Imperial Chess Crown
CNQ Imperial Chess Crown preview
Imperial Chess CrownHead Acc45
CNQ Chess King of Majesty
CNQ Chess King of Majesty preview
Chess King of MajestyClothes60

1st Prize (5★ Outfits)Edit

Image Item Type
CNQ Queen's Rose Crown
CNQ Queen's Rose Crown preview
Queen's Rose Crown Head Acc
CNQ Chess Noble Queen
CNQ Chess Noble Queen preview
Chess Noble Queen Clothes
CNQ Queen's Guardians
CNQ Queen's Guardians preview
Queen's Guardians Back Acc

2nd Prize (4★ Outfits)Edit

Chess Knight
CNQ Chess Knight blue
CNQ Chess Knight pink
CNQ Chess Knight red
CNQ Chess Knight white
color blue pink red white
Knight's Headpiece
CNQ Knight's Headpiece silver
CNQ Knight's Headpiece white
CNQ Knight's Headpiece black
CNQ Knight's Headpiece gold
color silver white black gold
Chess Bishop
CNQ Chess Bishop evil
CNQ Chess Bishop love
CNQ Chess Bishop light
CNQ Chess Bishop darkness
color evil love light darkness
Holy Bishop's Hat
CNQ Holy Bishop's Hat magic
CNQ Holy Bishop's Hat love
CNQ Holy Bishop's Hat light
CNQ Holy Bishop's Hat dark
color magic love light dark

3rd Prize (3★ Outfits)Edit

Gentle Hat
CNQ Gentle Hat Type 1
CNQ Gentle Hat Type 2
CNQ Gentle Hat Type 3
CNQ Gentle Hat Type 4
CNQ Gothic Veiled Hat
CNQ Gothic Veiled Hat preview
color Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 (synthesis)
Chess Gentleman
CNQ Chess Gentleman Type 1
CNQ Chess Gentleman Type 2
CNQ Chess Gentleman Type 3
CNQ Chess Gentleman Type 4
CNQ Gothic Madame
CNQ Gothic Madame preview
color Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 (synthesis)
Western-Style Streetlights
CNQ Wstern-Style Streetlights white
CNQ Wstern-Style Streetlights black
CNQ Wstern-Style Streetlights blue
CNQ Wstern-Style Streetlights green
CNQ Chess Table
CNQ Chess Table preview
color white black blue green (synthesis)

4th Prize (2★ Outfits)Edit

Chess Pawn
CNQ Chess Pawn red
CNQ Chess Pawn black
CNQ Chess Pawn white
CNQ Chess Pawn blue
CNQ Chess Pawn yellow
color red black white blue yellow
Chess Rook
CNQ Chess Rook brown
CNQ Chess Rook blue
CNQ Chess Rook red
CNQ Chess Rook white
CNQ Chess Rook black
color brown blue red white black
Pawn's Cap
CNQ Pawn's Cap black x red
CNQ Pawn's Cap black x yellow
CNQ Pawn's Cap white x white
CNQ Pawn's Cap blue x pink
CNQ Pawn's Cap yellow x green
color black x red black x yellow white x white blue x pink yellow x green
Rook's Tower Hat
CNQ Rook's Tower Hat brown
CNQ Rook's Tower Hat blue
CNQ Rook's Tower Hat red
CNQ Rook's Tower Hat white
CNQ Rook's Tower Hat black
color brown blue red white black

5th Prize (items)Edit

The following items can also be received from a Raffle play:

Time Pencil 5Time Pencil 10Time Pencil 30CandyMarshmallow

Shepherd's PurseTulipGreen MistMary's Little LambPep Squad Cat
Jewel Gacha TicketDrop Gacha Ticket