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This is a limited gacha running from January 19, 2016 to January 25, 2016 (PST).

  • 1 regular play is 300 DP and the 6x gacha (6 plays) is 1500 DP. You will get between 30~150 FGP per play.
  • 1 play with the "5★ Rare Drop Rate Doubled!" bonus is 500 DP and the 6x gacha (6 plays) is 2500 DP. FGP is increased to 60~300 FGP per play and you will receive one extra Raffle Ticket.
Number of Items Drop Rate
Drop Rate
(5★ Items Doubled)
5★ 6 8.4% 16.8%
4★ 24 91.6% 83.2%

FGP PrizesEdit

DCG Moonlight Maiden outfit

Play the Gacha and earn FGP! Fill the gauge to get limited outfits.

Image Item Type
DCG Moonflower Ornament
DCG Moonflower Ornament preview
Moonflower OrnamentHead Acc
DCG The Moonlight Maiden
DCG The Moonlight Maiden preview
The Moonlight MaidenClothes
DCG Moonlight Lamps
DCG Moonlight Lamps preview
Moonlight LampsBack Acc

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
DCG Hood Of Concealment
DCG Hood Of Concealment preview
Hood Of ConcealmentHead Acc
DCG Adventurer's Ribbon
DCG Adventurer's Ribbon preview
Adventurer's RibbonHead Acc
DCG The Reclusive Hermit
DCG The Reclusive Hermit preview
The Reclusive HermitClothes
DCG The Curious Fool
DCG The Curious Fool preview
The Curious FoolClothes
DCG Mysterious Keys
DCG Mysterious Keys preview
Mysterious KeysBack Acc
DCG Wild Roses
DCG Wild Roses preview
Wild RosesBack Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Crazed God's Horns
DCG Crazed God's Horns Red
DCG Crazed God's Horns Blue
DCG Crazed God's Horns Green
DCG Crazed God's Horns Purple
color Red Blue Green Purple
Doll Minion's Roses
DCG Doll Minion's Roses Pink
DCG Doll Minion's Roses Purple
DCG Doll Minion's Roses Black
DCG Doll Minion's Roses Blue
color Pink Purple Black Blue
Garment Of Power
DCG Garment Of Power Red
DCG Garment Of Power Blue
DCG Garment Of Power Green
DCG Garment Of Power Purple
color Red Blue Green Purple
Ribbon Princess
DCG Ribbon Princess Pink
DCG Ribbon Princess Purple
DCG Ribbon Princess Black
DCG Ribbon Princess Blue
color Pink Purple Black Blue
Spring Doors
DCG Spring Doors Gold
DCG Spring Doors Brown
DCG Spring Doors Blue
DCG Spring Doors Green
color Gold Brown Blue Green
Dotted Trace Lines
DCG Dotted Trace Lines Pink
DCG Dotted Trace Lines Purple
DCG Dotted Trace Lines Black
DCG Dotted Trace Lines Blue
color Pink Purple Black Blue

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