To see dialogue from different Personality Types, visit their individual pages! This page contains Harvest Festival event dialogue for our lovable NPCs!


HF Robin2

# Stage Name Dialogue
1To the farm! *yawn* I got to see the sunrise this morning. It was quite pretty.
2Listen to the Chief! I can't believe the farm owner is a friend of the Chief's!
3To the greenhouse! So this plastic house here can grow any vegetables at all?!
4Let's harvest onions!Why are leeks white near the root? Radishes too!
5Time for lunch! Delicious! This onigiri is delicious ♪ The Chief made it?! That explains it!
6Let's harvest cabbages! Wow, I didn't know cabbages were so heavy...! I think I can do it though...!
7Let's try farm machinery!Ahh, so this giant machine digs up all the plants... Machines really are amazing!
8Let's harvest carrots!The earth is brown... but carrots are orange... and radishes are white... It's kind of confusing.
9Make a scarecrow! Twist it up here... draw a face, and... finished! The best scarecrow you ever did see!
10Time to go home!Erm... hmm.... There are just so many, I don't know which to choose!


HF Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1To the farm! *yawn* I must still be a little tired. I haven't woken up this early for a while.
2Listen to the Chief!Hey, Karume! Listen to the Chief when she's speaking! *smack*
3To the greenhouse!This greenhouse is amazing... perfect temperature settings, automatic moisture level management... Incredible.
4Let's harvest onions!A Double Leek Sword you say? Well how do you like my Rose-Thorn Whip? Now a lot, huh? Will you go back to your farm work, then?
5Time for lunch!You like it? I'm very glad to hear it. We all got up very early to prepare today's lunch.
6Let's harvest cabbages! Ack.. I had no idea cabbages were this heavy...
7Let's try farm machinery!Karume is looking incredibly tired right now. What do you think happened to her?
8Let's harvest carrots! These carrots certainly look very delicious... Hmm? I'm not just going to take a bite out of one here and now.
9Make a scarecrow! Scarecrow, scarecrow... Something like this? Just add a hat... and jacket... and a face...
10Time to go home!It certainly is kind of the Chief's friend to let us take so many of her farm's vegetables home with us.


HF Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1To the farm! Good morning~ ♪ Wow, you look tired! I have just the thing: Karume's Wake-Up Exercise! Ready? One and two, three and four...
2Listen to the Chief!What about potatoes? Any sweet potatoes here??... Waaahh, Kyouko, do you have to be so mean in front of others~?
3To the greenhouse!It's pretty warm here. Is the air conditioning on? Ah, I see sprinklers!!
4Let's harvest onions! Haha, behold my Double Leek Swords! With these I shall vanquish the terror that is Kyouko...! I was only joking, put the whip away.
5Time for lunch!
6Let's harvest cabbages!Right! I'm not gonna let these other fairies beat me! Back to work~!
7Let's try farm machinery! *huff* *puff* I think I... I've had enough cabbage harvesting for now... W-what?... This machine makes it much easier, you say?... Ahh...
8Let's harvest carrots! Karume is back in action! I'm gonna pull up every last vegetable up in here! *pop* *pop pop*
9Make a scarecrow!A scarecrow... That's that thing you make look like a horrible monster and chase people around with...? No? Hmm.
10Time to go home!


HF Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1To the farm!You guys are giong to the farm too, meow? I'm up here, on the roof, meow. I'm taking a special shortcut, just for me, meow~.
2Listen to the Chief! I didn't expect the owner of this huge farm to be a woman, meow. And so young and kind too, meow...
3To the greenhouse!Perfect sunlight, perfect temperature... a roof above... There should be another one of these for sleeping in, meow.
4Let's harvest onions! Onions....... No, I shouldn't eat those, meow... I just don't like them is all, meow.
5Time for lunch!How is it, meow? You like the chicken sushi, meow? Eat up, eat up, meow!
6Let's harvest cabbages! *huff* *puff* You look more tired than me, meow. You should work out more, meow.
7Let's try farm machinery!
8Let's harvest carrots! You found an odd carrot, meow? Let me see... meow?! You're right meow, it really does look like it has legs, meow!
9Make a scarecrow! *rustle rustle* Meow? I'm making loads of scarecrows, meow. It's pretty fun once you know how, meow.
10Time to go home!I think it's time for a rest, meow. The atmosphere is just perfect for relaxing, meow. Quite rare these days, meow...

Cocoa ChiefEdit

HF Cocoa

# Stage Name Dialogue
1To the farm!
2Listen to the Chief!
3To the greenhouse!
4Let's harvest onions!Wow! This onion is huge! I should show it to everyone♪
5Time for lunch!
6Let's harvest cabbages!Cabbages are heavier than they look, so take care harvesting them.
7Let's try farm machinery! There are so many machines here. Digging, harvesting, planting...!
8Let's harvest carrots! Be sure to harvest carefully. You don't want to hurt the poor vegetables.
9Make a scarecrow!
10Time to go home!