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SS Robin

# Stage Name Dialogue
1At HomeYay, yay♪ We can play a new game! Let's go!!
2To the Event HallStrange Strength... Is it a game about spies? Esper battles? it difficult?
3The Central CitiesMy special power is... Telepathy! Hnnngh~ The cat girl is buying chicken.
4A Secret DealSuspicious people are talking under the bridge...! You should watch your back at times like this!
5Intelligence GatheringI gathered information! The cat girl said that the underground of the city's casino is suspicious.
6Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!This is the base of SJK.... It's full of weird rooms! Which one should we enter....
7Find the Evidence!I smell a cherry pie~ *Boom* Ouch... They found me! Time to run!!
8Escape!!Waaah! The guard found me!! I'm running away! But the cherry pie... Ah, this isn't the time to think about that!
9Mission CompleteKarume, Julia, and Silia are on the rooftop.. Looks like they're fighting! Mika went to help them!
10Logout!Game cleared! That was fun♪ I want to play it again!!


SS Silia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1At HomeHa, ha, ha! I was invited to the Fairysoft's beta test event too. I want their technology, time to stea... Ah!! I-it's nothing, ha ha!
2To the Event HallActually we're joining the fight as characters in the game! I don't know what role will we play yet though.
3The Central CitiesMy special power is.... Hah, being able to manipulate materials around me. With this... Hyper-alloy Unit Silia is ready! A bike which is three times as fast as a regular one!
4A Secret DealOh, that conversation sounds interesting. I'll use my Eavesdropper 2000 to listen to them... Oh, an organization called SJK is plotting to conquer the world. Ho, ho★
5Intelligence GatheringLooks like the SJK organization is secretly performing suspicious experiments and using black magic. Suspicious experiments.... Now I'm interested!
6Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!I see, I see, this laboratory looks very similar to mine... It can't be!
7Find the Evidence!Looks like the program which is a copy of me is one of the leaders of SJK in this world! It says so here on the leaders list!
8Escape!!What a wonderful technology! As expected of a new game by Fairysoft!! To create a source code this detailed...
9Mission CompleteOh, something is happening on the roof? Well, there's something I have to do by myself! ...if I break this part of the room, I should be able to get the game's code...
10Logout!Okay, I was able to take a peek at the Fairysoft's technology, at the game data... Ah! I didn't say anything!!


SS Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1At HomeThe game is called Strange Strength. I also got invited to the beta test event.
2To the Event HallMy special power lets me summon an evil dragon. It's perfect for a black magic user like me♪ That said, I get very tired after I use it, so I'm saving it for later.
3The Central CitiesW-what is this potato squad doing! Wah?! Putting potatoes in my mouth... *Chew chew* Karumeeeee!!
4A Secret DealThey're talking about something... SJK? I haven't heard that name before... Maybe Commander Kami knows something.
5Intelligence GatheringMika... I mean Commander Kami told me to gather information about SJK. SJK... What does that abbreviation stand for?
6Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!Looks like the SJK hideout is located under the casino. It seems that my special power is too strong to use... We'll have to infiltrate the building together with Karume.
7Find the Evidence!Evidence, evidence... Ah, what is this room... A magic laboratory? I feel something close to me...
8Escape!!T-this person looks like me! But she acts differently.... Karume is so fixed on potatoes that she's not even paying attention!!
9Mission CompleteFu, fu, fu, looks like it's time to release the evil dragon... Karume! Stop eating those potatoes!!
10Logout!Game cleared... Too bad I didn't get a chance to release the dragon after all... Sigh...


SS Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1At HomeThe beta test event for Strange Strength is happening today~! Did you know that we actually appear in the game♪ I can't wait~!!
2To the Event HallWe weren't told what role we'd play, just that our characters will be important! I wonder how they used us!
3The Central CitiesMy special power is... Ah! The ground has opened!! But that's not all, potato soldiers came out of the hole! ...ah, they're feeding potatoes to Kyouko.
4A Secret DealHuh, that girl with white hair is Silia... But she feels kind of different... Did she have a long white coat like that?
5Intelligence GatheringSJK? They want to conquer the world with potatoes? Uhm, I don't think that it's something bad, but... Just kidding! Kyouko is leering at me~
6Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!This is the base of SJK... *Sniff sniff* I smell potatoes!! Where are they?!
7Find the Evidence!*Chew chew*... This cake is pretty good... Ah! I forgot that I'm in the middle of infiltrating this place!
8Escape!!I can't stop thinking about that special potato cake...! I'll go and take just a little bite!! Run away without me!
9Mission CompleteThere's two of me!! Wow! It's like looking into a mirror♪ New games are really impressive!


SS Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1At HomeIt's the Strange Strength beta test event, meow! I must change my clothes there, so I'll be going before the rest of the Agency members, meow♪ 
2To the Event HallUhm, I should wear this, meow? ...looks like from a fantasy movie, meow. Ho, ho, it suits my special power, meow?
3The Central CitiesThis is the city of special powers, meow. And I'm Commander Kami, meow! I'll send you all on a quest, meow!
4A Secret DealMeow? A place where a suspicious deal happened... Meow? That might be the work of the secret organization SJK, meow. They're selling potato sweets, but really want to take over the world, meow.
5Intelligence Gathering
6Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!Infiltrate the SJK headquarters and find evidence that they want to conquest the world, meow! Ah, watch out for the guards, meow!
7Find the Evidence!I'll prepare the support for all of you, meow. Helicopters... Ah! I must check if they won't explode, meow!
8Escape!!Infiltrate the building from the roof, meow! ...ah, everyone was chased to the roof, meow! What to do, meow!!
9Mission's the end of the road for you, SJK, meow! I'll put a stop to your bad deeds, meow!! I overdid it, meow? S-sorry, meow.
10Logout!Phew... Chicken tastes the best after a job well done, meow♪ The evil organization has been stopped, and everything calmed down, meow!

Cocoa ChiefEdit

SS Chief

# Stage Name Dialogue
1At HomeWe got invitations from Fairysoft. Looks like they're having a beta test event of their Strange Strength game.
2To the Event HallUhm... According to the pamphlet, the game takes place in modern cities and is about battles between organizations of espers... Espers... I wonder what they mean by that!
3The Central CitiesWhoa... This really looks like a real city... Can I use my special powers here? ...Ah! Stardust shot from my hand!
4A Secret DealHuh? Those people look suspicious... I wonder what they're talking about. Maybe we should approach them and listen.
5Intelligence Gathering
6Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!First I'll shoot stardust above guard's head... Okay, he's not looking, it's a chance to get inside! ...ah!? Ouch, I got burnt...
7Find the Evidence!There's no time to look for evidence! We must run from the guard... Uhm, uhm...!
8Escape!!Let's get out of here first! ...ah, he's still chasing us! Is he shouting that he likes clumsy older girls? What?!
9Mission CompleteHuff... Puff... We finally escaped... Maybe I'm just not good at games.
10Logout!Time to log out. I'm a bit tired, but being able to shoot stardust was fun... Maybe I'll play again later.

Superpowers by TypeEdit

Interested in which Type had what special ability? Look below to find out!

Type Ability Description
Fairy"Magic Mirror" - ability to transform and look like someone else.
BeginnerPower of wind.
Tomboy"Blink" - ability to teleport somewhere instantly.
CheekyPyromancy - the power of fire.
Tsundere"Shockwave" - the power of lightning.
CrybabyManipulating water.
BoyishSuper strength.
CoolPower to control ice.
GentlePower to control plants.
Sweet"Charm" - make people listen to you.
AngelAbility to make people fall asleep.
DemonAbility to create various sounds.
PrincessAbility to see into the future.
Warrior"Shinobi" aka stealth/invisibility.
CosmoAbility to draw something and have it appear.
YandereAbility to fire chains.