Magical Show Series
Magical Show banner

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
MSSG White Dove Hat
MSSG White Dove Hat preview
White Dove Hat Head Acc
MSSG Magical Master
MSSG Magical Master preview
Magical Master Clothes
MSSG Light Of Magic
MSSG Light Of Magic preview
Light Of Magic Other Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

The Elusive Gentleman
MSSG The Elusive Gentleman White
MSSG The Elusive Gentleman Red
color White Red
Monroe Magic
MSSG Monroe Magic Red
MSSG Monroe Magic Blue
color Red Blue
Top Hat Tricks
MSSG Top Hat Tricks White
MSSG Top Hat Tricks Red
color White Red
Puppet Dancers
MSSG Puppet Dancers Black
MSSG Puppet Dancers White
color Black White
Magic Stage
MSSG Magic Stage Blue
MSSG Magic Stage Green
MSSG Magic Stage Pink
color Blue Green Pink

3★ OutfitsEdit

Big Sunglasses
MSSG Big Sunglasses Red
MSSG Big Sunglasses Green
MSSG Rabbit's Top Hat
MSSG Rabbit's Top Hat preview
color Red Green (synthesis)
Chequered Jack
MSSG Chequered Jack Red
MSSG Chequered Jack Green
MSSG Conjurer Girl
MSSG Conjurer Girl preview
color Red Green (synthesis)
Veteran's Cane
MSSG Veteran's Cane Red
MSSG Veteran's Cane Green
MSSG Sword Trick Box
MSSG Sword Trick Box preview
color Red Green (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

True Witch's Hat
MSSG True Witch's Hat Purple
MSSG True Witch's Hat Red
MSSG True Witch's Hat Blue
MSSG True Witch's Hat Black
MSSG True Witch's Hat Green
color Purple Red Blue Black Green
Beautiful Assistant
MSSG Beautiful Assistant Black
MSSG Beautiful Assistant Red
MSSG Beautiful Assistant Blue
MSSG Beautiful Assistant Green
MSSG Beautiful Assistant White
color Black Red Blue Green White
Magic Robes
MSSG Magic Robes Purple
MSSG Magic Robes Red
MSSG Magic Robes Blue
MSSG Magic Robes Black
MSSG Magic Robes Green
color Purple Red Blue Black Green
Magic Table
MSSG Magic Table Black
MSSG Magic Table Red
MSSG Magic Table Blue
MSSG Magic Table Green
MSSG Magic Table White
color Black Red Blue Green White

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