New Year's Sunrise big banner
Fairy Dolls are inviting their owners to spend New Year's in the Fairy World this year. As they put on a fashion show with all the beautiful outfits Anko brought, a strange figure appears... claiming to be a Trainee Goddess on a pilgrimage! Though told she must reach the very top of Mt. Vela in order to find true enlightenment, she appears to have lost her way.


  • PDT: 12/18 01:00 - 1/19 22:00
  • EDT: 12/18 04:00 - 1/20 01:00
  • UTC: 12/18 09:00 - 1/20 06:00

Midway Ranking RewardsEdit

NYS midway
Ranking Item Item Item
NYS Cherry Blossom Bonnet
NYS Gown Of Fresh Sakura
NYS Gilded Frame Of Spring
NYS Elegant Butterfly Hair Deco
NYS Elegant Butterfly Hair Deco preview
NYS Calligrapher's Frame
NYS Calligrapher's Frame preview
Raffle Ticket

Total Ranking RewardsEdit

NYS total rank
Ranking Item Item Item
NYS Spring Princess Crown
NYS Spring Princess
NYS Advent Of Fortune
NYS Calligraphy Girl
NYS Calligraphy Girl preview
Fairy Gacha Ticket
Raffle Ticket


Tie-Up Bonus
NYS Fluffy Winter Dress
released 1st half, 3x fp
NYS White-Eye Kimono
released 2nd half, 5x fp
NYS Mountains Of Silver Night
NYS Mountains Of Silver Night
bonus fairy gacha play background

Stage RewardsEdit

NYS stage rewards
Clear These Stages! Prizes!
Stage 50
Raffle Ticket
Stage 60
NYS View Of Winter And Spring
NYS View Of Winter And Spring preview
Stage 70
Closet Expansion 5
Stage 80
Fairy Gacha Ticket
Stage 90
NYS Relaxed Spring Corsage
NYS Relaxed Spring Corsage preview
Stage 100
NYS Kimono Of Eternity
NYS Kimono Of Eternity preview

Early ClearEdit

NYS early clear
Clear These Stages! Prizes!
Stage 7
Stage 15
Stage 20
Raffle Ticket
Stage 25
Stage 30
Stage 35
Closet Expansion 5
Stage 40
Raffle Ticket
Stage 45
NYS Mountains of Silver Morning
NYS Mountains of Silver Morning preview

Event GachaEdit

Click the banner below for details!
NYS gacha banner

Event DialogueEdit

Click the banner below to see what the Fairy Agency team has to say about the event!
NYS play banner

Mika SaysEdit

About the event:

We'll all be spending New Year's in the Fairy World this year, meow!
The Fairy Dolls will be cleaning up at home, while you Owners help out at the Agency... I think, meow? There's not much time left, so it's all hands on deck, meow! Let's all work as hard as we can, meow♪ ... Meow meow? Who's that over there, meow...?

If you ask Mika where's your present, she responds:

Meow! Present, meow?! I spent too much money on my New Year's chicken, meow... I'm flat broke, meow... I could spare maybe... 5 Jewels, meow? Meow... What do you mean I look like I need it more, meow?! I'll try to do better next time, meow...

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