To see dialogue from different Personality Types, visit their individual pages! This page contains Chocolate Kingdom event dialogue for our lovable NPCs and an easy-access list of each type's dessert!


CK Robin

# Stage Name Dialogue
1What Should Today's Snack Be? La, la, la, today's snack, la, la, la ♪ ... Ah, Chief! That cherry pie looks delicious!
2Waking up to Find... Oh-ho? Where am I? I thought I was in the Agency's library...
3The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire? This is the Chocolate Kingdom, and a grand competition to find the best chocolatier is going on... Now that sound fun!
4Chocolate Spy ✰ I'm going to go study the chocolate at the stores! Silia did say that studying is important... Huh? No?
5What to Make? Chief, Chief! These sweets look so good! Look at these cherry brownies!
6Get the Ingredients! The grocer picked out some lovely looking cherries! These can definitely help me get first place!
7The Grand Competition Begins! It's about to begin... I'm so nervous but, Chief is here with me so it's okay!
8The Kingdom's Best Is... Phew... I'm exhausted~ ... I knocked over the ingredients while we were cooking... Ooh, I'm so scared to find out the results...
9To the Original World Return to our world? *munch, munch* ... *gulp!* Hey, hold on a minute!
10 This is Today's Snack! Today's snack is Chief's Special Cherry Brownies Let's eat!


CK Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1What Should Today's Snack Be? With you? ... Don't say something like chocolate-covered potatoes again, okay?
2Waking up to Find... The Chocolate Kingdom... This is amazing. The houses are made out of candy... Oh, that sweet smell... Ooh, I didn't have lunch and I am starving now.
3The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire? There's no way we can just join in like that... Huh? We can?
4Chocolate Spy ✰ There is so much mysterious chocolate... Look at this start-shaped chocolate. If you let go of it, it floats.
5What to Make? Stop saying chocolate-covered potatoes are candy!
6Get the Ingredients! Um, first some confectionery chocolate, then rum... Where do they sell raisins?
7The Grand Competition Begins! Karume! There's smoke coming from the oven! I said to keep stirring... Aaah?!
8The Kingdom's Best Is... ... Fine, fine, that's okay. I'm not mad that you fixed the mess you made... I'm not! Argh!
9To the Original World How much are you going to eat?! Hurry up and get ready!
10 This is Today's Snack! That's fine, but I don't want something like what happened at the chocolate competition to happen again.


CK Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1What Should Today's Snack Be? Ooh, I'm so hungry... Hey, Kyouko, let's make something!
2Waking up to Find... Wait... Where am I? Wasn't I just in the library looking for recipes with Kyouko?
3The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire? Deciding the kingdom's best chocolatier...! That's so awesome... Okay, okay! I'm going to participate too!
4Chocolate Spy ✰ Okay, first I have to go check out all the other stores' chocolate! Mmm... Mmm...! ... Oooh, I'm so hungry...
5What to Make? Um, well then, I'm going to announce what we're making! We're making... chocolate covered potatoes...! Hey, ouch, Kyouko! Don't pinch my cheeks!
6Get the Ingredients! Wow! This chocolate castle is amazing! And the chocolate dolls are moving... I wonder what makes them move...
7The Grand Competition Begins! The trumpet signals the start.. Okay, let's go! Woo!
8The Kingdom's Best Is... Phew... I finished just in time... That's good! Very good!
9To the Original World We're *munch* going *munch* back... *munch, munch* to our world?!
10 This is Today's Snack! This will be today's snack! Come on, Kyouko, let's make it!


CK Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1What Should Today's Snack Be? Meow, meow, meow~ It's cold outside, so I'm going to not take a nap on the roof... Right now I wonder what room is warm... Maybe the library?
2Waking up to Find... Meow, meow? What is this place... *sniff* ... Something is really sweet, meow. Is that chocolate I smell, meow?
3The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire? A competition to find the country's best chocolatier... meow? Meow, meow, that sounds fun! I suppose I'll take a look at that, meow!
4Chocolate Spy ✰ There are so many kinds of chocolate, meow~ ... Meow! This is... chocolate-covered chicken...! I must eat it meow, meow!
5What to Make? Meow *munch* ... Meow *munch* ... I wonder if chocolate-covered chicken is popular in this world, meow. It is available in a few stores, meow.
6Get the Ingredients! After looking in the market... I wonder what this chicken chocolate is. I'm quite curious...
7The Grand Competition Begins! Okay, now I can watch while enjoying this chicken chocolate, meow. It looks like it's time for the girls to participate, meow.
8The Kingdom's Best Is... It's time for the results? Meow, meow, what an interesting competition, meow. Especially Marone and her rival battling with magic. It was kind of like an action movie, meow♪
9To the Original World Meow, meow. There were so many kinds of chocolate to try. It was a chocolate tour, meow.
10 This is Today's Snack! Chief gave me a present of chocolate, meow. But... I'm so full so I'll have to save it until after dinner, meow.

Cocoa ChiefEdit

CK Chief Cocoa

# Stage Name Dialogue
1What Should Today's Snack Be? What to snack on today... Ah, maybe I'll go look for recipes at the library with Robin.
2Waking up to Find... Ooh... Huh? Something smells good... Wait, where am I?
3The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire?
4Chocolate Spy ✰
5What to Make?
6Get the Ingredients! I asked Robin to get the ingredients. I guess I should prepare all the equipment while I wait...
7The Grand Competition Begins! The tournament is beginning. Ooh, I'm so nervous. Oh well, all I can do is try my best!
8The Kingdom's Best Is... They're going to announce the results. I can't wait to find out who won.
9To the Original World These aren't charms. This is a world of magic. I think Silia would love being here.
10 This is Today's Snack! Today we're having cherry brownies. Huhu. Let's all eat together.

Dessert Made by TypeEdit

Interested in what each Type helped bake for the contest? Look below to find out!

Type Ability Description
FairyChocolate Cake
BeginnerPetit Gateau
TomboyChocolate Cookies
CheekyOrange-Peel Chocolate
TsundereChocolate Macaroons
CrybabyChocolate Banana Cupcakes
Cool Tiramisu
AngelChocolate Pudding
DemonChocolate Florentines
PrincessMatcha Chocolate
WarriorGateaux Chocolate
CosmoMagical Cake
YandereChocolate Chess Board

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