This is the events gacha from the Museum of Wonders event.

Drop RatesEdit

★5 items are available during the second half of this event!

Gold Silver Bronze
★5 20.99% 6.00% 0.29%
★4 45.02% 30.01% 4.29%
★3 33.99% 44.04% 7.02%
★2 0.00% 19.95% 88.4%

5★ OutfitsEdit

MOW outfit
Image Item Type
MOW Mysterious Thief's Silk Hat
MOW Mysterious Thief's Silk Hat preview
Mysterious Thief's Silk HatHead Acc
MOW Mysterious Thief's Monocle
MOW Mysterious Thief's Monocle preview
Mysterious Thief's MonocleFace Acc
MOW Black Feathered Phantom Thief
MOW Black Feathered Phantom Thief preview
Black Feathered Phantom ThiefClothes

4★ OutfitsEdit

Ancient Fairy Doll
MOW Ancient Fairy Doll love
MOW Ancient Fairy Doll evil
MOW Ancient Fairy Doll holiness
MOW Ancient Fairy Doll light
color Love Evil Holiness Light
Partition Pole
MOW Partition Pole type1
MOW Partition Pole type2
MOW Partition Pole type3
MOW Partition Pole type4
color Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4

3★ OutfitsEdit

Fossilized Resin Hairband
MOW Fossilized Resin Hairband orange
MOW Fossilized Resin Hairband blue
MOW Fossilized Resin Hairband green
MOW Fossilized Resin Hairband purple
MOW Artistic Beret
MOW Artistic Beret preview
color Orange Blue Green Purple (synthesis)
Dress with Amber
MOW Dress with Amber red
MOW Dress with Amber blue
MOW Dress with Amber green
MOW Dress with Amber purple
MOW Artistic Girl
MOW Artistic Girl preview
color Red Blue Green Purple (synthesis)
Ancient Urn
MOW Ancient Urn red
MOW Ancient Urn blue
MOW Ancient Urn green
MOW Ancient Urn purple
MOW Designer Art
MOW Designer Art preview
color Red Blue Green Purple (synthesis

2★ OutfitsEdit

Museum Guide
MOW Museum Guide Type 1
MOW Museum Guide Type 2
MOW Museum Guide Type 3
MOW Museum Guide Type 4
MOW Museum Guide Type 5
color Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5
Colorful Overalls
MOW Museum Owner Type 1
MOW Museum Owner Type 2
MOW Museum Owner Type 3
MOW Museum Owner Type 4
MOW Museum Owner Type 5
color Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5
Ammonite Hairpin
MOW Ammonite Hairpin brown
MOW Ammonite Hairpin white
MOW Ammonite Hairpin indigo
MOW Ammonite Hairpin ochre
MOW Ammonite Hairpin deep green
color Brown White Indigo Ochre Deep Green
Sweetening Can
MOW Innocent Goddess Statue grey
MOW Innocent Goddess Statue blue
MOW Innocent Goddess Statue nightingale
MOW Innocent Goddess Statue white
MOW Innocent Goddess Statue brown
color Grey Blue Nightingale White Brown

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