See this page for more information on Raffles. Details for the 3★ items and their Synthesized counterparts can also be found on the Raffle Synthesis page.

Current RaffleEdit

Idol on Stage Set with bonus Music Festival Girl Set

  • Available from 3/30/16 - ?

Past RafflesEdit

Tanutanu Waitress Set with bonus Leopard Girl Set

  • Available from 3/01/16 - 3/29/16

Lonely Doll Set with bonus Afternoon In Lace Set

  • Available from 1/20/16 - 2/29/16

Frilly Mint Dress Set with bonus Cocktail Girl Set

  • Available from 12/01/15 - 1/19/16

Fantastical Chima Jeogori Set with bonus Sari Set

  • Available from 10/28/15 - 11/30/15

Neon Art Short Dress Set with bonus Wine Red Performance Dress Set

  • Available from 9/29/15 - 10/27/15

Planet Invader Set with bonus Cosmo Venus Set

  • Available from 8/31/15 - 9/28/15

Colorful Buttons with Pink Frills Set with bonus Milky Bubble Dress Set

  • Available from 7/28/15 - 8/30/15

Chess Noble Queen Set with bonus Chess King of Majesty Set

  • Available from 6/30/15 - 7/27/15

Grass Green Mini 12-Layered Ceremonial Kimono Set with bonus Lovely Colorful Sweater Set

  • Available from 5/19/15 - 6/29/15

Forest Flute Player Set with bonus Twinkle Star Doll Set

  • Available from 4/16/15 - 5/18/15

Royal Dealer Set with bonus Royalty Boy Set

  • Available from 2/3/15 - 4/15/15

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