Literary Series
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5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
LSG A Midsummer Night's Dream
LSG A Midsummer Night's Dream preview
A Midsummer Night's Dream Head Acc
LSG Titania's Dreamy Dress
LSG Titania's Dreamy Dress preview
Titania's Dreamy Dress Clothes
LSG Etoile Eau De Toilette
LSG Etoile Eau De Toilette preview
Etoile Eau De Toilette Back Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Girl Lost in Oz
LSG Girl Lost in Oz blue
LSG Girl Lost in Oz red
color blue red
Starry Prince
LSG Starry Prince galaxy
LSG Starry Prince dark sky
color galaxy dark sky
Merry Group of Three
LSG Merry Group of Three type1
LSG Merry Group of Three type2
color type1 type2
Rhodanthe Little Fox
LSG Rhodanthe Little Fox yellow
LSG Rhodanthe Little Fox brown
color yellow brown
Deep Bookcase
LSG Deep Bookcase type1
LSG Deep Bookcase type2
LSG Deep Bookcase type3
color type1 type2 type3

3★ OutfitsEdit

Lucid Koto Hairpiece
LSG Lucid Koto Hairpiece red braid
LSG Lucid Koto Hairpiece white braid
color red braid white braid (synthesis)
Blind Shamisen Player
LSG Blind Shamisen Player redxblack
LSG Blind Shamisen Player blackxpink
LSG Demon's Faust
LSG Demon's Faust preview
color redxblack blackxpink (synthesis)
Mother-of-Pearl Brazier
LSG Mother-of-Pearl Brazier chestnut brown
LSG Mother-of-Pearl Brazier dark brown
LSG Mini Mephistopheles
LSG Mini Mephistopheles preview
color chestnut brown dark brown (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Schoolhouse Boy Uniform
LSG Schoolhouse Boy Uniform type1
LSG Schoolhouse Boy Uniform type2
LSG Schoolhouse Boy Uniform type3
LSG Schoolhouse Boy Uniform type4
LSG Schoolhouse Boy Uniform type5
color type1 type2 type3 type4 type5
Flower Garden Dress
LSG Flower Garden Dress yellow
LSG Flower Garden Dress blue
LSG Flower Garden Dress green
LSG Flower Garden Dress red
LSG Flower Garden Dress white
color yellow blue green red white
Porcupine with Leaf-Wrapped Candy
LSG Porcupine with Leaf-Wrapped Candy brown
LSG Porcupine with Leaf-Wrapped Candy light blue
LSG Porcupine with Leaf-Wrapped Candy green
LSG Porcupine with Leaf-Wrapped Candy pink
LSG Porcupine with Leaf-Wrapped Candy purple
color brown light blue green pink purple
Key Holding Robin
LSG Key Holding Robin orange
LSG Key Holding Robin blue
LSG Key Holding Robin yellow
LSG Key Holding Robin red
LSG Key Holding Robin purple
color orange blue yellow red purple

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