Ghost Prison Guard big banner

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
SFG Ghost Prison Jailer's Hat
SFG Ghost Prison Jailer's Hat preview
Ghost Prison Jailer's HatHead Acc
SFG Ghost Prison Guard
SFG Ghost Prison Guard preview
Ghost Prison GuardClothes
SFG Prison Cage
SFG Prison Cage preview
Prison CageOther Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Pearl Hairband
SFG Pearl Hairband yellow
SFG Pearl Hairband sky blue
SFG Pearl Hairband red
SFG Pearl Hairband pink
color yellow sky blue red pink
Skater's Cap
SFG Skater's Cap pink
SFG Skater's Cap yellow
SFG Skater's Cap blue
SFG Skater's Cap purple
color pink yellow blue purple
Asymmetric Short Dress
SFG Asymmetric Short Dress orange
SFG Asymmetric Short Dress sky blue
SFG Asymmetric Short Dress pink
SFG Asymmetric Short Dress purple
color orange sky blue pink purple
Skater Girl
SFG Skater Girl pink
SFG Skater Girl yellow
SFG Skater Girl blue
SFG Skater Girl purple
color pink yellow blue purple

3★ OutfitsEdit

Cat Headphones
SFG Cat Headphones white
SFG Cat Headphones yellow
SFG Cat Headphones black
SFG Cat Headphones blue
SFG Beret-Like Straw Hat
SFG Beret-Like Straw Hat preview
color white yellow black blue (synthesis)
Baggy T-Shirt
SFG Baggy T-Shirt white
SFG Baggy T-Shirt yellow
SFG Baggy T-Shirt black
SFG Baggy T-Shirt sky blue
color white yellow black sky blue (synthesis)
Fat Kitty
SFG Fat Kitty yellow
SFG Fat Kitty grey
SFG Fat Kitty black
SFG Fat Kitty sky blue
SFG Fireflies
SFG Fireflies preview
color yellow grey black sky blue (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Rhino Beetle Hairpin
SFG Rhino Beetle Hairpin brown
SFG Rhino Beetle Hairpin pink
SFG Rhino Beetle Hairpin blue
SFG Rhino Beetle Hairpin green
SFG Rhino Beetle Hairpin black
color brown pink blue green black
Tied Plaid Shirt
SFG Tied Plaid Shirt red
SFG Tied Plaid Shirt pink
SFG Tied Plaid Shirt sky blue
SFG Tied Plaid Shirt orange
SFG Tied Plaid Shirt white
color red pink sky blue orange white
Roaring Fire
SFG Roaring Fire red
SFG Roaring Fire yellow
SFG Roaring Fire blue
SFG Roaring Fire light blue
SFG Roaring Fire gray
color red yellow blue light blue gray

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