To see dialogue from different Personality Types, visit their individual pages! This page contains Fairy Parade event dialogue for our lovable NPCs and an easy-access list of each type's dessert!


FP Robin

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Let's Go! Amusement Park! Amusement park time! Ehehe... I can't wait ♪
2Sad Amusement Park This park is so q-quiet... Wha?! ... What was that? Oh, a can was rolling around...
3The Reason Is... A really big park? Destiny Amusement Park... Ah, I've seen commercials!
4Parade Planning ✰ There's going to be a parade! Um, um, let's see, we need...
5Preparation Is Important *crinkle, crinkle* ... *crinkle, crinkle* ... Phew, one costume is finally done! Momoko and Yuzu are so fast.
6Out to the Street! Let's see, the dance steps are... One, two, one, two... Ah, I learned it! This will go great!
7Fantastic Parade The parade is starting ♪ Let's go!
8Illuminated Attraction Wow, wow! That illumination looks like Robin! It's so sparkly!
9Great Success! There are so many people here and they all look so happy!
10Congratulations All! This lifetime pass means we can come to the park whenever we want ♪ Next time I want to come with Chief!


FP Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Let's Go! Amusement Park! Candy Land, huh? Has this amusement park always been this close? I don't remember hearing about it...
2Sad Amusement Park A deserted amusement park... is it closed today? ... No, there's a mascot over there.
3The Reason Is... What would destroying them do! ... Ugh. Don't think about the other amusement park. You have to think about what Candy Land should do.
4Parade Planning ✰ If Karume gets too worked up, I'm going to have to make sure she doesn't get reckless... Sigh...
5Preparation Is Important It seems like Momoko and Yuzu are in charge of the parade costumes. It looks like they're excited about using Candy Land's special products.
6Out to the Street! Why are the parade cars shaped like potatoes?! *crack!*
7Fantastic Parade What movement... Wait, I don't have time to watch Karume. If I give this a big shake... Whoa. Candy came out.
8Illuminated Attraction Huhuhu... With a magical element added to this lightening, it's now acting as a power spot. This should unleash the hidden powers...
9Great Success! There are so many people. Will this be enough to help Candy Land?
10Congratulations All! You've got an announcement for tomorrow! *crack!*


FP Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Let's Go! Amusement Park! Amusement park time~ ♪ Amusement park time~ ♪ I just can't wait! Gonna ride the roller coaster!
2Sad Amusement Park
3The Reason Is... Everyone is going to Destiny Amusement Park instead... I see! Okay, I'll just destroy that park... Time to get cracking!
4Parade Planning ✰
5Preparation Is Important Hm, the roller coaster's design. Let's see... Hm, hm...
6Out to the Street! Hm, hm, just use this color on this car and... Okay! The potato car parade is ready... Let's po-to-go! ... Ooh, Kyouko, what are you doing...
7Fantastic Parade
8Illuminated Attraction Whoa... Those lights are so pretty. Ah, there are so many couples by that fountain. I wonder if it has a place to make a wish.
9Great Success! Ehehe ♪ The coasters I thought up are a big success! I recommend the potato-coaster! You've got to ride it!
10Congratulations All! A lifetime pass? So I can come whenever I want! I think I'll use this tomorrow...


FP Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Let's Go! Amusement Park! Today we're going to Candy Land, meow. But I don't know where it is, meow. Chief, do you know, meow?
2Sad Amusement Park This amusement park is so quiet, meow. I wonder why there is no one here, meow.
3The Reason Is... Hm, hm, a big amusement park opened up nearby and stole all the visitors... I get it meow. Things are really rough, meow.
4Parade Planning ✰ The plan is to have a big parade to get people to come, meow? That's a great idea, meow ♪
5Preparation Is Important
6Out to the Street! The parade is off to a smashing start, meow! Ah, those costumes look hard to move in. Don't fall over!
7Fantastic Parade All the children are happy, meow~ People keep coming in one after the other like there's a Pied Piper, meow.
8Illuminated Attraction Meow, meow, meow, what fantastic lights, meow ♪ Everyone worked so hard to make this so beautiful, meow~
9Great Success! Candy Land got its visitors back, meow. Meow, meow, meow!
10Congratulations All! I'm so happy the people returned, meow. Now Candy Land is at peace again, meow ♪

Cocoa ChiefEdit

FP Chief Cocoa

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Let's Go! Amusement Park! I got some complementary amusement park tickets from the shopping mall president.
2Sad Amusement Park It's so quiet... The park isn't supposed to be closed today... I wonder what is going on.
3The Reason Is... Okay, let's make Candy Land great again! Um, so first...
4Parade Planning ✰ Momoko and Yuzu are going to work on the parade costumes. And machinery... I guess Silia will do that.
5Preparation Is Important
6Out to the Street! Phew... The wiring seems to be done... I wonder if Silia does this every time.
7Fantastic Parade
8Illuminated Attraction Such pretty sparkling... Ah, that illumination looks just like Leo. Huhuhu, it's so adorable.
9Great Success!
10Congratulations All!

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