Fairy Tale Series

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
FTSG ThumbelinaFlowerCrown
FTSG Thumbelina Flower Crown preview
Thumbelina Flower Crown Head Acc
FTSG ThumbelinaDress
FTSG Thumbelina Dress preview
Thumbelina Dress Clothes
FTSG FairySignpost
FTSG Fairy Signpost preview
Fairy Signpost Other

4★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
FTSG PipersFeatheredCapblack
Piper's Feathered Cap black Head Acc
FTSG PipersFeatheredCapwhite
Piper's Feathered Cap white Head Acc
FTSG CatKnightHatgreen
Cat Knight Hat green Head Acc
FTSG CatKnightHatblue
Cat Knight Hat blue Head Acc
FTSG PiedPiperofHamelnblack
Pied Piper of Hameln black Clothes
FTSG PiedPiperofHamelnwhite
Pied Piper of Hameln white Clothes
FTSG PussinBootsgreen
Puss in Boots green Clothes
FTSG PussinBootsblue
Puss in Boots blue Clothes
FTSG BigLakeBackgroundDaytime
Big Lake Background Daytime Background
FTSG BigLakeBackgroundEvening
Big Lake Background Evening Background
FTSG BigLakeBackgroundNight
Big Lake Background Night Background

3★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type Synthesis
FTSG SmallWolfEarsblack
Small Wolf Ears black Head Acc
FTSG Gorgeous Red Riding Hood
FTSG SmallWolfEarsgray
Small Wolf Ears gray Head Acc
FTSG Gorgeous Red Riding Hood
FTSG PetiteWolfred
Petite Wolf red Clothes
FTSG Little Red Riding Hood Outing Clothes
FTSG PetiteWolfpurple
Petite Wolf purple Clothes
FTSG Little Red Riding Hood Outing Clothes
FTSG SimpleStumpwhite
Simple Stump white Back Acc FTSG Tree of Warmth
FTSG SimpleStumpbrown
Simple Stump brown Back Acc FTSG Tree of Warmth

2★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
FTSG SimpleBandanapink
Simple Bandana pink Clothes
FTSG SimpleBandanawhite
Simple Bandana white Clothes
FTSG SimpleBandanaskyblue
Simple Bandana sky blue Clothes
FTSG SimpleBandanayellow
Simple Bandana yellow Clothes
FTSG SimpleBandanapurple
Simple Bandana purple Clothes
FTSG HanselsVestyellow
Hansel's Vest yellow Clothes
FTSG HanselsVestpink
Hansel's Vest pink Clothes
FTSG HanselsVestskyblue
Hansel's Vest sky blue Clothes
FTSG HanselsVestpurple
Hansel's Vest purple Clothes
FTSG HanselsVestwhite
Hansel's Vest white Clothes
FTSG GretelsSkirtred
Gretel's Skirt red Clothes
FTSG GretelsSkirtgreen
Gretel's Skirt green Clothes
FTSG GretelsSkirtblue
Gretel's Skirt blue Clothes
FTSG GretelsSkirtyellow
Gretel's Skirt yellow Clothes
FTSG GretelsSkirtpurple
Gretel's Skirt purple Clothes
FTSG SmallCandyHousetype1
Candy House type1 Clothes
FTSG SmallCandyHousetype2
Small Candy House type2 Clothes
FTSG SmallCandyHousetype3
Small Candy House type3 Clothes
FTSG SmallCandyHousetype4
Small Candy House type4 Clothes
FTSG SmallCandyHousetype5
Small Candy House type5 Clothes

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