Bonus SetEdit

CBPF bonus

Image Item Type # Plays
CBPF Sweet Meringue Frame
CBPF Sweet Meringue Frame preview
Sweet Meringue FrameOther Acc30
CBPF Dream Bubble Stage
CBPF Dream Bubble Stage preview
Dream Bubble StageBack Acc45
CBPF Milky Bubble Dress
CBPF Milky Bubble Dress preview
Milky Bubble DressClothes60

1st Prize (5★ Outfits)Edit

Image Item Type
CBPF Spiky Pincushion Hat
CBPF Spiky Pincushion Hat preview
Spiky Pincushion Hat Head Acc
CBPF Colorful Buttons with Pink Frills
CBPF Colorful Buttons with Pink Frills preview
Colorful Buttons with Pink Frills Clothes
CBPF Colorful Threadwork Frame
CBPF Colorful Threadwork Frame preview
Colorful Threadwork Frame Other Acc

2nd Prize (4★ Outfits)Edit

Boyish Button-Down
CBPF Boyish Button-Down brown
CBPF Boyish Button-Down red
CBPF Boyish-Button Down sky blue
CBPF Boyish Button-Down purple
color brown red sky blue purple
Button Flat Cap
CBPF Button Flat Cap brown
CBPF Button Flat Cap red
CBPF Button Flat Cap blue
CBPF Button Flat Cap purple
color brown red blue purple
Classical Bar
CBPF Classical Bar Morning
CBPF Classical Bar Daytime
CBPF Classical Bar Evening
CBPF Classical Bar Night
color Morning Daytime Evening Night

3rd Prize (3★ Outfits)Edit

Clown's Hat
CBPF Clown's Hat red
CBPF Clown's Hat purple
CBPF Clown's Hat pink
CBPF Clown's Hat blue
CBPF Rainbow Bird Crown
CBPF Rainbow Bird Crown preview
color red purple pink blue (synthesis)
Clown Girl
CBPF Clown Girl red
CBPF Clown Girl purple
CBPF Clown Girl pink
CBPF Clown Girl blue
CBPF Cute Circus Queen
CBPF Cute Circus Queen preview
color red purple pink blue (synthesis)
Rabbit from a Hat Magic Trick
CBPF Rabbit from a Hat Magic Trick black
CBPF Rabbit from a Hat Magic Trick purple
CBPF Rabbit from a Hat Magic Trick pink
CBPF Rabbit from a Hat Magic Trick blue
CBPF Magical Puppets
CBPF Magical Puppets preview
color black purple pink blue (synthesis)

4th Prize (2★ Outfits)Edit

Circus Magician
CBPF Circus Magician black
CBPF Circus Magician purple
CBPF Circus Magician blue
CBPF Circus Magician yellow
CBPF Circus Magician red
color black purple blue yellow red
Clown Boy
CBPF Clown Boy Type 1
CBPF Clown Boy Type 2
CBPF Clown Boy Type 3
CBPF Clown Boy Type 4
CBPF Clown Boy Type 5
color Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5
Lizard Illusion
CBPF Lizard Illusion green
CBPF Lizard Illusion purple
CBPF Lizard Illusion blue
CBPF Lizard Illusion orange
CBPF Lizard Illusion red
color green purple blue orange red
Colorful Ball
CBPF Colorful Ball type1
CBPF Colorful Ball type2
CBPF Colorful Ball type3
CBPF Colorful Ball type4
CBPF Colorful Ball type5
color type1 type2 type3 type4 type5

5th Prize (items)Edit

The following items can also be received from a Raffle play:

Time Pencil 5Time Pencil 10Time Pencil 30CandyMarshmallow

Shepherd's PurseTulipGreen MistMary's Little LambPep Squad Cat
Jewel Gacha TicketDrop Gacha Ticket

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