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This is a limited gacha running from March 11th, 2016 to March 17th, 2016 (PDT).

  • 1 regular play is 300 DP and the 6x gacha (6 plays) is 1500 DP. You will get between 30~150 FGP per play.
  • 1 play with the "5★ Rare Drop Rate Doubled!" bonus is 500 DP and the 6x gacha (6 plays) is 2500 DP. FGP is increased to 60~300 FGP per play and you will receive one extra Raffle Ticket.
Number of Items Drop Rate
Drop Rate
(5★ Items Doubled)
5★ 6 8.4% 16.8%
4★ 24 91.6% 83.2%

FGP PrizesEdit

DCG Goddess Of Sky outfit

Play the Gacha and earn FGP! Fill the gauge to get limited outfits.

Image Item Type
DCG Sacred Halo
DCG Sacred Halo preview
Sacred HaloHead Acc
DCG Goddess Of Sky
DCG Goddess Of Sky preview
Goddess Of SkyClothes
DCG Heaven's Pure Frame
DCG Heaven's Pure Frame preview
Heaven's Pure FrameOther Acc

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
DCG Snow Goddess' Hairpin
DCG Snow Goddess' Hairpin preview
Snow Goddess' HairpinHead Acc
DCG Crown Of The Underworld
DCG Crown Of The Underworld preview
Crown Of The UnderworldHead Acc
DCG Ruler Of Snow
DCG Ruler Of Snow preview
Ruler Of SnowClothes
DCG Emperor Of Darkness
DCG Emperor Of Darkness preview
Emperor Of DarknessClothes
DCG Heaven's Thunder
DCG Heaven's Thunder preview
Heaven's ThunderBack Acc
DCG Ancient Runes
DCG Ancient Runes preview
Ancient RunesOther Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Sitting Kitty
DCG Sitting Kitty White
DCG Sitting Kitty Black
DCG Sitting Kitty Yellow
DCG Sitting Kitty Pink
color White Black Yellow Pink
Rosette Beret
DCG Rosette Beret Pink
DCG Rosette Beret Blue
DCG Rosette Beret Purple
DCG Rosette Beret Green
color Pink Blue Purple Green
Cheery Young Idol
DCG Cheery Young Idol Pink
DCG Cheery Young Idol Blue
DCG Cheery Young Idol Purple
DCG Cheery Young Idol Green
color Pink Blue Purple Green
Fabled Rocking Chair
DCG Fabled Rocking Chair Purple
DCG Fabled Rocking Chair White
DCG Fabled Rocking Chair Red
DCG Fabled Rocking Chair Brown
color Purple White Red Brown
Old-Fashioned Stove
DCG Old-Fashioned Stove Brown
DCG Old-Fashioned Stove Pink
DCG Old-Fashioned Stove Red
DCG Old-Fashioned Stove Green
color Brown Pink Red Green
Heartful Shower
DCG Heartful Shower Pink
DCG Heartful Shower Blue
DCG Heartful Shower Purple
DCG Heartful Shower Yellow
color Pink Blue Purple Yellow

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