Cocktail Series
Cocktail Series banner

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
CkSG Bloody Mary's Hat
CkSG Bloody Mary's Hat preview
Bloody Mary's Hat Head Acc
CkSG Blood-Tear Ear Cuff
CkSG Blood-Tear Ear Cuff preview
Blood-Tear Ear Cuff Face Acc
CkSG Charming Bloody Mary
CkSG Charming Bloody Mary preview
Charming Bloody Mary Clothes

4★ OutfitsEdit

color Pink Blue
Captivating Rusty Nail
CkSG Captivating Rusty Nail Red
CkSG Captivating Rusty Nail Brown
color Red Brown
Nail Explosion
CkSG Nail Explosion Type 1
CkSG Nail Explosion Type 2
color Type 1 Type 2
Silver Night Frame
CkSG Silver Night Frame Type 1
CkSG Silver Night Frame Type 2
color Type 1 Type 2
Mysterious Bar
CkSG Mysterious Bar Morning
CkSG Mysterious Bar Evening
CkSG Mysterious Bar Night
color Morning Evening Night

3★ OutfitsEdit

Jasmine Hairpin
CkSG Jasmine Hairpin Red
CkSG Jasmine Hairpin Blue
CkSG El Diablo's Hat
CkSG El Diablo's Hat preview
color Red Blue (synthesis)
Loving China Doll
CkSG Loving China Doll Blue
CkSG Loving China Doll White
CkSG Passionate El Diablo
CkSG Passionate El Diablo preview
color Blue White (synthesis)
Landscape Silhouette
CkSG Landscape Silhouette Night
CkSG Landscape Silhouette Evening
CkSG Night Sky Window
CkSG Night Sky Window preview
color Night Evening (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Elegant Accessory
CkSG Elegant Accessory Brown
CkSG Elegant Accessory Pink
CkSG Elegant Accessory Red
CkSG Elegant Accessory Blue
CkSG Elegant Accessory Yellow
color Brown Pink Red Blue Yellow
Forest Kimono
CkSG Forest Kimono Green
CkSG Forest Kimono Yellow
CkSG Forest Kimono Purple
CkSG Forest Kimono Blue
CkSG Forest Kimono Red
color Green Yellow Purple Blue Red
Ripe Acorn
CkSG Ripe Acorn Type 1
CkSG Ripe Acorn Type 2
CkSG Ripe Acorn Type 3
CkSG Ripe Acorn Type 4
CkSG Ripe Acorn Type 5
color Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5

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