Gothic Punk Series
Gothic Punk big banner

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
GPSG Red Mini Gothic Hat
Red Mini Gothic Hat Head Acc
GPSG Bondage Chain Dress
Bondage Chain Dress Clothes
GPSG Big Skull Bat
Big Skull Bat Back Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Punk Guitarist
GPSG Punk Guitarist purple
GPSG Punk Guitarist blue
color purple blue
Punk Vocalist
GPSG Punk Vocalist purple
GPSG Punk Vocalist blue
color purple blue
Punk Belt Frame
GPSG Punk Belt Frame white
GPSG Punk Belt Frame light blue
color white light blue
Hollow Skull
GPSG Hollow Skull white
GPSG Hollow Skull black
color white black
Gothic Punk Skull
GPSG Gothic Punk Skull purple
GPSG Gothic Punk Skull green
GPSG Gothic Punk Skull white
color purple green white

3★ OutfitsEdit

Gothic Ribbon Headdress
GPSG Gothic Ribbon Headdress purple
GPSG Gothic Ribbon Headdress red
GPSG Red Butterfly Charm
GPSG Red Butterfly Charm preview
color purple red (synthesis)
Cross Long Dress
GPSG Cross Long Dress black
GPSG Cross Long Dress purple
GPSG Border Punk Skirt
GPSG Border Punk Skirt preview
color black purple (synthesis)
Crystal Coffin
GPSG Crystal Coffin light blue
GPSG Crystal Coffin purple
GPSG Fang Mirror
GPSG Fang Mirror preview
color light blue purple (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Skull Ribbon
GPSG Skull Ribbon red
GPSG Skull Ribbon blue
GPSG Skull Ribbon purple
GPSG Skull Ribbon yellow
GPSG Skull Ribbon pink
color red blue purple yellow pink
Plaid Cat Ear Headband
GPSG Plaid Cat Ear Headband red
GPSG Plaid Cat Ear Headband pink
GPSG Plaid Cat Ear Headband purple
GPSG Plaid Cat Ear Headband blue
GPSG Plaid Cat Ear Headband green
color red pink purple blue green
Bat Swallowtail Blouse
GPSG Bat Swallowtail Blouse red
GPSG Bat Swallowtail Blouse blue
GPSG Bat Swallowtail Blouse purple
GPSG Bat Swallowtail Blouse orange
GPSG Bat Swallowtail Blouse pink
color red blue purple orange red (pink)
Round Punk Sailor
GPSG Round Punk Sailor red
GPSG Round Punk Sailor pink
GPSG Round Punk Sailor purple
GPSG Round Punk Sailor blue
GPSG Round Punk Sailor green
color red pink purple blue green

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