To see dialogue from different Personality Types, visit their individual pages! This page contains New Year's Sunrise event dialogue for our lovable NPCs!


NYS Robin

# Stage Name Dialogue
1New Year's in the Fairy World We're going to be in the Fairy World this year! First is cleaning time... Ah! Before that, we have to patrol... Wow, there's so much work to do!
2Kimono Fashion Show ✰ There are so many pretty kimonos! The obi just goes like this, then this, then... Ah, ah, ah! It's all tangled!
3Who Are You? A trainee goddess... There's a school for goddesses too?
4Preparing to Mountain Climb Is that what you're bringing to mountain climb? You don't need such big luggage!
5To the Akiha Grove The leaves are all sparkling and so pretty ♪
6Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest You've got to be careful because the snow is really deep in some places.
7Mount Vela So that sweet fire fruit... It really does exist ♪ If you eat it, your body warms right up!
8Finally at the Top! It's the mountaintop! So, before the sun rises... let's put up the tent and eat some cherry pie!
9First Sunrise! The sun is so bright! ... Huh? Wh-wh-wh-what! The trainee goddess is sparkling!
10 Happy New Year! Happy New Year ♪ Let's make this year a great one!


NYS Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1New Year's in the Fairy World We're going to spend this New Year's in the Fairy World.
2Kimono Fashion Show ✰ Ah, that's strange. I didn't know that kimonos with that kind of design existed. It's so elegant and gorgeous ♪
3Who Are You? Hey, Karume... Ugh, she's gone. Oh, forget it... Sigh...
4Preparing to Mountain Climb Why is your bag packed with potatoes?! There's more important things than those!
5To the Akiha Grove It doesn't look like the snow has piled up around here, but... According to Robin, it gets difficult from here on.
6Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest There are so many strange plants. This is really part of the Fairy World, right?
7Mount Vela That fruit is so sweet and yummy. It's a fire fruit? It has a gorgeous, cream-like flavor ♪
8Finally at the Top! Phew, phew... We finally reached the top... I wonder why Karume is so energetic.
9First Sunrise! The sunrise... It's so pretty... Wait, is that the trainee goddess? I think her clothes have changed...
10 Happy New Year! Happy New Year. Let's work together to make this year a great one.


NYS Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1New Year's in the Fairy World This is my first time spending New Year's in the Fairy World! I'm kind of excited!
2Kimono Fashion Show ✰ Anko is amazing! How did she bring all of those kimonos? Oh ho... Silia's wrapping cloth! ... I-is that okay?
3Who Are You? Huh? Who's that over there? Another fairy... Wait, it isn't?
4Preparing to Mountain Climb Mountain climbing, mountain climbing~ ♪ Of course, you need potatoes when climbing a mountain! ... Wha!? That hurts, Kyouko, that hurts! Don't throw potatoes!
5To the Akiha Grove The leaves are so sparkly and beautiful ♪ Walking in places like this is so much fun~
6Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest *crunch, crunch* ... ♪ Ah! There's no footprints on that snow ♪ Yahoo!
7Mount Vela Th... th... this is hot! What is this spicy, spicy, spicy... That's right, I can fix this by eating some potatoes!
8Finally at the Top! We've reached the top! Which means it's time to celebrate! It's roasted sweet potato time! Um, first I take the potatoes...
9First Sunrise! Hey, that look... You've changed from a trainee goddess to a real goddess! Congratulations~!
10 Happy New Year! Happy... New Year! Let's have a great year together!


NYS Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1New Year's in the Fairy World Meow, meow, meow. We're going to spend this New Year's in the Fairy World, meow. Which means I need to start preparing some chicken.
2Kimono Fashion Show ✰ I wonder how these kimonos are. Meow, meow, meow! Wearing Japanese clothes to end and start the years makes me feel all bound together, meow~ ♪
3Who Are You? Meow, meow? Who is that over there, meow? Something feels really strange. She's neither fairy nor human, meow.
4Preparing to Mountain Climb ... It seems crazy to go to someplace even colder than where we are now, meow...
5To the Akiha Grove There's only a little bit of snow, meow. It looks like the snow is going to start piling up from here on, meow... Sigh...
6Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest The snow is deep, meow. If you're not careful you'll suddenly end up in a... Ahh!? ... You'll just end up waiting in a hole like this, meow.
7Mount Vela Brr... Meow, meow... It's so cold, meow... Chicken... I can see roasted chicken, meow...
8Finally at the Top! Are we finally at the top, meow? It's so cold, meow... Let's hurry and make a fire, meow!
9First Sunrise! Meow! It's so bright, meow! ... Huh? Did, did you always look like that, meow?
10 Happy New Year! Happy New Year, meow! Let's make this year great, meow!

Chief CocoaEdit

NYS Chief

# Stage Name Dialogue
1New Year's in the Fairy World
2Kimono Fashion Show ✰
3Who Are You?
4Preparing to Mountain Climb Mt. Vela, huh. I've been near it, but have never climbed it.
5To the Akiha Grove
6Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest The snow soaks in all the sounds... The silence feels heavy in your ears.
7Mount Vela Phew... It's so cold... Are you okay? This flame fruit... if you squeeze it in your hands, you'll feel warm.
8Finally at the Top! Phew... We finally reached the top. It looks like the sun is going to rise soon.
9First Sunrise!
10 Happy New Year! Happy New Year. Let's make this year a great one... Huhu.

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