Fairy Matrix banner

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
SFG Mechanical Bunny Ears
SFG Mechanical Bunny Ears preview
Mechanical Bunny Ears Head Acc
SFG Master Program Doll
SFG Master Program Doll preview
Master Program Doll Clothes
SFG Future Shrine Maiden
SFG Future Shrine Maiden preview
Future Shrine Maiden Clothes
SFG Machinery Battle Suit
SFG Machinery Battle Suit preview
Machinery Battle Suit Clothes
SFG Virtual Wings
SFG Virtual Wings preview
Virtual Wings Back Acc
SFG Cyber Dream Ribbon
SFG Cyber Dream Ribbon preview
Cyber Dream Ribbon Back Acc
SFG Machinery Battle Wings
SFG Machinery Battle Wings preview
Machinery Battle Wings Back Acc
SFG Transfer Field
SFG Transfer Field preview
Transfer Field Other Acc
SFG Virtual Frame
SFG Virtual Frame preview
Virtual Frame Other Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
SFG Techno Pop Headphones
Techno Pop Headphones Head Acc
SFG Virtualoid Nurse Cap
Virtualoid Nurse Cap Head Acc
SFG Galaxy Android
Galaxy Android Clothes
SFG Virtual Witch
Virtual Witch Clothes
SFG Cyber Punker
Cyber Punker Clothes
SFG Virturoid Nurse
Virturoid Nurse Clothes
SFG Techno Pop Mixer
Techno Pop Mixer Back Acc
SFG Doubly Kitty Cat
Doubly Kitty Cat Other Acc
SFG Cyber City Background Night
Cyber City Background Night Background
SFG Cyber City Background Morning
Cyber City Background Morning Background
Future Police Officer
SFG Future Police Officer blue
SFG Future Police Officer red
SFG Future Police Officer green
SFG Future Police Officer yellow
color blue red green yellow
Cybernetics Bike
SFG Cybernetics Bike blackxblue
SFG Cybernetics Bike blackxred
SFG Cybernetics Bike blackxgreen
SFG Cybernetics Bike whitexorange
color blackxblue blackxred blackxgreen whitexorange

3★ OutfitsEdit

Virtual Goggles
SFG Virtual Goggles blue
SFG Virtual Goggles pink
SFG Virtual Goggles green
SFG Virtual Goggles purple
SFG Electric Cat Hairband
SFG Electric Cat Hairband preview
color blue pink green purple (synthesis)
Cyber School Uniform
SFG Cyber School Uniform blue
SFG Cyber School Uniform pink
SFG Cyber School Uniform green
SFG Cyber School Uniform purple
SFG Cybernetics Girl
SFG Cybernetics Girl preview
color blue pink green purple (synthesis)
Virtual Area
SFG Virtual Area blue
SFG Virtual Area pink
SFG Virtual Area green
SFG Virtual Area purple
SFG Electric Tail
SFG Electric Tail preview
color blue pink green purple (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Cyber Headgear
SFG Cyber Headgear blue
SFG Cyber Headgear yellow
SFG Cyber Headgear purple
SFG Cyber Headgear pink
SFG Cyber Headgear green
color blue yellow purple pink green
Cyber Suit
SFG Cyber Suit Type 1
SFG Cyber Suit Type 2
SFG Cyber Suit Type 3
SFG Cyber Suit Type 4
SFG Cyber Suit Type 5
color Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5
Cyber Dress
SFG Cyber Dress pink
SFG Cyber Dress blue
SFG Cyber Dress green
SFG Cyber Dress yellow
SFG Cyber Dress white
color pink blue green yellow white
SFG Monitor pink
SFG Monitor blue
SFG Monitor green
SFG Monitor orange
SFG Monitor black
color pink blue green orange black

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