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HF Robin

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Before going outYa~y ya~y, it's the hanami festival! I've got my own stand this year! Hehehe!!
2At the parkGetting ready getting ready~! What kind of stand? It's a secret!♪ Come back later and find out!
3At the shopping districtThere's a delicious smell coming from the other stands... could it be...? Cherry pie?! Hehehe, I think I'm getting hungry...
4Looking after a store!?P-please wait! I have my own... stand...! They left~
5Hanami timeHanami and cherry pie go so well together~♪ The Chief made me so many!♪ hehehe
6Let's check Agency food standsI'm doing a balloon fishing stand. If you break them open, some pretty flakes fall out♪
7Stage event timeThe Chief is going to sing on stage! I have to go and cheer her! Ah! But I must be careful not to upset her rhythm!
8Riverside sunsetSitting on a boat like this... gently rocking... and rocking... I feel... ... ... sleepy... ... ... *zzzzz*
9Watching evening sakura*shiver* It's gotten a little cold at night. Be careful not to catch a cold, everyone!
10Relaxed walk homeIt's time to close the stands. I have a lot of cleaning up to do, so... see you next time!


HF Silia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Before going outHahaha! Sorry to keep you all waiting! I have finally arrived! I have a lot in store for you for today's hanami festival! I barely even slept!★
2At the park
3At the shopping districtThere do seem to be a lot of food-related stands around... hmm... Wait, Julia, why are you carrying a whip?! Innocent until proven guilty!
4Looking after a store!?Hahaha! You would allow me to run your stand?! Be free, food stuffs! Sell yourselves as you will! ...Eh? You're back fast, shopkeeper.
5Hanami timeHm? This tree.. I see. And this medicine... Ah-ha? I see you're rotten to the core. In that case, a splash of this, and... yes. Operation successful.
6Let's check Agency food standsRoll up, step up, come one come all! Buy all that you desire, of my Special Drink that is! Hahaha!★ My special, life-breathing--*cough* No, nothing, what? Hm?
7Stage event timeOh, what is this beautiful singing voice I hear? Could it be? Oh, it's Miss Cocoa. With a nice choice of song, too...
8Riverside sunsetWatching the cherry petals float along the riverside this fine evening... it makes you feel at peace... HAHAHA!
9Watching evening sakuraI want to watch the night cherry blossom like everyone else, but I must analyze the data form this life-breathing drink I've been sell-- hmm? Did I say something? I don't think so...
10Relaxed walk homeSo much data! Which had the better results... the Golden Honey Drink? Or was it perhaps the Peach Spice...? Hu, huhu, huhuhu~!


HF Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Before going outIt's a perfect day for perfect weather. I'd hate for the hanami festival to be ruined by rain.
2At the parkThere looks to be a large crowd. I'll keep an eye on Silia and Karume, so please just enjoy yourselves.
3At the shopping districtSilia has been staring over at the food stands for a while now. Surely she didn't... add something... to the food...?
4Looking after a store!?A what? A Japanese Sweet Stand? Don't make me laugh, get someone else to do it. I prepared my own stand anyway.
5Hanami timeEnjoying the flowers really relaxes me... though I do still have to make sure Karume doesn't do anything stupid.
6Let's check Agency food standsI am selling high quality, very stable magical goods, so relax and give them a try.
7Stage event timeW-why... why manzai again... ? They just do not understand what could happen! (I'll make Karume understand later...)
8Riverside sunsetDrinking tea beside a river, in the beautiful evenin-- what was that splash? No. Don't tell me... I'm sure that was Karume falling in the river. *sigh*
9Watching evening sakuraCherry blossom is so beautiful at night... the petals dancing in the light of the lanterns is just spectacular.
10Relaxed walk homeIt's getting late, so don't be wandering down any backroads. I'll be taking Karume home myself.


HF Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Before going outO~kay! Today is a big big day for me! I'm gonna give it my all~!
2At the parkWow! The falling sakura, it looks like snow! Ah, oh yeah... I have to prepare the stand!
3At the shopping districtI cannot find a sweet potato stand anywhere... huhuhu, I think I found my niche!
4Looking after a store!?
5Hanami timeFinally, I can enjoy the hanami! Hm? Better to fill your stomach than your eye? Hah! Why not both?!
6Let's check Agency food standsCome one come all! Come and take a look at Karume's Sweet Potato Stand! I guarantee: they're delicious!
7Stage event timeThat can't be right! It's like they say, life is full of ups and delicious foods! (How am I gonna escape from Kyoko...)
8Riverside sunset
9Watching evening sakura
10Relaxed walk homeI am gonna eat some takoyaki and go on home ♪


HF Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Before going out
2At the parkSpring is a sleepy time, meow... Wah! This is no time for sleep, meow. My delicious chicken dinner depends on selling up well today, meow!
3At the shopping districtEveryone's putting a lot of effort into their stands, meow. I particularly recommend the ikayaki, meow.
4Looking after a store!?Me, on a stand, meow? Which was lucky again? Raising the left hand or the right, meow?
5Hanami timeMeow meow meow! The voice you may hear, but the shape is not seen... or something, meow? Up in the tree, meow. It's quiet up here, and I can see for miles, meow!
6Let's check Agency food standsI have a number of rare items at my shooting gallery, meow! Come close, come close...
7Stage event timeI'm gonna show off my shooting gallery skills on the main stage, meow♪ Watch carefully now, meow~
8Riverside sunsetYou all take care there, meow. I once fell into that river while lazing around on one of the tree branches, meow.
9Watching evening sakura
10Relaxed walk home

Cocoa ChiefEdit

HF Chief

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Before going outIt is a perfect day for hanami. Everybody, please, enjoy yourselves!
2At the parkThe food stands smell so good. Fu Fu Fu, isn't it all just so exciting?
3At the shopping district
4Looking after a store!?Err, did I say I would... a stand... ? Oh dear. I guess I'll do my best!
5Hanami time
6Let's check Agency food standsWelcome one welcome all, to Cocoa's Special Apple Candy Stand!
7Stage event time
8Riverside sunsetThere's something romantic about the cherry blossom petals reflecting in the river.
9Watching evening sakura
10Relaxed walk home

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