To see dialogue from different Personality Types, visit their individual pages! This page contains Happy Christmas event dialogue for our lovable NPCs!


HC Robin

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Merry--- What's That Sound? Jingle bells ♪ Jingle!? Wha, what's that sound?!
2Santa's In Trouble... Whoa~... It's Santa... Rudolph, are the deliveries going to be okay?
3New Santa On The Scene ✰ Ehehe! Do I look good in Santa's clothes? I'm going to go show Chief~ ♪
4Let's Go Fairy Santa! Santa's clothes are keeping me really warm! It feels like I'm surrounded by a charm~
5Sneaking on the Rooftop... Brr... This roof is really high up... Don't look down... Don't look...
6Hello! In The Fireplace Everyone seems to be asleep! Now's the time to leave the presents... Here and here...
7Keep On Delivering! Making all the deliveries~ ♪ Next is... That house over there!
8The Agency Girls...? Is all the work done? Well then, time to go back to Chief~!
9Deliveries Complete... Merry Christmas! And a big cheers to you too, Rudolph ♪
10 Merry Christmas Wha! These bags are stuffed with sweets! Ehehe... I'll be sure to enjoy them!


HC Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Merry--- What's That Sound? Forget about your potatoes! Someone just fell through the roof! Why doesn't that surprise you?
2Santa's In Trouble... The map is old... How old of a map is this Santa using...
3New Santa On The Scene ✰ I'm worried that Karume won't properly deliver the presents...
4Let's Go Fairy Santa! Wow, Santa's sleigh is so fast! ... Ah, that's my house. I can tell even from way up here.
5Sneaking on the Rooftop... I've never spent much time on rooftops... I've got to be careful not to fall.
6Hello! In The Fireplace I guess I really am going to go down through the chimney. But what about houses without fireplaces?
7Keep On Delivering! Um, we delivered here and here, and over there is taken care of too... Okay. All the deliveries are done.
8The Agency Girls...? Back to the Agency first... huh!? Ahh! Why are we going down so fast!?
9Deliveries Complete... Ugh... i wasn't expecting new reindeer...
10 Merry Christmas Ah, a set of my favorite decorative magic crystals ♪ This purple crystal has quite good magical power... *mumble, mumble*


HC Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Merry--- What's That Sound? Wh-wha-wha!? Ah! The roof caved in... Ah! My sweet potatoes!
2Santa's In Trouble...
3New Santa On The Scene ✰ Ehehe, just call on Karume Santa! I'll get those presents delivered right away~ ♪
4Let's Go Fairy Santa! Hm, according to the navigation system... Ah, was it this house? Or was it that one? ... Oh well, I'll just deliver to both ♪
5Sneaking on the Rooftop... Whoa!? ... Ah, that was close... I thought I was going to fall off of the roof... I need to be more careful...
6Hello! In The Fireplace Hmm... Okay! There's no one... Ah... oh no...! There was a dog... Ah, that's what this trumpet is for... Hehe! No problem at all ♪
7Keep On Delivering! I think there's only a little bit more~ I'm going to have a potato tart when this is all done...!
8The Agency Girls...? Okay, everything's done! Let's get back to the Agency first!
9Deliveries Complete... Cheers, Kyouko! Huh? What's wrong? You've got a branch stuck in your hair...
10 Merry Christmas Yay! I did it! I got an assortment of potato candy! I'm Santa's good little helper...!


HC Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Merry--- What's That Sound? Meow, meow!? What's that sound? It was so loud, meow...
2Santa's In Trouble...
3New Santa On The Scene ✰ So a substitute Santa is going to deliver the presents, but... The girls are going too, meow? ... That's worrisome, meow.
4Let's Go Fairy Santa! Okay then, the Agency is all cleaned up, meow. And the new Santa is sleeping soundly, meow~
5Sneaking on the Rooftop...
6Hello! In The Fireplace Don't worry, meow. Let's relax and eat some chicken, meow. Life's long, meow. Don't panic, don't get upset and all that, meow.
7Keep On Delivering! I wonder if they'll be back soon, meow. I don't think leaving it to the Fairy Dolls is a problem, but... Meow. I wonder if they're doing okay, meow.
8The Agency Girls...? Meow, meow? I just heard something meow... Meow! New Santa, what are you doing, meow?! That's the water pipes... Meow, meow, meow, meow!
9Deliveries Complete... Well done, everyone, meow. Chief ha prepared some nice warm drinks for everyone, so hurry up, meow!
10 Merry Christmas Merry Christmas... Meow, meow? The is...! A nap-time set, meow! Meow-hu-hu, this will let me have nice warm naps in the winter~♪

Chief CocoaEdit

HC Chief

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Merry--- What's That Sound? Well the, Merry Christmas every... Whoa!? That's so loud... What was that? I'm going to take a look.
2Santa's In Trouble...
3New Santa On The Scene ✰ Ah, Santa's awake? This is the Fairy Doll Agency. Um, Rudolph said not to worry because some of the Fairy Dolls that came to the Agency are going to go deliver instead.
4Let's Go Fairy Santa! Rudolph is a veteran reindeer... So that's why he talks like an old man...
5Sneaking on the Rooftop... New Santa, would you like some of this hot cocoa I've made? Huhu, you're welcome.
6Hello! In The Fireplace
7Keep On Delivering!
8The Agency Girls...? I think I hear something coming from the Agency... Am I just imagining things?
9Deliveries Complete... Welcome back, everyone! Come and celebrate with us, new Santa! Merry Christmas!
10 Merry Christmas Huh, this is... A fluffy scarf and gloves... Huhu, thank you, everyone.