• PDT: 11/1 22:00 - 11/30 22:00
  • EDT: 11/02 01:00 - 12/01 01:00
  • UTC: 11/02 06:00 - 12/02 06:00

Midway Ranking RewardsEdit

Ranking Item Item Item
SF Juliet Romance
SF Juliet Answers
SF Juliet's Frame
SF Commander Teddy's Decorations
SF Commander Teddy's Decorations Preview
SF Spilled Paint
SF Spilled Paint Preview
Raffle Ticket

Total Ranking RewardsEdit

SF Total Ranking
Ranking Item Item Item
SF Romeo Romance
SF Romeo Asks
SF Romeo's Frame
SF School Play Set Designer
SF School Play Set Designer Preview
Fairy Gacha Ticket
Raffle Ticket


Tie-Up Bonus
SF Tieup Enter The Haunted House
released 1st half, 3x fp
SF Tieup Fairy High Beauty Contest Winner
released 2nd half, 5x fp
SF Fairy High School Festival Evening
SF Fairy High School Festival Evening preview
bonus fairy gacha play background

Stage RewardsEdit

SF Stage Progress
Clear These Stages! Prizes!
Stage 50
Raffle Ticket
Stage 60
SF Hanako's Mysterious Ribbon
SF Hanako's Mysterious Ribbon Preview
Stage 70
Stage 80
Fairy Gacha Ticket
Stage 90
SF Mischief-Maker Hanako
SF Mischief-Maker Hanako Preview
Stage 100
SF Haunted House Equipment
SF Haunted House Equipment Preview

Early ClearEdit

SF Early Clear
Clear These Stages! Prizes!
Stage 7
Stage 15
Stage 20
Raffle Ticket
Stage 25
Stage 30
Stage 35
Stage 40
Raffle Ticket
Stage 45
SF Fairy High School Festival Morning
SF Fairy High School Festival Morning Preview

Event GachaEdit

Click the banner below for details!

Event DialogueEdit

Click the banner below to see what the Fairy Agency team has to say about the event!

Mika SaysEdit

About the event:

There's a School Festival at the Fairy High today, meow. Meow? The other Agency members, meow? Huhu meow, maybe if you explore the school a little, you might see them, meow~.

If you ask Mika about Fairy High, she responds:

Fairy High is a school for Fairies and Humans alike, meow. Humans generally join to learn more about us Fairies and our world meow, but really anybody's allowed to join, meow. And now, Fairy High's putting on a School Festival, meow. The Fairy Agency girls are putting on all kinds of events to help people learn more about the Fairy World, meow. We're all here to help out, meow. You'll find the Chief in the--- No, actually...
... why don't you look around and see if you can find her, meow~?

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