NASD outfit

Bonus SetEdit

NASD bonus

Image Item Type # Plays
NASD Golden Music Score Hairpin
NASD Golden Music Score Hairpin preview
Golden Music Score HairpinHead Acc30
NASD Luxurious Harpsichord
NASD Luxurious Harpsichord preview
Luxurious HarpsichordBack Acc45
NASD Wine Red Performance Dress
NASD Wine Red Performance Dress preview
Wine Red Performance DressClothes60

1st Prize (5★ Outfits)Edit

Image Item Type
NASD Sparkling Neon Sphere
NASD Sparkling Neon Sphere preview
Sparkling Neon Sphere Head Acc
NASD Neon Art Short Dress
NASD Neon Art Short Dress preview
Neon Art Short Dress Clothes
NASD Neon Art Tree
NASD Neon Art Tree preview
Neon Art Tree Back Acc

2nd Prize (4★ Outfits)Edit

Doll Strap
NASD Doll Strap green
NASD Doll Strap blue
NASD Doll Strap pink
NASD Doll Strap yellow
color green blue pink yellow
NASD Doll-On-The-Key green
NASD Doll-On-The-Key purple
NASD Doll-On-The-Key pink
NASD Doll-On-The-Key black
color green purple pink black
Capsule Plant
NASD Capsule Plant type1
NASD Capsule Plant type2
NASD Capsule Plant type3
NASD Capsule Plant type4
color type1 type2 type3 type4

3rd Prize (3★ Outfits)Edit

Simple Headphones
NASD Simple Headphones purple
NASD Simple Headphones green
NASD Simple Headphones yellow
NASD Simple Headphones pink
NASD Slightly Bent Droopy Ears
NASD Slightly Bent Droopy Ears preview
color purple green yellow pink (synthesis)
Boys Sailor
NASD Boys Sailor purple
NASD Boys Sailor green
NASD Boys Sailor yellow
NASD Boys Sailor pink
NASD Pop Zipper Parka
NASD Pop Zipper Parka preview
color purple green yellow pink (synthesis)
Spring Butterfly
NASD Spring Butterfly blue
NASD Spring Butterfly green
NASD Spring Butterfly yellow
NASD Spring Butterfly pink
NASD Short Fur Tail
NASD Short Fur Tail preview
color blue green yellow pink (synthesis)

4th Prize (2★ Outfits)Edit

Simple Feather Hairpiece
NASD Simple Feather Hairpiece blue
NASD Simple Feather Hairpiece pink
NASD Simple Feather Hairpiece yellow
NASD Simple Feather Hairpiece green
NASD Simple Feather Hairpiece purple
color blue pink yellow green purple
Weaved Casual Apron
NASD Weaved Casual Apron blue
NASD Weaved Casual Apron pink
NASD Weaved Casual Apron yellow
NASD Weaved Casual Apron green
NASD Weaved Casual Apron purple
color blue pink yellow green purple
Girls Print Skirt
NASD Girls Print Skirt blue
NASD Girls Print Skirt purple
NASD Girls Print Skirt green
NASD Girls Print Skirt yellow
NASD Girls Print Skirt black
color blue purple green yellow black
Heart Point Dots
NASD Heart Point Dots light blue
NASD Heart Point Dots pink
NASD Heart Point Dots purple
NASD Heart Point Dots green
NASD Heart Point Dots yellow
color light blue pink purple green yellow

5th Prize (items)Edit

The following items can also be received from a Raffle play:

Time Pencil 5Time Pencil 10Time Pencil 30CandyMarshmallow

Shepherd's PurseTulipGreen MistMary's Little LambPep Squad Cat
Jewel Gacha TicketDrop Gacha Ticket

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