Wedding Series
Wedding Series Gacha small banner

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
WSG White Veil of Blessings
WSG White Veil of Blessings preview
White Veil of Blessings Head Acc
WSG Brilliant Princess
WSG Brilliant Princess preview
Brilliant Princess Clothes
WSG Happy Flower Show
WSG Happy Flower Show preview
Happy Flower Show Front Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Wedding Chapel Background
WSG Wedding Chapel Background crimson
WSG Wedding Chapel Background white
WSG Wedding Chapel Background green
color crimson white green
Bridal Mini Dress
WSG Bridal Mini Dress pink
WSG Bridal Mini Dress blue
color pink blue
Wedding Kimono of Blessings
WSG Wedding Kimono of Blessings red
WSG Wedding Kimono of Blessings blue
color red blue
Marriage Angel Wings
WSG Marriage Angel Wings red
WSG Marriage Angel Wings blue
color red blue
Wedding Ceremony Umbrella
WSG Wedding Ceremony Umbrella vermillion
WSG Wedding Ceremony Umbrella royal blue
color vermillion royal blue

3★ OutfitsEdit

Wedding Hat
WSG Wedding Hat white
WSG Wedding Hat pink
WSG Marriage Angel Ring
WSG Marriage Angel Ring preview
color white pink (synthesis)
Wedding Tuxedo
WSG Wedding Tuxedo white
WSG Wedding Tuxedo pink
WSG Fortune Cupid
WSG Fortune Cupid preview
color white pink (synthesis)
Happy Wedding Cake
WSG Happy Wedding Cake pink
WSG Happy Wedding Cake yellow
WSG Marriage Angel Wings
WSG Marriage Angel Wings preview
color pink yellow (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

A-Line Dress
WSG A-Line Dress white
WSG A-Line Dress yellow
WSG A-Line Dress pink
WSG A-Line Dress blue
WSG A-Line Dress black
color white yellow pink blue black
Holy Pastor
WSG Holy Pastor black
WSG Holy Pastor white
WSG Holy Pastor red
WSG Holy Pastor pink
WSG Holy Pastor blue
color black white red pink blue
Flower Shower Basket
WSG Flower Shower Basket pinkxwhite
WSG Flower Shower Basket whitexyellow
WSG Flower Shower Basket redxpink
WSG Flower Shower Basket yellowxblue
WSG Flower Shower Basket redxblack
color pink x white white x yellow red x pink yellow x blue red x black
'Crystal Chandelier
WSG Crystal Chandelier light blue
WSG Crystal Chandelier yellow
WSG Crystal Chandelier red
WSG Crystal Chandelier pink
WSG Crystal Chandelier purple
color light blue yellow red pink purple

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