Lucky BagsEdit


  • There are two types of Lucky Bags, available for Jewels or for DP.
  • Each Lucky Bag contains one item from "Item 1" and one item from "Item 2".
  • Opening multiple bags will guarantee no duplicates.


  • Lucky Bags can be opened any time after purchase, through the items page.
  • Items earned from Lucky Bags will be sent to your closet. If your closet space is full, they will be sent to your Present Box.
  • Buying multiple bags at once will earn you any of the items on the See Contents page, without duplicates. - However, there is a chance that Lucky Bags may contain some identical content from previous bags. In such cases, such duplicates may be received.

Fortune CampaignEdit


Golden Eggs and Jewel Lotteries?! Collect up Eggs on Fairy Farm and earn amazing prizes! Get your hands on the fabled Golden Egg for a chance to win a share of the 1 Million Jewel Lottery Prize!!


You can collect Eggs up to 10 times per day. Tap the 「Collect Eggs」 button at the top of the page to begin. You can check the number of Eggs collected in the list featured at the top of the Event Page. Egg counts will be rest upon Exchanging for prizes.

  • The total number of collection attempts will be reset to 10 every day at 10 am PST.
  • You can earn 1 extra collection attempt per 1 hour of Work or Study. However, the total number of collection attempts will not increase above 10.
  • Working together with other Fairies will earn 2 extra collection attempts per hour.
  • During the Beginner's Campaign, only Study will earn extra collection attempts.
Types of Eggs
FC White Egg
FC Red Egg
FC Rainbow Egg
FC Golden Egg

Depending on the types and numbers of Eggs earned, you can earn a number of different rewards. Which types of Eggs you receive is entirely down to luck!

Golden Eggs?!Edit

Golden Eggs can only be unearthed a mere 10 times per day. Players who fine a Golden Egg within the Event Period will be entered into a grand prize draw of 1,000,000 Jewels! For example, if 10 people find Golden Eggs during the Event Period, that's a 100,000 Jewel reward per person! Collect as often as you can to hunt for those Golden Eggs!


  • Prizes will be sent to the Present Box when conditions are met.
  • Each player can only receive 1 Golden Egg during the Event Period.
  • Prizes from the Golden Eggs will be sent after the Event has ended. Please allow a short time for the prizes to be sent.