French Doll Big Banner

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
SFG Une Capelin
SFG Une Capelin Preview
Une CapelinHead Acc
SFG Vivian French Doll
SFG Vivian French Doll Preview
Vivian French DollClothes
SFG Lucian
SFG Lucian Preview
LucianOther Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Coiffure Le Cygne
SFG Coiffure Le Cygne rose
SFG Coiffure Le Cygne soir
SFG Coiffure Le Cygne jaune
SFG Coiffure Le Cygne bleu clair
color rose soir jaune bleu clair
Papillon Ballerine
SFG Papillon Ballerine rose
SFG Papillon Ballerine noir
SFG Papillon Ballerine jaune
SFG Papillon Ballerine bleu clair
color rose noir jaune bleu clair
European Background
SFG European Background Elegant
SFG European Background Crimson
SFG European Background Kingdom
SFG European Background Chic
color Elegant Crimson Kingdom Chic

3★ OutfitsEdit

Simple Hairband
SFG Simple Hairband black
SFG Simple Hairband red
SFG Simple Hairband white
SFG Simple Hairband blue
SFG Power Stone Charm
SFG Power Stone Charm preview
color black red white blue (synthesis)
Sleeveless Wear
SFG Sleeveless Wear black
SFG Sleeveless Wear red
SFG Sleeveless Wear white
SFG Sleeveless Wear blue
color black red white blue (synthesis)
Colorful Vaulting Box
SFG Colorful Vaulting Box type1
SFG Colorful Vaulting Box type2
SFG Colorful Vaulting Box type3
SFG Colorful Vaulting Box type4
SFG Magic Wave
SFG Magic Wave preview
color type 1 type 2 type 3 type 4 (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Kitty Eye Mask
SFG Kitty Eye Mask yellow
SFG Kitty Eye Mask red
SFG Kitty Eye Mask blue
SFG Kitty Eye Mask black
SFG Kitty Eye Mask white
color yellow blue red black white
Comfy Style
SFG Comfy Style red
SFG Comfy Style blue
SFG Comfy Style pink
SFG Comfy Style white
SFG Comfy Style green
color red blue pink white green
Casual Room Wear
SFG Casual Room Wear Type 1
SFG Casual Room Wear Type 2
SFG Casual Room Wear Type 3
SFG Casual Room Wear Type 4
SFG Casual Room Wear Type 5
color type 1 type 2 type 3 type 4 type 5
Comfy Style
SFG Balance Ball blue
SFG Balance Ball green
SFG Balance Ball yellow
SFG Balance Ball purple
SFG Balance Ball pink
color blue green yellow purple pink

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