• 10/22 23:00 (PDT) - 11/04 21:59 (PST)

Entry PrizeEdit

Item Name
FP Taiyaki Cake pink
FP Taiyaki Cake pink preview
Taiyaki Cake pink

CP Ranking RewardsEdit

FP CP rank
Ranking Item Item Item
FP Dressy Bicolor Rose Hairband
FP Noble Princess Dress
FP Evergreen Curtain
FP Autumn Colored Dress for Outings
FP Autumn Colored Dress for Outings preview
FP Autumn Plaid Ribbon
FP Autumn Plaid Ribbon preview
FP Sleepy Toy Poodle
FP Sleepy Toy Poodle preview

Best Dressed Ranking RewardsEdit

FP Best Dressed rank banner
Ranking Casual Fantasy Unique
Skin Ticket
FP Awards banner
FP All Memories in This One Photograph
FP Magical Girl and Her Healing Spell
FP It's Show Time!
FP Nature Photo Frame
FP Nature Photo Frame preview
FP Legendary Frame
FP Legendary Frame preview
FP Crowns Frame
FP Crowns Frame preview
FP Polka Dot Kerchief Cap
FP Royal Headpiece
FP Clown's Twin Hat
Sun Fragment
Moon Fragment
Mary's Little Lamb

Daily Vote Bonus PrizesEdit

FP CP daily vote bonus
Cast 60 votes! Prizes!
Day 1
Day 2
Closet Expansion 5
Day 3
FP Leopard Print Angora Beret
FP Leopard Print Angora Beret preview
Day 4
Day 5
FP Chic Standing Lamp
FP Chic Standing Lamp preview
Day 6
Closet Expansion 5
Day 7
FP Pleated Culottes Style
FP Pleated Culottes Style preview

CP RewardsEdit

FP CP bonus
Collect CP! Prizes!
120 CP
Raffle Ticket
240 CP
FP Designer Hat Stand
FP Designer Hat Stand preview
360 CP
Fairy Gacha Ticket
450 CP
Expansion Closet 30
510 CP
FP Glasses with Ribbon
FP Glasses with Ribbon preview
570 CP
FP High Waist Long Skirt
FP High Waist Long Skirt preview
660 CP
FP Fairy Collection Stage Autumn 2015
FP Fairy Collection Stage Autumn 2015 preview

Fairy Agency Team's EntriesEdit

NPC Encounter Dialogue Prize
FP Robin entry
Met Ahh... Everyone looks so pretty! Nothing
Voted For You voted for me? Thank you so much!
FP Julia entry
Met I'm terribly sorry, but that Best Dressed throne already has my name on it. Nothing
Voted For Huhu... I suppose I should be congratulating you, for understanding this level of high fashion.
FP Karume entry
Met My incredible beauty would put a goddess to shame! Nothing
Voted For Thanks! Let's all aim for No. 1♪
Closet Expansion 5
FP Mika entry
Met Best Dressed prize? Clothes are good I guess, but I'd rather have some chicken, meow. Nothing
Voted For Good choice, meow. Take this delicious gift from me, meow.
Reducing Aroma
Cocoa Chief
FP Chief entry
Met Nothing
Voted For Thank you. Let's all enjoy this season's Fairy Pageant♪
Pep Squad Cat
FP Silia entry
Met J-just in it for the prize?! How did you--- *cough* N-nothing!! Nothing
Voted For I plan on using the Best Dressed prize money to set up a brand new laboratory, with the remaining going towards... *mumble mumble*
Time Pencil 60
FP Anko entry
Met ... Being fashionable is... not easy... Nothing
Voted For Thanks... Come by the Fairy Raffle... any time...
Raffle Ticket