FCJ outfit

Bonus SetEdit

FCJ bonus

Image Item Type # Plays
FCJ Rhinestone Tikka
FCJ Rhinestone Tikka preview
Rhinestone TikkaHead Acc30
FCJ Envoy's Elephant
FCJ Envoy's Elephant preview
Envoy's ElephantBack Acc45
FCJ Golden Goddess Sari
FCJ Golden Goddess Sari preview
Golden Goddess SariClothes60

1st Prize (5★ Outfits)Edit

Image Item Type
FCJ Rose of Sharon Umbrella Hat
FCJ Rose of Sharon Umbrella Hat preview
Rose of Sharon Umbrella Hat Head Acc
FCJ Fantastical Chima Jeogori
FCJ Fantastical Chima Jeogori preview
Fantastical Chima Jeogori Clothes
FCJ Lantern Festival
FCJ Lantern Festival preview
Lantern Festival Back Acc

2nd Prize (4★ Outfits)Edit

Butterfly Alpine Rose
FCJ Butterfly Alpine Rose red
FCJ Butterfly Alpine Rose sky blue
FCJ Butterfly Alpine Rose yellow
FCJ Butterfly Alpine Rose white
color red sky blue yellow white
Tyrol Dress for Going Out
FCJ Tyrol Dress for Going Out green
FCJ Tyrol Dress for Going Out blue
FCJ Tyrol Dress for Going Out red
FCJ Tyrol Dress for Going Out purple
color green blue red purple
Modern Room
FCJ Modern Room Morning
FCJ Modern Room Daytime
FCJ Modern Room Evening
FCJ Modern Room Night
color Morning Daytime Evening Night

3rd Prize (3★ Outfits)Edit

Baiana Turban
FCJ Baiana Turban red
FCJ Baiana Turban sky blue
FCJ Baiana Turban purple
FCJ Baiana Turban yellow
FCJ Moravian Flower Hat
FCJ Moravian Flower Hat preview
color red sky blue purple yellow (synthesis)
Flower Baiana Dress
FCJ Flower Baiana Dress red
FCJ Flower Baiana Dress blue
FCJ Flower Baiana Dress purple
FCJ Flower Baiana Dress yellow
FCJ Moravian Skirt
FCJ Moravian Skirt preview
color red blue purple yellow (synthesis)
Cuica x Agogo Bell
FCJ Cuica x Agogo Bell type1
FCJ Cuica x Agogo Bell type2
FCJ Cuica x Agogo Bell type3
FCJ Cuica x Agogo Bell type4
color type1 type2 type3 type4 (synthesis)

4th Prize (2★ Outfits)Edit

Kurta Veil
FCJ Kurta Veil red
FCJ Kurta Veil blue
FCJ Kurta Veil green
FCJ Kurta Veil orange
FCJ Kurta Veil sky blue
color red blue green orange sky blue
Coffee Flower Dress
FCJ Coffee Flower Dress pink
FCJ Coffee Flower Dress blue
FCJ Coffee Flower Dress green
FCJ Coffee Flower Dress purple
FCJ Coffee Flower Dress black
color pink blue green purple black
Frilly Kurta
FCJ Frilly Kurta red
FCJ Frilly Kurta blue
FCJ Frilly Kurta green
FCJ Frilly Kurta orange
FCJ Frilly Kurta sky blue
color red blue green orange blue (sky blue)
Coffee Tree
FCJ Coffee Tree red
FCJ Coffee Tree orange
FCJ Coffee Tree yellow
FCJ Coffee Tree green
FCJ Coffee Tree purple
color red orange yellow green purple

5th Prize (items)Edit

The following items can also be received from a Raffle play:

Time Pencil 5Time Pencil 10Time Pencil 30CandyMarshmallow

Shepherd's PurseTulipGreen MistMary's Little LambPep Squad Cat
Jewel Gacha TicketDrop Gacha Ticket

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