Steampunk Series
Steampunk Series Gacha small banner

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
SSG BizarreLaceSteampunkMask
SSG BizarreLaceSteampunkMask preview
Bizarre Lace Steampunk Mask Head Acc
SSG SteamPrincessVictoria
Steam Princess Victoria Clothes
SSG GoldenMachine
SSG GoldenMachine preview
Golden Machine Back Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Mechanical Doll Headdress
SSG Mechanical Doll Headdress gold
SSG Mechanical Doll Headdress silver
color Gold Silver
Mechanical Marquise
SSG Mechanical Marquise Hat sol
SSG Mechanical Marquise Hat luna
color Sol Luna
Prima Macchina
SSG Prima Macchina giallo
SSG Prima Macchina azurro
color Giallo Azurro
Mechanical Marquis
SSG MechanicalMarquis sol
SSG MechanicalMarquis luna
color Sol Luna
Steam City
SSG Steam City Background Daytime
SSG Steam City Background Evening
SSG Steam City Background Night
Type Daytime Evening Night

3★ OutfitsEdit

Steampunk Chain Hat
SSG Steampunk Chain Hat brown
SSG Steampunk Chain Hat green
SSG Retro City Platinum Goggles
color Brown Green (synthesis)
Steam Gunner
SSG Steam Gunner brown
SSG Steam Gunner green
SSG Retro City Sky Woman
color Brown Green (synthesis)
Veteran's Cane
SSG Retro Wheelchair red
SSG Retro Wheelchair blue
SSG Steam Guardian
color Red Blue (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Retro Goggles
SSG Retro Goggles blue
SSG Retro Goggles red
SSG Retro Goggles green
SSG Retro Goggles white
SSG Retro Goggles black
color Blue Red Green White Black
Machine Gunner
SSG Machine Gunner blue
SSG Machine Gunner red
SSG Machine Gunner green
SSG Machine Gunner white
SSG Machine Gunner black
color Blue Red Green White Black
Steam Dress
SSG Steam Dress blue
SSG Steam Dress red
SSG Steam Dress green
SSG Steam Dress white
SSG Steam Dress black
color Blue Red Green White Black
Nostalgia Clock
SSG Nostalgia Clock light blue
SSG Nostalgia Clock pink
SSG Nostalgia Clock green
SSG Nostalgia Clock white
SSG Nostalgia Clock black
color Blue Pink Green White Black

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