This is the events gacha from the Picturebook Kingdom event.

Drop RatesEdit

★5 items are available during the second half of this event!

Gold Silver Bronze
★5 20.99% 6.00% 0.29%
★4 45.02% 30.01% 4.29%
★3 33.99% 44.04% 7.02%
★2 0.00% 19.95% 88.4%

5★ OutfitsEdit

PBK outfit
Image Item Type
PBK Bright Pearl Earrings
PBK Bright Pearl Earrings preview
Bright Pearl EarringsFace Acc
PBK Pink Rose
PBK Pink Rose preview
Pink RoseClothes
PBK A Longing for Red
PBK A Longing for Red preview
A Longing for RedBack Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Dance Pitard Dress
PBK Dance Pitard Dress pink
PBK Dance Pitard Dress green
PBK Dance Pitard Dress purple
PBK Dance Pitard Dress blue
color pink green purple blue
Lantern Children
PBK Lantern Children White
PBK Lantern Children White Preview
PBK Lantern Children Brown
PBK Lantern Children Brown Preview
PBK Lantern Children Black
PBK Lantern Children Black Preview
PBK Lantern Children Blue
PBK Lantern Children Blue Preview
color white brown black blue

3★ OutfitsEdit

Head Maid's Bonnet
PBK Head Maid's Bonnet white
PBK Head Maid's Bonnet red
PBK Headmaid's Bonnet blue
PBK Head Maid's Bonnet Preview blue
PBK Head Maid's Bonnet yellow
PBK Noble Navy Canotier
PBK Noble Navy Canotier Preview
color white red blue yellow (synthesis)
Long Maid Uniform
PBK Long Maid Uniform white
PBK Long Maid Uniform pink
PBK Long Maid Uniform blue
PBK Long Maid Uniform orange
PBK Miss Question Dress
PBK Miss Question Dress Preview
color white pink blue orange (synthesis)
Tea Time Cart
PBK Tea Time Cart green
PBK Tea Time Cart red
PBK Teatime Cart blue
PBK Teatime Cart Preview blue
PBK Teatime Cart brown
PBK Teatime Cart Preview brown
PBK Mr.Butler Sheep
PBK Mr.Butler Sheep Preview
color green red blue brown (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Eleanor Striped Dress
PBK Eleanor Striped Dress white
PBK Eleanor Striped Dress yellow
PBK Eleanor Striped Dress black
PBK Eleanor Striped Dress blue
PBK Eleanor Striped Dress purple
color white yellow black blue purple
British Boy
PBK British Boy blue
PBK British Boy red
PBK British Boy green
PBK British Boy yellow
PBK British Boy black
color blue red green yellow black
Victorian Beret
PBK Victorian Beret blue
PBK Victorian Beret red
PBK Victorian Beret green
PBK Victorian Beret yellow
PBK Victorian Beret violet
color blue red green yellow violet
PBK Day o Clock White
PBK Day o Clock White Preview
PBK Day o Clock Brown
PBK Day o Clock Brown Preview
PBK Day-o-Clock black
PBK Day o Clock Blue
PBK Day o Clock Blue Preview
PBK Day o Clock Purple
PBK Day o Clock Purple Preview
color white brown black blue purple

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