Chocolate Kingdom big banner


  • PDT: 1/31 22:00 - 2/29 22:00
  • EDT: 2/01 01:00 - 3/01 01:00
  • UTC: 2/01 06:00 - 3/01 06:00

Midway Ranking RewardsEdit

CK midway
Ranking Item Item Item
CK Mint Leaf Hairband
CK Super Sweet Choco Fairy
CK Dark Chocolate Wings
CK Choco Prince's Crown
CK Choco Prince's Crown preview
CK Throne Of The Choco Kingdom
CK Throne Of The Choco Kingdom preview
Raffle Ticket

Total Ranking RewardsEdit

CK total rank
Ranking Item Item Item
CK Choco Brownie Hat
CK Choco Brownie Witch
CK Melty Pots
CK Choco Prince
CK Choco Prince preview
Fairy Gacha Ticket
Raffle Ticket


Tie-Up Bonus
CK Leader of the Choco Army
CK Leader of the Choco Army preview
released 1st half, 3x fp
CK Miss Choco Queen
CK Miss Choco Queen preview
released 2nd half, 5x fp
CK Candy House Chocolate
CK Candy House Chocolate preview
bonus fairy gacha play background

Stage RewardsEdit

CK stage rewards
Clear These Stages! Prizes!
Stage 50
Raffle Ticket
Stage 60
CK Chocolate Tart Stage
CK Chocolate Tart Stage preview
Stage 70
Closet Expansion 5
Stage 80
Fairy Gacha Ticket
Stage 90
CK Dark Chocolate Heart
CK Dark Chocolate Heart preview
Stage 100
CK Dark Chocolate Dancer
CK Dark Chocolate Dancer preview

Early ClearEdit

CK early clear
Clear These Stages! Prizes!
Stage 7
Stage 15
Stage 20
Raffle Ticket
Stage 25
Stage 30
Stage 35
Closet Expansion 5
Stage 40
Raffle Ticket
Stage 45
CK Candy House Strawberry
CK Candy House Strawberry preview

Event GachaEdit

Click the banner below for details!
Chocolate Kingdom Event Gacha

Event DialogueEdit

Click below to see what the Fairy Agency girls have to say about the event!
Chocolate Kingdom Dialogue

Mika SaysEdit

About the event:

Meow meow? We were just looking for recipes in the library meow, but now...? *sniff sniff* ... Something smells super sweet though, meow... Could it be chocolate, meow?
It looks like this kingdom is on the midst of deciding their number one chocolatier, meow. Make the greatest sweets you can and aim for victory, with the help of master chocolatier Marone, meow!

If you ask Mika about recommended chocolates, she responds:

My recommendation would be this one I found at the market just now, the Sashimi Chocolate, meow! It's got the most unique and interesting taste, meow! I made sure to buy enough to give everyone back home, meow~. I have to recommend the Chocolate Chicken too, of course, meow~ ♪

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