This is the events gacha from the Fairy Zoo Event.

Drop RatesEdit

★5 items are available during the second half of this event!

Gold Silver Bronze
★5 20.99% 6.00% 0.29%
★4 45.02% 30.01% 4.29%
★3 33.99% 44.04% 7.02%
★2 0.00% 19.95% 88.40%

5★ OutfitsEdit

FZ outfit
Image Item Type
FZEG TriplePastelFlowers
FZEG Triple Pastel Flowers preview
Triple Pastel FlowersHead Acc.
FZEG PinkyCottonforKids
FZEG Pinky Cotton for Kids
Pinky Cotton for KidsClothes
FZEG TigerontheRock
FZEG Tiger on the Rock preview
Tiger on the RockBack Acc.

4★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
FZEG ZipUpParkagreen
Zip Up Parka greenClothes
FZEG ZipUpParkared
Zip Up Parka redClothes
FZEG ZipUpParkapink
Zip Up Parka pinkClothes
FZEG ZipUpParkablack
Zip Up Parka blackClothes
FZEG ZooFencetype1
Zoo Fence type 1Back Acc
FZEG ZooFencetype2
Zoo Fence type 2Back Acc
FZEG ZooFencetype3
Zoo Fence type 3Back Acc
FZEG ZooFencetype4
Zoo Fence type 4Back Acc

3★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type Synthesis
FZEG MeshCapblack
Mesh Cap blackHead Acc
FZEG BrownAnimalEars
FZEG MeshCappink
Mesh Cap pinkHead Acc
FZEG BrownAnimalEars
FZEG MeshCapskyblue
Mesh Cap sky blueHead Acc
FZEG BrownAnimalEars
FZEG MeshCappurple
Mesh Cap purpleHead Acc
FZEG BrownAnimalEars
FZEG KidsShortParkayellow
Kids Short Parka yellowClothes
FZEG StripedShortSalopette
FZEG KidsShortParkapink
Kids Short Parka pinkClothes
FZEG StripedShortSalopette
FZEG KidsShortParkablue
Kids Short Parka blueClothes
FZEG StripedShortSalopette
FZEG KidsShortParkapurple
Kids Short Parka purpleClothes
FZEG StripedShortSalopette
FZEG PetGuineaPigorange
Pet Guinea Pig orangeBack Acc
FZEG CurlyTail
FZEG PetGuineaPigpink
Pet Guinea Pig pinkBack Acc
FZEG CurlyTail
FZEG PetGuineaPiggrey
Pet Guinea Pig greyBack Acc
FZEG CurlyTail
FZEG PetGuineaPigyellow
Pet Guinea Pig yellowBack Acc
FZEG CurlyTail

2★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
FZEG SquirrelPlushyellow
Squirrel Plush yellowClothes
FZEG SquirrelPlushblack
Squirrel Plush blackClothes
FZEG SquirrelPlushwhite
Squirrel Plush whiteClothes
FZEG SquirrelPlushbrown
Squirrel Plush brownClothes
FZEG SquirrelPlushpink
Squirrel Plush pinkClothes
FZEG CaretakerUniformgreen
Caretaker Uniform greenClothes
FZEG CaretakerUniformblue
Caretaker Uniform blueClothes
FZEG CaretakerUniformpurple
Caretaker Uniform purpleClothes
FZEG CaretakerUniformpink
Caretaker Uniform pinkClothes
FZEG CaretakerUniformorange
Caretaker Uniform orangeClothes
FZEG SquirrelHeadyellow
Squirrel Head yellowHead Acc
FZEG SquirrelHeadblack
Squirrel Head blackHead Acc
FZEG SquirrelHeadwhite
Squirrel Head whiteHead Acc
FZEG SquirrelHeadbrown
Squirrel Head brownHead Acc
FZEG SquirrelHeadpink
Squirrel Head pinkHead Acc
FZEG ShoppingTrolleygreen
Shopping Trolley greenBack Acc
FZEG ShoppingTrolleyblue
Shopping Trolley blueBack Acc
FZEG ShoppingTrolleypurple
Shopping Trolley purpleBack Acc
FZEG ShoppingTrolleyred
Shopping Trolley redBack Acc
FZEG ShoppingTrolleyyellow
Shopping Trolley yellowBack Acc