To see dialogue from different Personality Types, visit their individual pages! This page contains Museum of Wonders event dialogue for our lovable NPCs and an easy-access list of each type's dessert!


MoW Robin

# Stage Name Dialogue
1We've arrived Wow~, this museum is so big!
2Looking at the exhibitions I feel like I might lost in here...!
3Phantom Thief Alice...?! What?! A letter from a Phantom Thief...?!
4Strategy meeting I'm sure if we all keep it safe, the thief won't even try to take it...!
5Power cut...?! I... I don't like dark places...!!
6The exhibits...?! Look...! The dinosaur fossils are gone too...!
7Discussion Time Phantom Thief Alice... that's a strange name... there must be a hint in there...!
8The Phantom Thief appears! S-Silia?! You were the Phantom Thief all along?!
9Find the Goddess Tear! Wait~!! Silia~!!
10Got the Goddess Tear! Robin and the others caught Silia! Everything is back to normal ♪


MoW Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1We've arrived I hear this Museum of Wonder holds a number of very famous exhibits from all over the world. It sounds quite exciting.
2Looking at the exhibitions If we were to break anything in this museum, it would become an international incident... Just, please be careful, okay?
3Phantom Thief Alice...?! A perfect name, a perfect letter... This Phantom Thief Alice has a considerably strong mind for criminal activity.
4Strategy meeting How dare you presume to steal the priceless artifacts of a nation! I will bring justice upon you, mark my words!
5Power cut...?! Cutting the lights... how dare she! How very dare she!
6The exhibits...?! It can't be...! Not only the gemstone, but the T-Rex fossils, stolen too...?!
7Discussion Time Now that I think about it, I haven't seen that so-called scientist since we got here...
8The Phantom Thief appears! Wow... I suppose I did see it coming...
9Find the Goddess Tear! You guys go and find the missing gemstone!... Leave this excuse for a so-called scientist to me..
10Got the Goddess Tear! *pow* Why do you always cause so much trouble to everyone around you?! You'll pay for this Silia...!


MoW Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1We've arrived Always happy, always excited, always loving sweet potato... Karume is here~♪
2Looking at the exhibitions If my mouth was as big as a T-Rex's, how many apples do you think I could eat at once?
3Phantom Thief Alice...?! Huhu... Detective Karume is on the case!... What do you mean no one asked me?!
4Strategy meeting If we put some sweet potato pie next to the gemstone, surely the thief won't know which to choose! And in that moment...!
5Power cut...?! You thief! I'll never let you lay a single finger on any of these delicious potatoes...!
6The exhibits...?! Where did the T-Rex fossils go...?! Is that Phantom Thief Alice some kind of wizard...?
7Discussion Time The culprit... is someone right here in this room!
8The Phantom Thief appears! I've finally caught you, Phantom Thief Alice! It's time to--- Huh? Silia?!
9Find the Goddess Tear! What do you think would happen if we put Silia's special potion on all of the exhibits in here...?
10Got the Goddess Tear! And thus began the adventures of Detective Karume...!


MoW Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1We've arrived No eating or drinking inside the museum?... Aww, they took my chicken chips, meow...
2Looking at the exhibitions So this is the Goddess Statue... The hollows around her eyes are what makes it so famous, meow.
3Phantom Thief Alice...?! I think if I was a thief, I would probably choose the same gemstone to steal, meow.
4Strategy meeting Phantom Thief Alice... was there really no better name, meow...? Something a little snappier, meow...?
5Power cut...?! As you would expect, I see very well in the dark, meow!... Ah, the T-Rex fossils, meow!! They're moving, meow!!
6The exhibits...?! It all happened so quickly, meow... It was almost impressive, meow!
7Discussion Time There's only one person I know who can do things like that, meow...
8The Phantom Thief appears! The Phantom Thief has returned, meow... Let's hear what she has to say, meow.
9Find the Goddess Tear! The fleeing science-thief... the pursuing golden-haired fairy... I almost want to chase after them, meow!
10Got the Goddess Tear! Maybe it just wanted to go back to its former self, meow? We don't know how these objects feel, meow.

Cocoa ChiefEdit

MoW Chief Cocoa

# Stage Name Dialogue
1We've arrived Huhu, no running inside the museum. Let's take care looking around, shall we?
2Looking at the exhibitions This is the most famous exhibit inside the museum, the Goddess Tear gemstone. Such a beautiful deep blue.
3Phantom Thief Alice...?! Ahh... this is quite a difficult situation...
4Strategy meeting It says 8 pm today... It's nearly 8 already.
5Power cut...?! ... I-I'm not scared...! I won't let you lay a finger on any of my fairies!!
6The exhibits...?! The Goddess Tear, it's gone... At least everyone is safe, though.
7Discussion Time If we all work together and share everything we know, we can do this!
8The Phantom Thief appears! Silia~! Get down from there already~!!
9Find the Goddess Tear! I sincerely apologize for Silia's... well, everything.
10Got the Goddess Tear! The museum director has decided to keep the Goddess Tear together with the Goddess Statue from now on... It should be safe.

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