SFG Magical Fairy big banner

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
SFG Fairy Ribbon
SFG Fairy Ribbon preview
Fairy RibbonHead Acc
SFG Magical Fairy
SFG Magical Fairy preview
Magical FairyClothes
SFG Ruriru
SFG Ruriru preview
RuriruBack Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Spring Horse
SFG Spring Horse light blue
SFG Spring Horse orange
SFG Spring Horse purple
SFG Spring Horse black
color light blue orange purple black
Corset Dress
SFG Corset Dress sky blue
SFG Corset Dress pink
SFG Corset Dress purple
SFG Corset Dress black
color sky blue pink purple black
SFG Candyland Daytime
SFG Candyland Evening
SFG Candyland Night
color Daytime Evening Night

3★ OutfitsEdit

Miner's Helmet
SFG Miner's Helmet yellow
SFG Miner's Helmet pink
SFG Miner's Helmet sky blue
SFG Miner's Helmet black
SFG Dahlia Flower Ornament
SFG Dahlia Flower Ornament preview
color yellow pink sky blue black (synthesis)
Countryside Miner
SFG Countryside Miner navy
SFG Countryside Miner purple
SFG Countryside Miner green
SFG Countryside Miner black
SFG Passionate Flamenco Dress
SFG Passionate Flamenco Dress preview
color navy purple green black (synthesis)
Big Pickaxe
SFG Big Pickaxe orange
SFG Big Pickaxe red
SFG Big Pickaxe blue
SFG Big Pickaxe black
color orange red blue black (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Cheerful Mushroom Hat
SFG Cheerful Mushroom Hat orange
SFG Cheerful Mushroom Hat pink
SFG Cheerful Mushroom Hat sky blue
SFG Cheerful Mushroom Hat black
SFG Cheerful Mushroom Hat white
color orange pink sky blue black white
Roman Toga
SFG Roman Toga red
SFG Roman Toga black
SFG Roman Toga purple
SFG Roman Toga pink
SFG Roman Toga sky blue
color red black purple pink sky blue
Mushroom Dress with Ribbons
SFG Mushroom Dress with Ribbons orange
SFG Mushroom Dress with Ribbons pink
SFG Mushroom Dress with Ribbons sky blue
SFG Mushroom Dress with Ribbons black
SFG Mushroom Dress with Ribbons white
color orange pink sky blue black white

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