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This is a limited gacha running from April 21st, 2016 to April 29th, 2016 (PDT).


  • 4/21 02:00 - 4/21 22:59 (PDT) // Day 1: Acc Series (400 DP)
  • 4/21 23:00 - 4/22 22:59 (PDT) // Day 2: Acc Series (400 DP)
  • 4/22 23:00 - 4/23 22:59 (PDT) // Day 3: Clothes Series (600 DP)
  • 4/23 23:00 - 4/24 22:59 (PDT) // Day 4: Acc Series (400 DP)
  • 4/24 23:00 - 4/25 22:59 (PDT) // Day 5: Acc Series (400 DP)
  • 4/25 23:00 - 4/26 22:59 (PDT) // Day 6: Clothes Series (600 DP)
  • 4/26 23:00 - 4/29 22:59 (PDT) // Compilation (500 DP) - Contains all Limited Daily Gacha Avatars!


  • Contents change every day at 23:00.
  • The drop rate for all items is the same.
  • Because of the nature of the Gacha, it might be impossible to obtain all items.
  • There might be cases of obtaining duplicate items from the Gacha.
  • Items obtained from the Gacha will be sent directly to your free outfit slots.
  • You will receive 1 Raffle Ticket for 1 Gacha Play.
  • The Play Bonus will be sent to your Present Box upon meeting the requirements.
  • Plays are counted toward the Play Bonus despite of the day when you do them.

Regarding the outfit exchangeEdit

  • You can exchange 3 duplicate outfits for 1 other outfit of your choice from the same date (excluding the Compilation Period).
  • An outfit can't be exchanged for the same outfit.
  • Outfits which are equipped by a Fairy Doll or are favorited can't be exchanged.
  • Only outfits in outfit slots can be exchanged (can't exchange outfits from the Present Box).
  • Outfits obtained through the exchange are sent directly to outfit slots.

Plays Bonus (4★ Outfits)Edit

SuG outfit

The following limited outfits are awarded after the 2nd, 4th, and 6th plays.

Image Item Type
SuG Baby Dragon's Quarrel
SuG Baby Dragon's Quarrel preview
Baby Dragon's Quarrel Other Acc
SuG Earth Shatter
SuG Earth Shatter preview
Earth Shatter Back Acc
SuG Fire Spirit Salamander
SuG Fire Spirit Salamander preview
Fire Spirit Salamander Clothes

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
Day 1
SuG Wind Spirit Hair Ornament
SuG Wind Spirit Hair Ornament preview
Wind Spirit Hair Ornament Head Acc
SuG Water Spirit Horns
SuG Water Spirit Horns preview
Water Spirit Horns Head Acc
SuG Forbidden Flower Garden
SuG Forbidden Flower Garden preview
Forbidden Flower Garden Other Acc
Day 2
SuG Creepy Ghost Woods
SuG Creepy Ghost Woods preview
Creepy Ghost Woods Back Acc
SuG Door To The Underworld
SuG Door To The Underworld preview
Door To The Underworld Back Acc
SuG Radiant Light
SuG Radiant Light preview
Radiant Light Back Acc
Day 3
SuG Wind Spirit Sylph
SuG Wind Spirit Sylph preview
Wind Spirit Sylph Clothes
SuG Water Spirit Undine
SuG Water Spirit Undine preview
Water Spirit Undine Clothes
SuG Dark Spirit Shade
SuG Dark Spirit Shade preview
Dark Spirit Shade Clothes
Day 4
SuG Glamorous Ribbon
SuG Glamorous Ribbon preview
Glamorous Ribbon Head Acc
SuG Ivy Flower Crown
SuG Ivy Flower Crown preview
Ivy Flower Crown Head Acc
SuG Beautiful Ice Flowers
SuG Beautiful Ice Flowers preview
Beautiful Ice Flowers Other Acc
Day 5
SuG Radiant Gold Wings
SuG Radiant Gold Wings preview
Radiant Gold Wings Back Acc
SuG Floating Ice Mirrors
SuG Floating Ice Mirrors preview
Floating Ice Mirrors Back Acc
SuG Scattered Flowers
SuG Scattered Flowers preview
Scattered Flowers Back Acc
Day 6
SuG Light Spirit Will-o'-the-Wisp
SuG Light Spirit Will-o'-the-Wisp preview
Light Spirit Will-o'-the-Wisp Clothes
SuG Ice Spirit Frau
SuG Ice Spirit Frau preview
Ice Spirit Frau Clothes
SuG Tree Spirit Dryad
SuG Tree Spirit Dryad preview
Tree Spirit Dryad Clothes

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